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1115 Monk Falls From the Sky

 However, wasn't there supposed to be a hostage situation? Shouldn't it be quiet or filled with weeping?

Two officers stealthily approached the door full of questions. The main door had been kicked open twice previously, so its lock had long broken. With a gentle nudge, the door opened a tiny crack, allowing them to see a bunch of guys in western suits. They were holding belts as they lashed at another group of people.

Some monks, Daoists, and priests were standing by the side chanting, while there were others crying, laughing, pleading for mercy, and roaring...

In short, the situation inside looked like there were devils dancing about, making it a completely indecipherable scene. Most importantly, they had no idea who were the hostages and who were the terrorists! The ones who had been captured and were being lashed at looked rather fierce, but the way they cried was extremely tragic and pitiful.

As for the ones lashing, they were striking rather ruthlessly. But which terrorist would wear an entire premium brand suit? Did they have that much money to burn? Furthermore, which terrorist organization had so many women? And they were beating people while wearing evening gowns? The members of the special ops force were at a loss as they wore confused looks.

However, the duo noticed something. All the guns had been thrown onto the ground, and the people inside were barehanded. If that was the case, what was there to be afraid of? Since they couldn't distinguish between the two groups, wouldn't it be simple if they just arrested everyone?

Hence, a policeman raised his foot and kicked open the damaged door as he rushed in, roaring. "Police! Don't anybody move! Keep your hands where I can see them and put them on the back of your head!"

He originally imagined that these people would be terrified when they saw his rifle, but they just threw the belts to the side and began laughing in a silly manner as though they had been relieved of a burden. Some even cried...

The police were even more dumbfounded.

At this moment, Trác charged in with his men. Seeing this chaotic scene, he found his brain lacking. Thankfully, he knew quite a number of members of high society. Once they showed their faces, he knew whose side they represented. Then, he was dumbfounded once again. Weren't these people the hostages? Why were they taking the terrorists hostage instead? When did the politicians and business bigwigs become so fierce?

Thankfully, he was calm. After some inquiry, the truth of the matter gradually became clear. Everything pointed to one person, the monk with a salted fish from China-Fangzheng!

"Where's Master Fangzheng? I think I need to talk to him," Trác said.

However, a politician walked over and said, "Abbot Fangzheng is an elusive person, a talented hermit. He's not someone you can meet at will."

"We witnessed all of it. If you have any questions, we'll answer you. Master has left, and he doesn't want to be disturbed. So mind your business."

Trác shook his head. "Ladies and gentlemen, please don't make it difficult for us. We can't settle this case if he doesn't appear."

"There's no need to settle it. I'll return with you. Ask me if you have any questions!" At this moment, a domineering voice sounded.

Trác subconsciously looked over and saw Nguyen Vo Hong being helped up. His eyes were bloodshot, clearly saddened by the death of many Nguyen family children. However, the domineering air he exuded remained dragon and tiger-like as always. Trác didn't dare rebuke him when he saw the look in his eyes and had no choice but to bring him downstairs to his superior.

At the same time, the special ops force began searching the area to see if anyone had fallen through the cracks.

Trác had a headache when he saw the chaotic scene, but soon, someone else had it worse.

It was the overall commander of the rescue operation, Commander Nguyen.

"An invulnerable monk? A salted fish who herded a bunch of people like a mafia boss? They overran the terrorist organization and rescued everyone?" Commander Nguyen widened his eyes and sat in the command vehicle, wearing a look of disbelief. He looked at Trác like he was a retard.

Trác said, "Sir, in fact, I can't believe it either. But that's what everyone said. I'm wondering if a superhero has appeared in Vietnam."

"Screw you and your superheroes! I asked you a question, and there are members of the media waiting for an answer! Now, you are telling me this? How am I to f**king answer them? Do you really want me to say that some bald hero rescued everybody? That the police were inept? Also, the Red Shirt had already negotiated with the higher ups, so they are treating this situation with the utmost importance, and now you are telling me this? How am I to report to them?" The commander nearly blew his top. If this happened to an ordinary person, it would be a story they could retell for an entire year. Perhaps even longer! But with it happening to him, it only left him in a sorry plight.

"Quickly give me the video material. I'll head out to handle the press." The commander couldn't be bothered to continue his tirade. Now, he just wished to give the press something that made sense.

Trác rushed off to carry out the order. Once the commander headed out, he was swarmed by reporters.

"Commander Nguyen, please tell us about the situation inside. Our sources say that there were terrorists!"

"Commander Nguyen, can you tell us in detail what happened? How were the hostages rescued?"


Upon hearing these formal questions, Commander Nguyen maintained a very professional and calm expression as he replied, "This matter was indeed thorny, but please rest assured that with us around, we will not let evil prevail!"

"Commander Nguyen, are you implying that the police was chiefly responsible for the successful rescue? Can you share with us the details of the rescue operation?"

Commander Nguyen drew a breath and said, "Our police department did indeed play an important role in this operation. Be it the policemen or the members of the special ops force, they performed exceptionally well. We rescued the most number of hostages while ensuring zero casualties after moving out."

"Commander Nguyen, my sources say that this matter was mostly resolved thanks to a monk and a salted fish!" another reporter suddenly shouted.

"Nonsense! Who told you that? What monk? What salted fish? Where did that come from? How could a monk and a salted fish fend off so many terrorists?" Commander Nguyen retorted loudly, almost shouting towards the end.

The reporter turned agape. Just as he was about to say something, he heard a shout from above. "Make way! Make way! The soles are blind!"

Commander Nguyen and company looked up, only to see a monk fall from the sky! And above this monk, there was nothing else to be seen in the sky! Then... Where did this monk come from?

However, they didn't have the time to think too much. They hurriedly dodged before hearing a loud bang. The ground clearly quaked as dust arose and gravel flew. Everyone closed their eyes in reflex.

When they opened their eyes, they saw a monk holding a salted fish standing there straight and motionless. His eyes were lowered as though he was in meditation.

Looking at the monk's feet and the huge crater... It was obvious how much force had been delivered when the fellow crashed! But he remained fine? Was he human? Could he be a ghost?