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1123 Not Speaking, Silent Farts

 When Lone Wolf heard that, he immediately walked out of the meditation room in high spirits and ran into the back kitchen. The moment he entered, he saw a basin of food placed on the ground! However, the basin was held down by an enormous rock pressed onto it.

Lone Wolf couldn't figure out why it was like that. Was there a need to do that?

At that moment, the huge metal basin moved as though there was something inside!

Lone Wolf jumped in fright as he thought, "There's another demon in One Finger Monastery?"

Lone Wolf leaned over and pushed away the rock. At that moment, the basin suddenly opened. Following that, he heard a loud shout. "All of you are too much!"

Lone Wolf saw Squirrel jump out. His mouth and fur were covered in rice grains.

"Jingkuan, what are you doing?" asked Lone Wolf.

When Squirrel heard that, his body trembled as he grinned dryly. "I have to say... I'll be leaving first!"

Squirrel tried to run off.

Lone Wolf reacted quickly as he grabbed Squirrel's large tail and pulled him back. Before he could ask, he saw that there were only a few rice grains left in his rice basin! There weren't even any leftovers.

Lone Wolf's eyes turned red. He threw Squirrel to the ground and said angrily, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

Squirrel faced Lone Wolf and pressed his tiny claws together in front of his chest. He looked afraid as he carefully asked, "About that... Would you believe me if I said I only ate one mouth?"

Lone Wolf grunted, clearly not believing him.

Squirrel slumped to the ground and frankly said, "Alright, I took two bites."

Lone Wolf remained silent.

Squirrel jumped up and waved his fists. "I'm speaking the truth! When I came, Third Junior Brother, Fourth Junior Brother, and Fifth Junior Brother were eating here. When I said that I was going to tell on them, they imprisoned me inside. I couldn't come out and had nothing to do. Since there was still some food inside..." When Squirrel said that, he sat down in embarrassment and said apologetically, "I only ate two mouthfuls..."

"All of you are too much!" After Lone Wolf said that, he flicked his tail and left, entering his kennel.

When Squirrel saw this, his heart palpitated. He knew that Lone Wolf was truly hurt and angry this time. He hurriedly ran out and came in front of the kennel. He said bitterly, "Eldest Senior Brother, I was wrong. I was really wrong. I promise I won't do it again, alright? Please forgive me?"

Lone Wolf grunted and turned his head to expose his buttocks. He didn't want to listen and showed his anger.

Helpless, Squirrel could only run out to find the others.

Upon hearing that Lone Wolf was angry, Salted Fish, Red Boy, and Monkey, who had secretly eaten their fill, were given a fright. They thought, "It can't be, right? How did it turn so serious? When did Eldest Senior Brother become so petty?"

Therefore, the four disciples ran back and watched as Lone Wolf was exposing his buttocks, as though he wasn't willing to meet any one.

The few of them thought that he was really angry.

With their original intention being a prank, Red Boy, Salted Fish, Monkey, and Squirrel exchanged looks and saw the guilt in each other's eyes. Therefore, they gathered together and began discussing.

"Do you think Eldest Senior Brother is really angry?" Red Boy asked.

Squirrel said, "He must be really angry. None of you know how sad the look in his eyes was! Look at him. He refuses to turn back to us..."

Monkey said, "I think we went too far."

Salted Fish pinched his whiskers and said, "I think so too. Why don't we apologize to him? It's a virtue to realize one's mistakes."

Therefore, all of them nodded in unison. The four fellow disciples came to Lone Wolf's door, which was also right behind Lone Wolf's buttocks. Then, they collectively bowed and shouted, "Eldest Senior Brother, we were wrong!"

It was as if they were praying to the buttocks. The scene was truly unbearable to watch.

At the very least, Fangzheng quickly shrank his bald head back into his meditation room and began reciting the scriptures.

"Humph!" Lone Wolf grunted and fell silent. Clearly, he wasn't accepting their apology.

"What do we do? Eldest Senior Brother isn't accepting our apology," Squirrel asked anxiously.

Red Boy looked at Lone Wolf's fat ass and then looked at the empty basin in the kitchen. He smacked his lips and said, "Why don't... We compensate him with how much we ate?"

"Don't joke. He eats the most every time. We just ate his portion, so how can we return it to him?" Salted Fish said.

"Why don't we each offer a portion of his share during dinner tomorrow?" Red Boy asked.

"Then we will probably starve," said Monkey.

Squirrel said, "But we were indeed in the wrong this time."

"Alright then, it's settled." The others agreed.

Hence, the four of them spoke again, "Eldest Senior Brother, we ate your food, so can we make it up to you tomorrow? Don't be angry."

Lone Wolf remained motionless, but he finally spoke. "There's no sincerity at all! That was originally mine in the first place."

When the few of them heard that, they thought it made sense.

"Why don't we compensate him more?" Squirrel gritted his teeth.

The others fell silent.

As for Lone Wolf? If someone were to burrow into the kennel and look at his face, they would probably not be so worried for him.

At that moment, Lone Wolf's ears stood up as he narrowed his eyes sneakily and shut his mouth with all his might. Even so, that sneaky smile of his still betrayed his inner thoughts. If not for him trying his utter best to keep his mouth shut, he would have long laughed out loud...

However, although his mouth didn't make a sound, something else did...



"What's that?" The four animals who were discussing suddenly looked up and asked.

"How smelly! Eldest Senior Brother farted!" Squirrel hugged his tail and used it as a fan as he fanned himself.

"This is blatant revenge!" Salted Fish felt stifled as well.

Red Boy said, "Eldest Senior Brother, we can compensate you at most ten percent! If you're willing to accept it, turn around. If not, we're leaving!"

Unfortunately, Lone Wolf remained unperturbed. He did not say a word as he let out another fart.

"Eldest Senior Brother, what do you mean by that? You don't say a word and just keep farting. Are you agreeable to it or not? Wow... It's so smelly! At most 20%!"


"F**k, Eldest Senior Brother, I can't take it anymore. If you aren't speaking, I'll take it as settled. I've been taking in so much of your farts that it can be considered a compensation in itself. I'm leaving!" Monkey, who was the tallest, really couldn't take it any longer. The fart rose the moment it came out, so it was the most uncomfortable for him.

When Lone Wolf heard that, he immediately turned anxious. That isn't all! Yet that's all they can take? But even if he didn't fart, he couldn't hold it in.

Seeing that these fellows were about to go back on their word and run off, he finally gritted his teeth and turned his head. "Forget it, I'm the Eldest Senior Brother, so I have to have a bigger heart! Remember, you have to compensate me with 20% tomorrow! If you go back on your word, I'll complain to Master!"