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1108 Salted Fish Herding

 The person beneath the door was struck by it as his gun was struck to the side. Then, with two more kicks from Ong, he lost his balance and fell forward, just in time to meet Ong's knee!

With a cracking sound, the person's head took the blow and fell to the ground with a thud. He lost all his senses as his eyes glazed over. He was dead!

Ong picked up the man's gun and, after shooting him twice in the head to ensure that everything was fine, he headed out to drag the two corpses back. After placing the door back in place, he quickly scanned the monitors.

He failed to find Salted Fish on the monitors, but he saw a monk and Daoist sitting on the rooftop chatting. And behind the two, two people were stealthily approaching from behind... Upon seeing this, Ong's heart was gripped with anxiety. He wanted to inform Fangzheng, but he had no idea how. At this moment, he saw a microphone, but he had no idea how to use it. He immediately got up as he prayed silently. Please make it work!

Ong shouted into the microphone. "Master, be careful!"

But when he shouted, the sound system broadcast it throughout the whole Mt. Dharma Characteristic. It even sounded on Mt. Dharma Characteristic's top floor and exterior!

At that instant, the two people who had sneaked behind Fangzheng and Wanderer Tranquil felt their hearts tense up. Immediately, they raised their guns and shouted. "Don't move!"

With this shout, Fangzheng and Wanderer Tranquil were taken aback. They then turned to look back and happened to see two militants holding them at gunpoint.

Wanderer Tranquil wore a flustered look, but she immediately calmed down. Frowning, she was about to say something, but Fangzheng beat her to it. He asked in Mandarin, "Patrons, what did you say?"

The two were stunned. Mandarin? They weren't Chinese, so how could they understand Mandarin? They had shouted in Vietnamese, the only language they knew.

In that moment of loss, they saw Fangzheng stomp his foot and with a loud boom, the tiles beneath his feet shattered as though an earthquake had run through them. Out of fright, the two forgot to fire and only had one thing on their minds: What kind of monster is this?

Just as the two saw the stones flying at them, a white figure swiftly approached them.

The two finally reacted as they raised their guns and shot.

However, they saw the monk spread out his palms and grab a gun barrel with each hand!

Haha! What an idiot! The two laughed inwardly. To block bullets with mere flesh? Do you have a death wish?

Bang! Bang!

Amidst two gunshots, the barrels exploded as the two couldn't hold the guns any further. They subconsciously released their grip and saw two palms approaching them. With two loud slaps, their heads turned as they hit each other. With a loud bang, their eyes rolled back, and they fell unconscious.

Only when the two were taken down did Wanderer Tranquil snap to her senses. She looked at Fangzheng as though he was a monster. "Don't you have divine powers? Why did you go through all that trouble?" Looking at the tiles, she shook her head and said, "Uncle will need to donate money for repairs again."

Fangzheng was rendered speechless as he rubbed his nose and said, "I forgot..."

Wanderer Tranquil: "..."

Although Wanderer Tranquil had calmed down, at the thought of Fangzheng's lightning speed and explosive strength, she couldn't help but be shocked by the violence. Scenes she thought were only possible in movies had appeared in reality.

"From the looks of it, something happened downstairs. Come on, let's go take a look." Fangzheng changed topics.

As Wanderer Tranquil nodded, blaring police sirens were heard from the ground floor as a large convoy of policemen arrived.

While Fangzheng and Wanderer Tranquil left, someone was almost going mad! He was none other than Ong!

"Heavens, that's what I call martial arts! Crushing marble tiles with one stomp, the speed of a cannon, blocking bullets with his bare hands. F**k, if I could do that, would revenge be a problem?" Ong cried out.

At this moment, there was a strange cry outside. Ong's heart tightened as he hurriedly hid by the corridor.

Following that, a group of people dashed over, shouting. "Lord Demon, stop chasing us! We submit!"

However, all they received as a response was the sound of leather belt lashings and Salted Fish's cheeky voice. "Do you submit? Aren't you gangsters? Don't you have guns? Aren't you fierce? Let an old ancestor like me have some more fun! Don't run!"

"Ancestor, we don't want to continue. Please show mercy and let us go." Those people still lamented.

When Ong heard that, he was surprised. Was it Salted Fish? Peeking his head out, he was instantly dumbfounded.

He saw a huge group of men running with Salted Fish lashing about a long belt made of numerous leather belts. He kept smacking it to the ground, leaving the pants of the group of people ahead in tatters. Their fair asses were exposed with red striking marks.

Upon seeing this scene, Ong subconsciously remembered the time he used to herd sheep in the village when he was young. It was extremely similar!

"Ong, what are you doing here?" Salted Fish looked over when he heard movement and saw Ong.

Ong said with a miserable smile, "Why am I here? Isn't it to search for you? Master asked me to watch you, but great. You ran everywhere and began herding so many people..."

