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1113 He Started i

 With a flash, a silver bolt of lightning shot out!

However, the gunshots didn't stop as a result. Instead, the situation only seemed to turn crazier.

Tat! Tat! Tat...

The gunshots reverberated.

Women screaming and men shouting were mixed into one clamor, to the background of all kinds of drama.

Fangzheng was feeling somewhat nervous and worried in the beginning, but he quickly relaxed. He smiled at the somewhat panicking Wanderer Tranquil and after gesturing her to be at ease, he came in front of Nguyen Vo Hong who appeared petrified.

Without gaining his permission, he bent down to check on Nguyen's legs and quickly removed the bullets. He then healed the fractured bones, ruptured vessels, torn flesh, and skin before going straight to Wanderer Tranquil.

Beside Wanderer Tranquil, the female terrorist was also shooting. However, she was doing her best to shoot at the ceiling... This was because Fangzheng had taken special care of her from the very beginning by pulling her into a dream.

Upon seeing Fangzheng walk over, Wanderer Tranquil looked at the woman beside her and asked, "She's..."

Fangzheng hushed her with a gesture. "Amitabha."

Wanderer Tranquil immediately repeated the gesture and got Fangzheng to remain silent too. Then she asked, "Are you leaving?"

Fangzheng was stunned. He never expected she would know his unverbalized thoughts. A woman's sixth sense was indeed scary... Hence, Fangzheng nodded.

Now, everything was pretty much resolved and would soon be over. With such a loud commotion, unless the police at the ground floor were idiots, they would definitely head up. By then, what they would want most would be an explanation. And as the source of everything, Fangzheng was bound to be interrogated and rewarded if he stayed behind. It would only be trouble for him.

Fangzheng was someone who didn't like trouble, so he obviously didn't wish to meet them. Therefore, he planned on fleeing before the police arrived.

"Alright, go on. Don't worry about the situation here. I'll help you handle the matter. This time, I believe they will also help you with you saving so many people," Wanderer Tranquil said.

Fangzheng smiled and nodded before turning to head for a side door.

When Ong saw this, he hurriedly followed as Fangzheng shook his head, indicating that he should stay behind. Then, he headed for the top floor alone.

Ong was taken aback. Although it was a mere glance, he seemed to realize something. He silently turned around and landed his gaze on Nguyen Thiên Tinh. At this moment, the latter had already retreated to another door and had already fled!

Ong cracked his head as he grinned. "An eye for an eye!"

With that said, Ong began pursuit.

The gunfight continued for minutes until all the firing came to an end.

When the panting Red Shirt saw the crowd who were completely safe and sound, he wore a livid expression and said in disbelief, "How is this possible?"

Clang. Clang. Clang...

When he heard the sound of beans falling to the ground, he saw Salted Fish shaking a torn cloth while sitting on a chair. He said, "Any more? I'll be confiscating everything anyway!"

Only then did everyone realize that the beans that had fallen onto the ground were bullets. This also meant that all the bullets they shot had been caught by Salted Fish's torn cloth!

Upon seeing this, the terrorists felt their throats dry and their lips turn parched. They wore dumbfounded looks.

Salted Fish said, "From the looks of it, all of you are out of bullets. In that case, let's engage in melee combat! Men, charge! Those who do well will be rewarded with meat!"

The terrorists who had been tortured the entire time by Salted Fish thought nothing of the food, but they knew very well the horror of Salted Fish's methods. He was definitely a demon king!

They might not be able to kill by charging ahead with only their bodies and there was the risk of being killed themselves, but following the order was better than being tortured by the demon king. Of course, there were some who wanted to render some meritorious service and catch the eye of the demon king. It would lead them to soar into the sky!

In short, Salted Fish's henchmen had all kinds of random thoughts. As though flush with stimulants, they charged with loud war cries upon receiving Salted Fish's command.

Red Shirt waved his rifle's butt upon seeing this, roaring. "F**k, this is mutiny. Kill them!"

The terrorists under Red Shirt also charged forward and instantly, both sides entered a brawl.

However, Red Shirt secretly retreated after he shouted the command. He headed for another side door! Finally, he glanced back at the chaotic hall and cursed under his breath. "I f**king hate monks!"

"Actually, me too." At this moment, a voice sounded in his ear.

Red Shirt jumped in fright as he turned around. There was no one there! He immediately felt the creeps. Was there a ghost?

"Hey, where are you looking at?" A voice sounded from below as Red Shirt looked down. He saw a salted fish standing upright by his feet, holding onto a walking stick and wearing sunglasses. He was looking at him with a frivolous look.

"It's you?" Red Shirt drew a gun and fired.



Sparks flew as Red Shirt saw the familiar scene. He couldn't even think about swearing at the sight, because at this moment, all he could think of was to turn and run!

"Why are you running? Not planning on staying to have some fun?" Salted Fish yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Fun, my a**!" Red Shirt couldn't hold it in as he cursed.

Salted Fish threw up his fins and said, "Alright then. I'm not one to resort to violence, but you started it! Yeah, he did resort to violence first..." As Salted Fish said that, he grinned and transformed into a silver beam as he pursued Red Shirt. Before long, a series of tragic cries came from above...

"Sir, there's someone falling from the top!" a police officer pointed up at Mt. Dharma Characteristic as he shouted.

The other police officers subconsciously looked up and saw a man falling while letting out a tragic cry! Just as he was about to reach the second floor, he bounced up with a rope tied to him, akin to a bungee jump...

The police who had planned on cleaning up a homicide scene rushed to think of means to save the victim, but when they identified the person, the police were amused.

"Hey, isn't this Red Shirt?"

"One of the leaders of the Red Fiend organization!"

"It's true! Tsk... Were you planning on jumping off to surrender?"

"Sir, do we rescue him now?"

"Wait a while. Let him fully enjoy the experience of dangling so high up. Keep him hanging! Let him down after we complete the operation."

"Yes, Sir!"


The officer had used a loud hailer, allowing Red Shirt to hear it clearly. He said with a sobbing tone, "You got the wrong guy! I'm not Red Shirt! I'm just a stand-in..."

However, none of the people below believed him. He was left hanging as they carried out their rescue operation.

At the top of Mt. Dharma Characteristic, an attendant quickly walked to the back of the Dharma Characteristics Monastery and circled around it to a tree. Sitting there was a hang glider! It even had an engine. Clearly, he had prepared to fly off on this device.

But before he headed over, he suddenly realized that something was amiss. Beside the hang glider stood a person!