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1095 Entering

 Fangzheng took a step with every word he said. After speaking nearly a hundred words, each step seemed to impact the man's very heartbeat! Fangzheng's words were filed with strength, slamming right at the man's heart like a hammer.

The man was already timid to begin with. With Fangzheng striking terror in his heart, he was instantly placed at a disadvantage. Then, like a tidal wave that reached a crescendo with every step, Fangzheng's rebuttal crazily struck down on his heart.

At that instant, he was afraid as he subconsciously retreated.

He retreated with every step Fangzheng took! And after nearly a hundred words, the final word was said.

It was like a judge's striking of the gavel! The man really imagined that he had called all monks beggars. Feeling guilt-ridden, his legs went limp as he plopped in front of Fangzheng!

When he did so, he snapped to his senses, thinking, "That's not right! I didn't have such thoughts!"

He looked up, wanting to say something when he saw the monk who had been afire with noble indignation just moments ago. Then, Fangzheng grinned and said with a smile, "Patron, how nice of you to kneel upon realizing your mistakes. Good boy."


When the man heard that, the gloom he felt from Fangzheng's stance and the mocking laughter all around him, as well as Nguyen Thiên Tinh's look at him as though he was dead, he suddenly spewed out blood, spraying a burst of red mist!

Fangzheng hurriedly took a step back and said, "Amitabha. Patron, to use blood to show your penitence, impressive."

The man cursed. "You poor monk, you might be good with words, but no matter what you say, you're a pauper!"

Before he could finish his sentence, a shout was heard. "Who said that Master is poor?"

While that was said, an engine revved loudly. Following that, a convoy of supercars drove over followed by a Rolls Royce motorcade. In the middle was a Roll Royce limousine! And lining the back was another batch of supercars! The engines were all loudly revving together!

When the motorcade appeared, everyone subconsciously took a step back and made way.

The luxurious cars which previously caught the attention of others instantly paled in comparison to this motorcade.

The taxi driver who had sent Fangzheng over was still around. He hurriedly moved his car when he saw the motorcade and exclaimed. "Heavens. I actually drove an accomplished monk that can enter Mt. Dharma Characteristic! Haha, I definitely have to try my luck at the lottery when I'm back!"

Then, the man quickly left, afraid the accomplished monk would recall how he had previously mocked him and find fault with him.

The motorcade slowly stopped behind Fangzheng. Then, a man reverently walked over and bowed. "Venerable Fangzheng, you are China's living Buddha and of high esteem. You might not like such mortal superficialities, but at times, the lack thereof attracts some pesky imps."

The person who came was none other than the lad who had previously picked Fangzheng up, Vương Cận!

Fangzheng never expected him to arrive, much less to do so in such a timely fashion!

Fangzheng didn't think that a summit required that much packaging, either. Although he didn't like it, he couldn't deny that Vương Cận was right. At times, certain things were required. Without them, it was easy to attract annoying imps!

Fangzheng smiled. "It's fine. This Penniless Monk is a monk who can just subdue them. Patron Nguyen, do you think This Penniless Monk is right?"

"Humph!" At this point, what else could Nguyen Thiên Tinh say? There was no way to lessen his embarrassment, so he turned and left.

The man who had been kneeling immediately got up and chased up to him. "Boss, are we not entering?"

"Scram!" Nguyen Thiên Tinh vented all his anger on him. Enter? He had previously mentioned that people without an invitation letter couldn't enter. Now, without one, how was he to enter?

"Boo!" Many Chinese reporters began booing.

Nguyen Thiên Tinh quickened his pace.

"Haha, I knew it. Master Indecent isn't someone to be messed with. Anyone who tries to do so won't have it end well!"

"A living Buddha! Want to fight a living Buddha? One should do some introspection before doing so."


When Fangzheng heard that, he waved at everyone as a greeting. Then, he said to the security personnel members, "Patrons, can This Penniless Monk enter now?"

"Master, this way please." The two security guards made way and began inviting him in.

Fangzheng naturally held his head high and chest out, walking into Mt. Dharma Characteristic with a dumbfounded but excited Ong.

At this moment, a Vietnamese reporter exclaimed. "Which one of you has a picture of Abbot Fangzheng alighting the car? I really need that picture for my article!"

"Nope... I deleted it!"

"F**k, me too!"

"Damn it, I'm just lacking a photo to make it a complete news article!"


"I have one!" a Chinese reporter cried out.

Instantly, a crowd of reporters rushed over.

"Bro, send me one. I'll pay."

"I'll pay too!"


"I'm not selling!" The reporter laughed out loud and ran, leaving behind a torrent of curses behind him...

At this moment, Fangzheng was already inside Mt. Dharma Characteristic. It was a hotel with an old, classic decoration. It was quite Zen-like, but it wasn't completely like a temple. After all, some people weren't used to living in a temple.

The hotel was like a pyramid, but not precisely, and Fangzheng walked straight to its middle by going through a straight corridor. At its center wasn't a counter, but an Eight Trigram mirror. It corresponded to eight doors and eight elevators that reached the top floor.

Standing in the middle, Fangzheng realized that Mt. Dharma Characteristic's renovation style was different on every floor! The first floor was in a Vietnamese theme, followed by a Buddhist theme, an eastern fantasy theme, a martial arts theme, a western fantasy theme, a Heaven theme...

There were also many different themes like the Shanghai Bund, Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, etc.

On the barricade on every floor that faced the center, there was a statue of a god or some sage.

Looking from the bottom, one could see famous people from both the East and West like the founder of modern China, Sun Zhongshan, the Western poet, Victor Hugo, etc. Further up, there were more ancient emperors and sages. And even higher up were immortals, buddhas, and various deities. All of them looked lifelike and without any exception, all of them looked down at the center! Standing in the middle of the Eight Trigram made it seem like all the deities and ancient sages were staring at you!

The feeling wasn't the best. Anyone who had done something bad or didn't have the mental fortitude might just kneel on the spot.

The pressure that felt as if it came from a different space-time was truly strange.

"It's no wonder no one stays here. Just standing here makes me feel like I'm being stared at by the various deities. It's too uncomfortable," Ong mumbled as he shot a glance at Fangzheng who looked comfortable and natural. "Master, how are you this relaxed? It's like you don't find it odd at all."