"What people? I'm herding sheep! Tell me, why do they act like that? Being mobsters just because they have guns!" After Salted Fish said that, he saw everyone missing. Enraged, he roared. "Stop, all of you. Don't you run!"

It was a mystery how Salted Fish had tortured them. They immediately stopped upon being shouted at, with none of them daring to run.

Only then did Salted Fish shake his head and say, "See? Have you seen such unqualified mobsters before?"

When those people heard that, they bowed their heads bitterly. One of them corrected him. "Ancestor, we aren't mobsters, we are the Red Fiend terrorists!"

"Red Fiends? Why are you all the way here?" Ong jumped in fright. Others might now know what the Red Fiend organization was, but he knew. Although it was inferior to the globally infamous and most aggressive terrorist organizations, they were still very infamous in Southeast Asia.

"The Vietnamese government captured one of our sponsors, the drug lord Natchai. As part of the terms of our cooperation, we have to rescue him. So here we are. Everyone here is a chip used to negotiate with the government," the person said.

Ong said with a frown, "Are you mad? By coming here, even if Natchai is released, there's no way you can leave alive."

"We had no plans on leaving alive," a person muttered.

Ong's heart palpitated when he heard that. This was the difference between a terrorist organization and the typical mafia. Although the mafia could be cruel, they were afraid of death. But terrorist organizations didn't have any fear. They had plenty of zealots and were willing to resort to unscrupulous means to achieve their goals.

"Hey, looks like you guys are still filled with energy. Come, let me see how much more energy you have left!" Salted Fish grinned as he loudly smacked with the belts.

Everyone trembled when they heard the sound, like cattle hearing the sound of whipping.

When Ong saw this, he clicked his tongue. He really couldn't figure out what Salted Fish had done to these people. How did he make these zealots become such cowards?

Ong softly asked Salted Fish, but he was met with a chuckle. He pointed at them as though he wanted Ong to ask them.

However, many of them cried when they were questioned. One of them said, "Have you experienced being chased until you hit a wall, only to end up being pulled back in despair to be violently thrashed by a salted fish?"

Another said, "Have you experienced having extremely putrid water pumped through your nostrils with the despair of not being able to choke to death even if you want to?"

"Have you experienced the despair of being caught by a demon?"


Ong suddenly came to a realization. These people might not be afraid of people or human circumstances, but the salted fish demon had struck horror in them via mental torture...

With that thought, Ong hurriedly said, "Salted Fish, your master is in danger. There are a bunch of terrorists upstairs. They are taking the banquet hall hostage."

"What? They ran to the banquet hall? And are taking it hostage?" Salted Fish exclaimed.

Ong thought that Salted Fish was worried for Fangzheng as he hurriedly nodded. "Yes, they have plenty of men there."

Salted Fish turned agape as he pressed his fins together and chanted.

"Salted Fish, what are you doing?" Ong turned anxious. Why was Salted Fish chanting scriptures instead of carrying out a rescue?

Salted Fish said in all seriousness, "I'm chanting the scriptures to send those zealots off..."

Ong was taken aback. "..."

Salted Fish continued. "I really have no idea what gives them the courage to seek trouble with that baldy. Even I don't dare do that, so who gave them the courage?"

Ong: "..."

"Sigh, these people aren't suitable to be terrorists. They should have become monks. With their courage to descend into hell, would there be any trouble for them to become Buddhas? Amitabha. Time to leave. All of you, get up! Giddy up!" Salted Fish lashed the whip and began herding the crowd.

Only then did Ong snap back to his senses from what Salted Fish had said. He hurriedly chased after him and shouted. "Salted Fish, have you thought it through? You are a Guardian Protector. If you don't appear now and wait until everything is settled, there's the proverb: revenge is a dish best served cold!"

Salted Fish came to an abrupt halt. Recalling Fangzheng's character of holding a grudge and how not showing any concern would cross the monk, there was a chance he would have his meals deducted when they were back. It wasn't easy for him to win food from Jingxin, and there was a high chance that he would have to return it.

With this in mind, Salted Fish said, "Alright. As the number one Guardian Protector, let's head up to rescue the hostages! However, we can't just head up like that."

"How then?" Ong asked, perplexed.

Salted Fish grinned and giggled. He whispered into Ong's ears, only to have Ong look at Salted Fish with a flabbergasted look. "Are you sure?"

"Of course! I've never played such games! Hehe, let's go. Time to work!" After saying that, Salted Fish lashed the whip and herded the group to begin running.

At this moment, Red Shirt was sitting on the stage, glancing at Nguyen Vo Hong and the few monks, Daoists, and priests who had stood forward for justice. All of them had been shot down and even though they weren't dead, they were not far from dying.

Red Shirt's negotiation expert was beginning the negotiation with the government. Both sides negotiated all day without any progress.

Red Shirt gradually lost his patience. He knew that the longer things were dragged out, the more unexpected developments could occur.

At this moment, Nguyen Thiên Tinh said, "Mr. Red Shirt, Fangzheng is here!"