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1101 Salted Fish-Styled Massage

 Dinh couldn't help but let himself get pushed to the forefront of the charge, while the last rifle-wielding man was trying to pose coolly, thinking that a slaughter fest was going to take place. But to his surprise, what faced him was a stampede!

Before he could even use his rifle, he was pummeled to the ground by the horde. Then, his head was trampled on by an assault of feet, and he fell unconscious.

"Humans are such a bunch of cowardly fellows." Inside the massive kitchen, Salted Fish was the only one left.

This fellow jumped down from the stove and walked across the table, searching for something nice to eat before heading outside.

The three criminals who had been trampled finally regained consciousness. As they shook their heads and looked up, they happened to see a figure approaching them.

The trio had been well-trained, so they immediately drew their revolvers and pointed them, roaring. "Don't move!"

However, they were dumbfounded when they looked over. The one in front of them wasn't a person, but a fish!

This fish was clearly a little surprised. It then snapped to its senses and twirled its whiskers. Grinning, it said, "Wouldn't an elderly ancestor like me be too obedient if I followed what you say? So what if I move? What can you do?"

"Holy sh*t, it's a fish!"

"Yes, Captain Obvious! It's a fish!"

"F**k, how can a salted fish walk?"

"F**k, how can a salted fish talk?"

"Holy sh*t, put it down!" someone yelled.

Not only had Salted Fish not remained motionless, he even also picked up a rifle they had dropped. Then, he fumbled with it, nearly pulling the trigger a few times. It left them sweating bullets...

"This is the legendary rifle? Hey, it's pretty interesting. How is it used?" Salted Fish asked.

The moment they heard that Salted Fish didn't know how to use the rifle, they exchanged looks and immediately heaved sighs of relief. Being fugitives, they were bold to begin with. Although Salted Fish's speaking and walking didn't make sense, they still believed in their usual ways didn't think that such a tiny joker could be a match for three strong men.

Hence, the trio exchanged looks and quickly came to a common agreement. They roared and pounced at Salted Fish! They ignored everything, wishing to get their hands on the rifle first.

Upon seeing this, Salted Fish's adorable and curious eyes narrowed like a human squinting his eyes. He said with great displeasure, "An elder was asking you a question. Not only did you not answer, you even tried revolting? I might not know how to use a rifle to shoot, but it doesn't mean I can't use a rifle to hit you!"

Salted Fish turned the rifle around, grabbed the barrel and used the rifle as a baseball bat as he roared. "Ah-da!"

Three dull thuds quickly ensued.

At the same time, three tragic cries sounded and the next moment, there were three unconscious goons on the ground.

Salted Fish looked at the AK47 that had bent due to the beating, threw it to the sun, and picked up another one. He prodded them with it, but found the trio remained motionless. Clearly, they had fallen unconscious from the beating.

Salted Fish shook his head. "To bring rifles to such a place, it's obvious you aren't good people. However, with you unconscious, who will teach me how to use a rifle?"

Salted Fish refused to give up. Flipping the trio around, he found their cell phones and using their fingerprints to unlock the phone, he began learning how to use a rifle...

A few minutes later, the trio felt their mouths numb, but they regained lucidity. Slightly opening their eyes, they happened to see the Salted Fish holding the rifle, studying its safety, and handling it.

At this moment, an idea came to one of them as he said, "This is a rifle. Aim the barrel at yourself, then pull the crescent-like object."

Upon hearing that, the other two subconsciously realized what he was getting at. They hurriedly nodded. As for speaking? They were both in a terrible shape with their jaws basically shattered and unable to say a word.

Salted Fish glanced at him and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" the man immediately said.

Salted Fish nodded and aimed the barrel at his head.

The trio immediately hastened their breaths as their palms began to sweat.

At this moment, Salted Fish seemed to notice something interesting as he aimed the barrel at his eye, staring right into the barrel.

One of the trio suddenly rushed forward with a roar and pulled the trigger!

There was a loud gunshot!

And the three instantly relaxed.

In their understanding of the world, the eye was the weakest spot. Even whales with coarse skin and thick flesh would be pushed to the brink of death when shot in the eye even if they didn't die instantly. Therefore, the instant the gunshot sounded, they passed the death sentence on Salted Fish.

However, before they could fully exhale, they saw Salted Fish suddenly look up from the barrel, asking, "That felt pretty good. Another time?"

When the trio heard that, they looked over and saw a flattened round plastered to Salted Fish's eye. With Salted Fish moving his eyes, it fell to the ground with a tap, bouncing a few times in turn.

The trio exchanged looks before blacking out. With three thuds, they fell to the ground, unconscious again.

Salted Fish curled his lips and said, "Trying to play the bad guys with such nerves? Let's see if I can scare you to death when you wake up again!"

Salted Fish had already noticed their ill intentions, but he wasn't some goody-two-shoes either. With his coarse skin and thick flesh, he played along to pull their legs. And this was the outcome.

Looking at the trio and then the rifles on the ground before looking at the cleaver in the kitchen, he cackled nefariously. He then dragged the trio into the kitchen.

Before long, Salted Fish came out with a revolver in one fin. As he walked, he shot himself in the head, sending sparks flying. As he did that, he mumbled. "Nice strength. This massage is what I call... Comfortable!"

About ten minutes later, the unlucky trio in the kitchen woke up. They subconsciously wanted to move when they opened their eyes, but upon doing so, they saw a cold flash before their eyes!

The trio snapped to their senses and realized that their trousers had been removed. Their manhoods were tied to a chopping board with one cleaver hanging high above each one of them. The rope looked like it had been tampered with, and any struggling from the trio would snap the rope before...

With this in mind, the trio exchanged looks and came to a consensus. Unless someone came to rescue them, they would rather die than struggle! Come what may!

But upon the thought of the rescuer's look when they were rescued, the trio had the urge to die. Then, they tacitly came to another consensus. They would rather die than cry for help!

At the same time, in the banquet hall.

Wanderer Tranquil had descended like a godly being, sending Nguyen The Thao off with just a few words. She instantly became the focus of attention as countless people began discussing her background.