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1114 Bizarre Hostage Inciden

 The white monk's robe appeared especially bright and eye-catching under the moonlight. His bald head looked as bright as a bulb. With just one glance, the attendant recognized the person. It was the protagonist of the evening who had completely turned the tides-Fangzheng!

The attendant narrowed his eyes as he took a deep breath, walked over, and without waiting for Fangzheng to say a word, he said, "Abbot Fangzheng, it's over downstairs. Everyone asked me to look for you."

"Once This Penniless Monk leaves, you'll be leaving with this hang glider, am I right?" Fangzheng slowly turned his head back and looked at the flabbergasted attendant. "Patron Red Shirt?"

The attendant's eyes flashed a look of horror as he said, "Master, don't speak nonsense. Otherwise, I'm dead. I'm just an ordinary attendant."

"Patron, This Penniless Monk doesn't look at one's appearance but at one's soul. What's beneath the skin is all obvious to This Penniless Monk. The glider is here. If you wish to leave with it, go ahead," Fangzheng said.

"For real?" A look of surprise flashed through the attendant's eyes.

Fangzheng smiled.

Red Shirt smiled in response. "Thank you, Abbot."

After saying that, Red Shirt turned around and ran to the hang glider. He skillfully set up the hang glider and leaped into the air.

In the air, Red Shirt laughed out loud. "Abbot Fangzheng, we shall meet again! Next time, I'll give you a big gift!"

As he spoke, Red Shirt turned his head to look back, only to find the rooftop empty!

"Where is he?" Red Shirt asked subconsciously.

"Amitabha. Patron, are you looking for This Penniless Monk?" A Buddhist proclamation sounded.

Red Shirt looked up and saw a figure on the glider's wing through the silver moonlight! Without a doubt, it was clearly Fangzheng.

"Are you mad!?" Red Shirt yelled in anger. At the same time, he felt his scalp tingle. He almost blew his top. The wings were custom made for his weight, so the glider was perfect to carry him. But to carry the two of them?

Right after he had this thought, the wing suddenly seemed to have additional weight exerted on it as he began plunging!

Red Shirt shouted. "You madman! You're going to kill me!"

Fangzheng asked, "Patron, why do you say so? This Penniless Monk only permitted you to use the hang glider, but This Penniless Monk didn't mention that he wouldn't be joining you. However, from the looks of it, you're about to fall to your death. Any last words?"

When Red Shirt saw the ground rapidly approaching him, he yelled, "F**k you!"


Red Shirt suffered a slap in the face!

Amidst the intense pain, Red Shirt suddenly shook his head and saw the scene before his eyes shatter. He was appalled to discover a man with bloodshot eyes! He wasn't wearing any pants and was on top of him. As he brandished his fists, a barrage of attacks rained down on him, leaving him dumbfounded.

He was confused. Hadn't he been flying a moment earlier? How could he be back in the banquet hall? What the f**k was going on?

Unfortunately, the only response he got was a punch.

When Red Shirt snapped to his senses from the beating, he immediately turned anxious. He still had a window of time to escape, but that window was narrowing rapidly. Hence, Red Shirt roared as he flipped his assailant over. Throwing some kicks and punches, he overpowered him before shouting. "You're beating me? Who the hell are you? Who the hell dares beat me? Who else dares!?"

As Red Shirt yelled, he looked around. His infinite anger was reduced to endless misery as he slowly raised his hands and crouched down, yelling, "Spare my face!"

The next moment, scores of people around him charged at him. All that was left for Red Shirt was to cry tragically...

Meanwhile, on Mt. Dharma Characteristic, Fangzheng looked at the hang glider in amusement.

Salted Fish asked, "Master, do you really plan on trying this?"

Fangzheng nodded. "This thing is quite high-class. I've seen it on the Internet before, but I've never seen it in real life. Since it's such a rare opportunity, how can I not try it?"

"Do you know how to use it?" Salted Fish asked.

Fangzheng recalled how he had pulled Red Shirt into a dream and had watched him set it up before saying, "Probably... It's not like we'll die even if we fall. Let's go!"

With that said, Fangzheng followed Red Shirt's operating sequence and opened up the simple apparatus on the glider. Then, he gripped the hang glider's crossbar, dashed forward, and kicked off. With a whoosh, the hang glider flew into the sky!

"Wahaha... This Penniless Monk is flying!" Fangzheng laughed as he rose into the sky.

Salted Fish also soared into the air and sat on the wing. Instantly, the wing sank and began altering the hang glider's direction.

"Reduce your weight!" Fangzheng shouted.

Salted Fish hurriedly used his divine powers to reduce his weight to zero, but...

Fangzheng had been too optimistic, and Salted Fish had blindly believed him. At this moment, a strong gust of wind blew over as he felt a massive force flip the hang glider backward!

Truly lacking experience, Fangzheng roared when he saw the hang glider about to flip. He exerted his strength and made the wing flip back forward, but he overdid it! Fangzheng exclaimed as he pulled back again, causing the glider to begin spinning randomly in the air.

Sitting on it, Salted Fish squealed. "How thrilling! This is awesome! Master, faster!"

Fangzheng nearly slapped him. Thrilling, my a**! Don't you see us falling down?

Meanwhile, the police had arrived at the banquet hall's entrance.

"Sir, isn't this too simple? Isn't Red Shirt well-known for being ruthless? Why didn't he place any guards along the way?" a policeman from the special ops team asked in disbelief.

Trác, who led the team, wore a dumbfounded look as well. Although Vietnam's public safety was excellent, there would occasionally be one or two fellows who didn't know better causing trouble. He had led his team to handle such cases quite a number of times. It typically involved them delivering one shot per kill, charging up their way on a pile of bodies.

But this time, it was just too simple... It was as though no one had put up any defenses. Or, it appeared as though someone had cleared all the obstacles for them. However, how was that possible?

Red Shirt was one of the most ruthless members of the Red Fiends. A trail of blood followed in his wake. Yet... The more Trác thought about it, the more he broke out into a cold sweat. A path that should have taken half an hour to traverse ended up taking an hour!

Now, with them at the entrance of the banquet hall, countless scenes and possibilities flashed past his mind.

For example, he could enter and spray bullets with his semi-automatic rifle, catching them unaware?

Or what if they entered to see no one? Perhaps there would be a few hostages and after being led in, an explosion would kill them all?

He even considered the possibility of poison gas...

With this in mind, Trác really became worried. Hence, he said, "In a moment, put on your gas masks. We will first scout the situation. If there's no one inside, no one is to rashly enter! Get the bomb disposal experts to take a look first..."

At this moment, Trác really wished to list down all the dangers that came to him. Finally, he gave the signal. "Go, go, go!"

A few young members of the special ops force approached, as though they were looking death in the eye. However, when they approached the banquet hall's door, they increasingly felt that something was off. Why was there such a bustle inside? There were shouts like there was a fight going on!