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1107 Three Idiots

 Red Shirt smiled and pointed at the one who raised his hand. "I know you. Nguyen Thiên Tinh. Black Glove of the Nguyen Corporation. The amount of blood on your hands is comparable to the amount on mine."

Nguyen Thiên Tinh's face oscillated between red and white. He wasn't afraid that people would know his crimes. In fact, many people knew what he did. However, he did things cleanly, making it impossible for others to have any dirt on him. It's why he had remained free all this time. However, he was definitely not someone who dared to admit to his deeds in public!

Hence, Nguyen Thiên Tinh diverted the topic. "Honorable Mr. Red Shirt, is the monk you are looking for Fangzheng?"

"Fangzheng? Yes, that rings a bell. Do you know where he is?" Red Shirt asked.

"Yes, I do. However, Mr. Red Shirt, if I were to tell you where he is, can you..." Nguyen Thiên Tinh wished to negotiate, but at the next moment, a gun was pointed at his head!

Red Shirt said, "I don't enjoy negotiating with others. Of course, I can always keep you alive if I'm in a good mood."

Nguyen Thiên Tinh looked at Red Shirt and then the gun. Finally, he said, "He's..."

"I'll wipe your whole family out if you dare say it!" Nguyen Vo Hong roared. Clearly, he didn't care for Fangzheng, but he was worried for Wanderer Tranquil's safety!

Nguyen Thiên Tinh's heart palpitated as he looked at Red Shirt.

Red Shirt said, "Whether he wipes out your family isn't my business, but it would be a shame if you got killed by me. You can make your choice now..."

Nguyen Thiên Tinh watched as the trigger was slowly pulled before he yelled, "He went out through that door!"

Upon hearing that, Nguyen Vo Hong's eyes were burning with anger. However, he ultimately closed his eyes. Everyone knew that this uncrowned emperor of Vietnam was truly infuriated!

Red Shirt didn't mind it, and he waved his hand. "Two of you, bring him here. I'll let everyone enjoy a show-by skinning him alive!"

Red Shirt was so furious, he finished his sentence through the gaps in his teeth. In fact, he had planned two things, but to take down the Dharma Characteristics Monastery with his men was definitely his last resort! If they screwed up in any way, they would end up being encircled by the Vietnamese army! To take down the Dharma Characteristics Monastery was really risky on a completely different level.

It was too risky! He was a person who enjoyed throwing a sprat to catch a herring. Therefore, he had sent a suicide bomber on a mission, planning to hijack the plane to negotiate with the government to have it release their man. Of course, even if the government released the man, he would still explode the plane.

That would only cause the death of one person and would in no way put himself in danger!

However, everything had been wrecked by that darn baldy.

Standing on the stage, Red Shirt didn't show his joy. Instead, there was a sense of worry. Standing there, there were too many variable elements. Now, all he wanted to do was to settle everything as quickly as possible.

After sending the two men, Red Shirt got someone to establish communications with the Vietnamese government and carry out negotiations.

Indeed, the moment the government got wind of the news, many police cars rushed to Mt. Dharma Characteristic. There were also troops sent who completely surrounded Mt. Dharma Characteristic, but that was all a matter for the afterword.

However, at the moment, Red Shirt got someone to bring him a seat as he sat on the stage, looking at everyone with a smile. No one dared to meet his eyes, afraid that they would be shot simply because he didn't like the sight of them.

Meanwhile, a person came to Red Shirt and whispered into his ear.

Red Shirt frowned. "Bring them in!"

The next moment, three unlucky fools walked in. The moment they came up to their leader, they said with a sobbing tone, "Red Shirt, we aren't lying. There was really a walking, speaking, invulnerable salted fish who took us captive."

"What's the point of keeping three idiots?" Red Shirt said to the people behind him.

Immediately, two people behind him raised their guns.

The trio hurriedly cried out. "Red Shirt, we aren't mad! We're speaking the truth! We swear in the name of god. If we lied, may we suffer eternal damnation!"

Red Shirt got the two gunmen to stop as he looked down at the three. "Are you speaking the truth?"

At this moment, there was a voice from the walkie talkie. "Red Shirt, heavens! I see a salted fish loitering around the corridor!"

Red Shirt frowned as he picked up the walkie talkie and said, "Screen Mirror, what did you say?"

"Red Shirt, you might not believe it, but I saw a salted fish walking across the corridor on the monitors! I've replayed the footage several times and confirmed it. It's really a salted fish!" Screen Mirror said.

Red Shirt looked at the three people on the ground. They were nodding their heads with all their might. Red Shirt's brows furrowed tightly as he felt that everything that happened today was getting more and more crazy. A monk who wrecked his hijacking plan and a Salted Fish that ran and skipped about... At this moment, Red Shirt really wanted to curse.

"Thunder Hawk, take some men along to capture that salted fish!" Red Shirt said.

Thunder Hawk wore a flabbergasted look. As the best killer on the elite Red Fiend team, he was being sent to capture a fish? This really f**king sucked.

However, Thunder Hawk waved his hand and brought six men with him. They kept in close contact with Screen Mirror, hoping to receive the latest updates on Salted Fish's location.

Meanwhile, outside the monitoring room.

Two militants were standing guard. At that moment, a man slowly walked over with a red fiendish badge on his chest. Upon seeing this, the two men heaved a sigh of relief, but they still asked, "Countersign!"

The man stopped three meters away from the two and slowly raised his head. "The countersign is..."

Just as he said that, the man suddenly took a step forward and approached the two men as fast as lightning! Just as the two raised their guns, they were struck by the man's hands, dropping their guns. At the same time, the man sidestepped around them as his fists twisted like a snake, striking them without even turning his head!

They subconsciously turned their heads only to have their throats struck by a fist.

Bang! Bang!

Ka! Ka!

There were two crisp cracks!

The two widened their eyes as they opened their mouths, but not a single sound came out of them. Their strength quickly dispersed as they collapsed to the ground, motionless.

At this moment, the man took off his hat and revealed his bearded face. He was none other than Ong who had been searching for Salted Fish all over the place!

While he was looking for Salted Fish, he happened to see two attendants being killed by silenced guns. Immediately, he knew that something wasn't right. He hurriedly hid somewhere and was alert enough to realize that something had gone wrong in the monitoring room. Furthermore, to quickly find Salted Fish, he headed for the monitoring room first.

As for Fangzheng? He wasn't worried about him at all... As for Salted Fish? He wasn't worried about Salted Fish's life and death, but just that he couldn't complete the mission Fangzheng handed him.

After finishing the two off, Ong gently pushed the door open.

Almost instantaneously, Ong heard the sound of the latch clicking. Pricking up his brows, he kicked at the door, causing the door to fly off!

Following that, there were gunshots. However, Ong didn't even stop. He charged at the person who had fallen down. Stepping onto the door, he dashed up the slope it created and struck down with his knee!