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1099 I Was the One Who Invited Him

 The moment that was said, Nguyen The Thao's approach towards Chen Xiaoxun paused. He looked coldly at Fangzheng before sneering. "You are that monk from China, right? Forget it, I don't care who you are. Scram! Get out of Mt. Dharma Characteristic! You're not welcome here!"

"What gives you the right to say that? Master was invited here by the Dharma Characteristics Monastery!" Xiaoxun said angrily.

"Pui! The Dharma Characteristics Monastery invites so many people. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is here. Who will care if he's missing? Scram! Don't be a f**king sore sight!" Nguyen The Thao cursed.

"Abbot Fangzheng is a famous monk from China. You aren't the owner of the Dharma Characteristics Monastery. I doubt you have the power to make him leave, right?" Chen Daoyuan said angrily.

Nguyen The Thao was amused the moment he heard that. He tipped his head and sneered. "I don't have the authority, but our family has close ties with the owner of the Dharma Characteristics Monastery. So if we were to really have a falling out, who do you think the Dharma Characteristics Monastery would help? You or me? Little Monk, do you think I'm not aware of your background? You were hired by the Jing family to help them, right? I'm telling you, the situation here goes deeper than you can imagine. It's not something you can handle. It's best you scram early. Losing face is nothing much, but losing your life would be... Heh..."

Towards the end, he was already threatening Fangzheng without any disguise.

The atmosphere turned cold. Chen Daoyuan also realized that the situation wasn't as simple as he imagined.

Fangzheng was taken aback. The Jing family? Was he here because of the Jing family's recommendation? However, Jing Yan had mentioned that an impressive person had recommended him. This didn't seem to tally. Could it be that Jing Yan was lying to him?

"Brother The Thao, so you're here! Hehe, is this the monk that embarrassed Uncle Thiên Tinh? Tsk, look at his tattered clothes. It's quite pitiful." As that was said, a few youths walked over and surrounded Fangzheng. The way they looked at him was as though they were watching a monkey at a circus.

"It's him. I didn't plan on bothering myself with him, but he just couldn't help provoking me as though he has a death wish. It's nice that you guys are here. Get the men over and throw this fellow out. If this cheers up Uncle Thiên Tinh, it'll definitely be a boon for you guys," Nguyen The Thao said with a smile.

Everyone laughed, but no one took action. What a joke. There were so many people watching, and no one of them was a fool. It was alright to be dominating, but how you did it depended on the occasion. However, inaction didn't mean they were going to cut the verbal abuse.

Someone said, "Little Monk, it's best you leave early. Regardless if you have an invitation letter or not, if Brother The Thao wants you gone, you need to go!"

Nguyen The Thao raised his head smugly as he glanced at Chen Xiaoxun. He was like a male lion showcasing his muscles to attract a beauty. However, Chen Xiaoxun clearly wasn't his lioness. Not only wasn't she impressed, she was only more irked.

Nguyen The Thao said, "Monk, quickly scram. The Jing family might have quite some say in Vietnam, but even if you were invited by them, do you really believe that I don't have the guts to throw you out? If you aren't leaving, face won't be the only thing you will be losing in a moment!"

"Who said that he was invited by the Jing family? He was invited by This Penniless Priest!" At this moment, a cold voice sounded as though it descended from the highest heavens. It left a chill in one's heart and was so lofty that it made one look up.

Nguyen The Thao frowned and cursed. "Which worm is it this time?"

Nguyen The Thao turned and saw a female Daoist. She was wearing a faded robe as she slowly walked over. Each step was equally spaced apart, and her every action seemed natural. She had a natural grace making all the female escorts present pale in comparison. She looked like a fairy that walked the land!

The moment Nguyen The Thao saw her, his expression changed. His aggressiveness instantly turned into caution. The rest of the Nguyen family immediately took a step back as though they were trying to keep a distance from Nguyen The Thao and draw a line between them.

Nguyen The Thao cursed inwardly at how shameless they were, but he said to the female Daoist, "Ah, Wanderer Tranquil. Greetings."

"Scram!" Wanderer Tranquil said with a cold expression. It wasn't loud, but it was striking enough.

If anyone else were to say something like that at such an occasion, it would come off as disgraceful and uncultured. However, when said by Wanderer Tranquil, it felt as though it was only right! It was as though his actions were deserving of the fairy's tirade.

Wanderer Tranquil walked through the crowd like the sun as the eyes of everyone around were peeled to her. She instantly became the focus of attention.

Nguyen The Thao felt his face burn as though he had been invisibly slapped in the face. It was burning, and it hurt!

Nguyen The Thao was about to say something in a bid to save some face, but upon recalling the outcome of the unlucky bastard who had annoyed Wanderer Tranquil before, he trembled. He didn't dare say a word as he nodded, running off with his tail between his legs.

When the other members of the Nguyen family saw this, they planned on greeting Wanderer Tranquil, but when swept by her cold gaze, all of them instantly bowed their heads and scampered off, all the way downstairs. Nguyen The Thao and company couldn't bring themselves to stay on that floor and decided to relax somewhere else. However, when they came to the entrance, they saw two attendants locking the door!

"What are you doing?" Nguyen The Thao asked.

"So it's Young Master Nguyen. Unfortunately, the door is damaged. If you wish to leave, you'll have to take the other door," a man said as he approached gently and elegantly. Then, he led Nguyen The Thao and company, who wore baffled looks, elsewhere.

Nguyen The Thao subconsciously looked at the other attendants and saw many of them wiping the ground. He noticed that their cloths were stained red... Although he was a prodigal, he wasn't an idiot. He was definitely capable if he could be doted on by the Nguyen patriarch! He was quite smart and had a great memory. He carefully thought for a second and realized that the attendants in front of him were different from the ones he saw when he first arrived! The one leading them was also a different person!

Furthermore, he had been to Mt. Dharma Characteristic before. He wasn't being led out, but they were headed for the storage room!

At this thought, his body turned cold, and the color in his face drained. Sweat began dripping down his face.

"It's said that Young Master Nguyen only knows how to revel in pleasures and is useless. But from the looks of it, people are wrong. Since you've noticed, it's best you don't say it out loud. That would be best for all of us." The man leading them had one hand in his pocket, and his pocket was bulging.

Nguyen The Thao quickly nodded.

The others wanted to say something, but when they saw the man's actions, their hearts tightened. Looking at the storage room, they seemed to realize something as they entered it without a fuss. After the door was sealed shut, sobbing sounded from the inside...

"Smells great!" A food cart passed by as Salted Fish peeked out from the cart he was under. When the two carts passed each other, he jumped over and continued hiding at the bottom of the food cart.