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1088 Move Along Move Along

 The granny was apparently even more excited. She had obviously recognized Fangzheng from the beginning and had never doubted his powers. However, not having doubts about them was completely different from experiencing them herself. She was quite healthy, and her excitement left her face ruddy as she walked with a much brisker pace. However, she wasn't someone who had much to say. All she did was follow with a smile.

Shortly after they left, everyone saw a salted fish running over. It would jump every few steps and cough with sparks being emitted... The feeling it gave off was as if it were a miniature version of a fire-spewing dragon from Hollywood movies.

Once Salted Fish ran over, he saw Fangzheng remove the black cloth bag and lay it out.

After Salted Fish stared at Fangzheng for a while, he obediently lay down, and allowed himself to be wrapped by Fangzheng. He was then hung over his shoulder.

Hence, there was now a strange bald monk on the streets with a black cloth bag over his back. But more importantly, as he walked, the black cloth bag would spew out black smoke or sparks from a tiny hole...

Ong asked with a frown, "Master, the thing you're carrying is spewing fire."

Fangzheng said, "It's fine. It's inevitable for eating too much to lead to certain consequences. Drinking more water should solve the problem."

Fangzheng had no plans of hiding the fact that Salted Fish had eaten the cake. After all, anyone would understand if they thought about it carefully.

Ong clicked his tongue upon hearing that. He always thought highly of himself, believing that he had reached the international pinnacle of martial arts. However, after meeting Fangzheng, he suddenly felt that his bit of martial arts was laughable. And that wasn't all. The more he interacted with the monk, the more he discovered that every action of the monk seemed to shatter his understanding of the world. It left him astonished.

As Ong followed behind Fangzheng, he secretly searched for "Fangzheng" on his phone. This only resulted in him sweating profusely. He thought to himself, "Holy sh*t. Thankfully I didn't continue courting death; otherwise, I wouldn't even know how I died!"

At the same time, he was also filled with hope about his revenge. He looked at Fangzheng with greater fear and respect as well as idolization and fervor.

This had to do with his upbringing as a Thai. Buddhist culture had been inculcated in him from a young age, so he naturally had a favorable impression of monks. Now, he was all the more alarmed by what he was seeing.

Just as Ong was reeling with the thoughts of a living Buddha, he saw this living Buddha take out his phone. Instantly, all the beautiful imagery in his mind was shattered!

Ong looked at Fangzheng in an extremely aggrieved manner...

Fangzheng ignored him and directly called the number Jing Yan had given him. The person had a very respectful voice. After asking for his location, a young man in a suit and leather shoes ran over. He bowed the moment he saw Fangzheng, but realizing that there wasn't any luggage, he gave up trying to please him with excessive attention. Then, he took Fangzheng's documents to complete the immigration procedure.

Using this bit of time, Fangzheng said to Xiaoxun, Xiaoxun's grandfather, and the granny, "Amitabha. Patrons, what do you plan on doing next?"

Xiaoxun's grandfather said, "We have matters to tend to, so we won't be joining the fun with you, Master. Having reached my age, I always felt that I had seen through everything in this world. Only today did I realize that everything I saw over the years was nothing but evanescence. Master, I've really learned a lot this time. Goodbye."

With that said, he left with Xiaoxun. He wasn't clingy in any way, having the carefree and unbridled nature akin to warriors from ancient times. It was the same with Xiaoxun. She opened her stride and followed closely behind her grandfather as though this magical monk who had suddenly entered her life was nothing but a passing visitor. As she left, her pony tail bounced around, as though it was saying goodbye to Fangzheng.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together at the two and voiced a Buddhist proclamation as a way of sending them off. Then, he looked at the granny, "Patron, what about you?"

She chuckled and said, "I'm fine. I just feel like my life has turned a lot more exciting after encountering this event. I also feel a lot younger. Do what you need to do. I have someone to pick me up."

Fangzheng said, "Patron, it's best you leave as soon as possible. If the police came, it would be troublesome."

The granny chuckled as though it was nothing. But she quickly bade him farewell and even gave him a name card before leaving. She told him that they could maintain contact in the future.

Fangzheng looked at the card which looked as though it was made of jasmine flowers. He was rather surprised as he said with a smile, "This patron is old, but she's still young at heart. She actually has such a special name card." There wasn't much of an introduction on it, other than the simple name "Jasmine Wu." There was a telephone number on the back and nothing else.

Ong glanced over and said with a smile, "These days, age isn't about what the face says but what the heart feels. If one isn't old at heart, one isn't old at all."

"You have quite a good understanding of this. This Penniless Monk thought you only lived a life of hatred," Fangzheng said with a smile.

Ong sighed. "If I hadn't met my master, I would have definitely lost myself to hatred. All these years, my master trained me in jiu jitsu while teaching me the ways of life. Unfortunately, I'm unable to let go of things as he advised me."

Fangzheng wore a look of comprehension. If no one had been guiding him, it would be quite unbelievable that Ong could hold back for so many years. To make someone with such a huge vendetta stay silent for so many years, Fangzheng was also quite curious about Ong's master.

At this moment, the young man returned and led Fangzheng to a Great Wall Motors bus that headed straight for the hotel.

"Great Wall Motors? Your friend isn't rich," Ong muttered.

Looking at the tricycle outside, Fangzheng said with a smile, "That convertible is pretty good."

Ong rolled his eyes. He realized that the monk often spoke in riddles. The way his mind processed things was completely different from his. However, he also knew that Fangzheng was telling him that the vehicle didn't matter.

However, the young man was instantly pissed. He hurriedly said, "Whatever Master needs, as long as Master can name the brand, I can get it. Although we aren't the local honchos here, we don't lack money. However, the Miss said that Master doesn't like foreign goods, so I especially got this car. It's a way to support China-made goods."

Ong originally imagined the lad was coming up with excuses, but when the car drove into a luxurious manor, he decisively shut his mouth!

He had no idea how big it was, but just from the fact that the wall at the gates seemed to extend without end and how there was a sea of flowers and grass fields upon entering the manor, it was as though the manor had its own golf course!

Ong wasn't like Fangzheng who hadn't seen the world, so he could make an informed judgment. And this manor was really a huge manor, especially for being in Hanoi! Even if Vietnam wasn't as developed as China, this was their capital. Every piece of land here was worth its weight in gold! To have such a huge piece of land... Ong rubbed his knitted brows upon thinking of Fangzheng's backer. He found the monk more and more inexplicable.