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1110 Full Blas

 "You Chinese have a saying: Death won't happen if you don't seek it!" Red Shirt was truly enraged. He had killed the moment he arrived to assert his dominance and control the situation. He didn't wish to kill too many people because these people were his chips. However, he knew even better that no deaths meant being unable to suppress these people! Therefore, he had to abandon some hostages to serve as a warning and make them respect his authority.

He had investigated Fangzheng and knew he was famous in China. Regardless of whether his reputation was fabricated or not, he was indeed well-known. Such a person was definitely of value when used as a chip for negotiation. Therefore, he didn't immediately kill Fangzheng upon sight.

However, Fangzheng repeatedly challenged the authority he had painstakingly established. He had no choice but to kill.

Red Shirt got up and raised his hand. A subordinate handed him a revolver as he slowly came in front of Fangzheng.

"Stop!" Wanderer Tranquil snapped.

However, she was being pulled back by a female terrorist. Unable to approach, all she could do was reel in anxiety.

Red Shirt grinned at her. "Babe, you're very beautiful, but that's not enough of a reason for him to live. On the contrary, the more you care for him, the more he deserves to die!"

Having said that, Red Shirt pressed the tip of the gun to Fangzheng's head. He said to Wanderer Tranquil, "Oh, you find him righteous and filled with a sense of justice? Then, guess what choice he will make when faced with death?"

Wanderer Tranquil's heart palpitated. She had seen Fangzheng block bullets with his bare hands, but she hadn't seen Fangzheng block bullets with his bald head. Therefore, she was a little afraid. "You! Don't you dare!"

Red Shirt grinned and looked at Fangzheng. "Monk, you've got a Desert Eagle pointed at your head now. What was it you said to me? Shut up? I dare you to say it again."

Just as he said that, he saw Fangzheng suddenly bend his back and lower his head. The tip of his gun slipped as a result! As he was now aiming at empty air, it appeared especially comedic.

The crowd was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. They didn't know if Fangzheng was unafraid of death or stupid... F**k, you're still moving around when there's a gun pointed at your head? What's in that head of his? Some stainless steel that's branded Don't Fear Death?

Red Shirt instantly turned livid. He had put on such a show, made it look like he owned the building, and made sure there was no room for doubt that he was in charge. He had asked such a dominating question, only to be ignored by Fangzheng!

What kind of face-slapping hurt the most? It wasn't the exchange of verbal cursing, but complete disregard that hurt the most.

"Very well, Monk. You have successfully irritated me!" As Red Shirt said that, he pressed the tip of the gun to Fangzheng's head again, saying, "I am going to count to three. Kneel down. There will not be a four..."

"How irritating! If you want to fire, go ahead. Stop dilly-dallying. It really affects This Penniless Monk's treatment." Fangzheng threw the bullet in his hand in frustration and began healing the victim's wound.

When everyone heard that, they felt faint. Those with looks of respect for him suddenly had a feeling. Could it be that this fellow is capable of such heroic feats because he's just too stupid?

Everyone found it quite possible.

Especially the political figures and businessmen, they thought Fangzheng a fool.

However, some of their peers looked at Fangzheng in a different light. Whether he was foolish or not, they were impressed that he could be so unfazed in the face of death.

When he took in the look in the eyes of the crowd, Red Shirt finally couldn't hold it in. In his rage, he pressed down the gun and shouted. "Die then!"


A gunshot sounded, followed by Wanderer Tranquil's heart-wrenching cry.

Everyone clearly heard a sharp sound that resembled the sound of a bullet ricocheting off of a steel plate. At the same time, the bald head produced a series of sparks!

At that instant, the crowd was dumbfounded. Even they had no idea what thoughts were running through their minds or perhaps, there was nothing running through their minds at all. There might have been people who thought of everything, but their brains stopped functioning as they stayed rooted to the spot.

At that moment...


The sound of metal falling to the floor broke the absolute silence.

Following that, it was as if time could run once more after standing still. A series of gasps sounded as many people exclaimed.

"Oh my god!"

"Heavens! What did This Penniless Priest see? Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable."

"Amitabha, this is a true Buddha! He's invulnerable!"

"Đức Cao Đài, what did I see? This... is too inexplicable."


Red Shirt's eyes nearly popped out. He was situated the closest to the shot and saw it the clearest! The bullet had struck the bald head, sending sparks before falling to the ground. He had seen the entire process.

His heart raced as his hand began to tremble. His lips quivered as he muttered. "This... is impossible."

At this moment, Fangzheng got up and said, "Patron, please make way. This Penniless Monk still needs to provide treatment."

Red Shirt's face turned ashen. Standing there, he had the urge to say something nasty, but faced with a monk that couldn't be killed with a gun, he was at a loss for words. The words he eventually said sounded like a child sulking. "What can you do if I don't make way?"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him. "This Penniless Monk will circle around you."

Then Fangzheng began taking a step to the side.

Red Shirt immediately blocked Fangzheng. "Monk, what about now?"

Fangzheng raised his hand to push him away.

Red Shirt remained in his spot while exerting his strength. He could tell that although the monk's head was hard, he looked harmless. His shameless acts would eventually pay off! However, Red Shirt had forgotten something. As a highly intelligent terrorist, how could he be acting like a child? In fact, he would have killed anyone who said such words to him in any other situation. But he refused to believe!

It was unknown if it was because he had been agitated by Fangzheng or because of whatever other reason, but he had done something as childish as this.

However, he quickly realized that not only were his actions childish, his thoughts were childish as well.

Fangzheng's thin arm and unbuilt body contained a terrifying force within. With a gentle nudge, he felt an indomitable strength overwhelm him. He was pushed away in an instant. Then, he watched with reddened eyes as Fangzheng went to the next victim. It was the Chinese Daoist priest who had stood right in front in the beginning. His injuries were quite severe.

This push jolted Red Shirt's mind into action. The screw that had loosened was back in place as a fierce look flashed across his eyes. "Monk, there's no way you're invulnerable. Give me a rifle!"

With Red Shirt finding his confidence and air again, his subordinate heaved a sigh of relief and immediately handed him an AK47. The AK47 assault rifle was very powerful, and its firepower at short distances was a force to be reckoned with.

With the rifle in hand, Red Shirt clearly fully regained his confidence. He walked right up to Fangzheng's back, raised the rifle and said, "Monk, die!"

Tat! Tat! Tat! Tat...