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1109 Can You Shut Up

 Red Shirt turned his head, only to see a monk and a nun walking in from the side door. He looked behind them, but he didn't see any of his subordinates. A confused look flashed across his eyes as he tipped his head slightly. "Bring them here!"

"Yes!" A subordinate walked over and coldly harrumphed. "You two, go over there!"

Wanderer Tranquil looked at Fangzheng and just as Fangzheng was about to say something, he caught the pungent scent of blood. Looking at the stage, there were corpses! His eyes instantly reddened. This was made even worse when he saw the monks, Daoists, and priests on the ground-they were on their last breaths. Without needing that person to say a word, Fangzheng took huge strides over.

"Didn't you say that he has divine powers? That he's a living Buddha? Now's the time for him to use it," a political figure with a protruded chin whispered to a Daoist.

When the Daoist heard that, he glared at him before ignoring him.

However, many people had such thoughts. All of them looked at Fangzheng with a look of contempt as though doing so would liberate them from the hostage situation... Or perhaps, it was a way for them to relieve their anxiety in a high-stress situation.

Regardless, Fangzheng had no time for them. Instead, he came to the nearest priest and crouched down.

"Bastard! I told you to go over. Why are you crouching down?" Amidst his rage, the terrorist kicked out.

However, Fangzheng remained motionless despite the thud. He crouched there like a stable mountain, leaving the terrorist retreating from the recoil, only to fall on the ground. Instantly, his face turned as red as a monkey's ass.

Many people wore a smile when they saw this.

This only served to enrage the terrorist further. He hurriedly got up, raised his rifle, and struck its butt at the back of Fangzheng's head! He wanted to knock him unconscious before pulling him to Red Shirt to complete his mission.

"Be careful!" Wanderer Tranquil warned and tried to stop it.

"Don't move!"


A terrorist released the safety and was about to fire.

"Don't. It's a pity killing such a beauty." It was a first for Red Shirt to stop his men from killing. He looked at Wanderer Tranquil with a glint in his eyes, his gaze filled with appreciation.

Wanderer Tranquil tried to stop the terrorist, but due to her baggy robe-a ceremonial robe-it was very inconvenient for her to move.

The terrorist was very skilled as he pummeled the rifle down. Wanderer Tranquil was unable to stop anything in time.

Many people closed their eyes, chanting various scriptures as a way to pray for Fangzheng. At the same time, they were also chanting the scriptures for the dead. From their perspective, publicly going against the demon, Red Shirt, likely meant eating bullets! But how could humans withstand a bullet shot?

Most political figures and businessmen felt horror at seeing a fellow human about to lose his life. However, there were others who were gloating, thinking, "Living Buddha? Let's see you turn into a dead Buddha today!"

Xiaoxun had wanted to rush forward but was stopped by Chen Daoyuan. Rushing forward simply meant death. Chen Daoyuan whispered. "Don't make pointless sacrifices. If you want to help him, avenge him! There will always be a chance."

Only then did Xiaoxun calm down. However, her palms were clenched, prepared to kill at a moment's notice.

Red Shirt looked at the scene with piqued interest, but at that moment...


There was the sound of metal colliding. Everyone's pupils dilated as they saw the rifle butt shatter from the impact! The recoil sent the rifle flying from the terrorist's grip.

"What?" Everyone subconsciously cried out.

Even Red Shirt, who had maintained a calm expression all this while, froze.

Wanderer Tranquil heaved a sigh of relief, her eyes lit up when she saw the look in Fangzheng's eyes. She discovered that the monk in front of her was like a bottomless hole. The deeper she dug, the more extraordinary things he showed. It made her eager to dig more.

As for the person in question, Fangzheng didn't seem to realize that someone had struck him in the head. His fingers had reached into the wound of the person in front of him and pulled out a bullet. Then, he quickly stopped the bleeding and used Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi to heal the wound. Then, he got up and walked to the next victim!

Upon seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

However, the Chinese suddenly snapped to their senses as someone exclaimed excitedly. "I remember. Abbot Fangzheng is not only a living Buddha, he's also a godly doctor! He just took action. The priest will be saved!"

"But why did he save the priest?" a businessman mumbled.

However, the religious figures couldn't be bothered with him. To them, all life was equal. Why should there be a conscious level of priority? Of course, whoever was nearer was rescued first.

But this was still theory. Who could really treat all life as equal when faced with reality?

Hence, at this moment, be it the religious members from various countries in Southeast Asia or the western priests who came to join the bustle, they looked at Fangzheng in a different light. From the jeering they had felt in the beginning to the non-belief to the point of displeasure, it all turned into admiration and respect.

Fangzheng's actions weren't only about treating all life as equal but also exuded self-sacrifice. At the very least, they didn't dare to step forward to face the brutal Red Shirt.

However, they didn't know that Fangzheng didn't have such thoughts flashing through his mind. His medical skills had long exceeded this era. His teachings were medicine for mortals taught by Bodhisattva! At a glance, he could tell whose wounds were heavier and who was in need of immediate attention and how he could ensure that everyone survived.

He had taken action based on this principle. However, even if he knew what was on the spectators' minds, he would only smile in tacit acquiescence with his character. There was no reason to reject the honor given to him.

Fangzheng walked to the second casualty. It was an old Vietnamese monk. He wasn't too seriously injured, but due to his age, it was likely for him to pass away at any moment. Fangzheng walked over and immediately crouched down to check on his wound.

At that moment, Red Shirt spoke. "Monk, aren't you afraid of death?"

Everyone's heart tensed up. They knew that Red Shirt was finally going to take action.

The hostages broke out into a cold sweat for Fangzheng.

However, Fangzheng didn't raise his head and said, "Shut up first. Rescuing them takes priority."

The moment that was said, everyone was astounded.

They had thought of the countless answers Fangzheng could give. Pleading for mercy, appealing to reason, using Buddhist Dharma to explain himself... However, they never expected this seemingly weak, handsome monk to be so dauntless. He had made the demon shut up!

Everyone looked at Red Shirt.

Red Shirt narrowed his eyes and said, "Monk, I'm angry, and you won't like me when I'm angry."

"Can you shut up already?" Fangzheng waved his hand in frustration without much thought. He then faced Red Shirt with his behind.

At that instant, everyone looked at Red Shirt who had a livid expression. Red Shirt was the god who determined life and death here! Yet someone dared treat him this way? Holy sh*t, this is an absolute provocation! He's courting death!