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1087 Try Guessing

 Fangzheng asked, "Then are you alright?"

"I'm fine, but it was a little stimulating. I'm just a little ecstatic and have the urge to dance," Salted Fish said.

Fangzheng was rendered completely speechless. This fellow became ecstatic from a bomb... Fangzheng had never heard of anyone getting a rush or getting inebriated from eating bombs. However, this fellow was clearly a little odd.

At this moment, Xiaoxun came over and asked curiously, "Master, how did you know the bomb was fake?"

Fangzheng returned with a question. "Who said that the bomb was fake?"

"Uh... Then... Don't tell me the bomb was real?" Xiaoxun covered her mouth nervously as she wore a look of disbelief.

"Of course it was real."

"Then what happened to the bomb? Why didn't it explode?" Ong was equally dumbfounded.

Fangzheng gave a cunning smile. "Try guessing?"

Ong, Xiaoxun, her grandfather, and even the granny by the window rolled their hands at him, wearing a scornful expression.

Fangzheng roared with laughter without giving an explanation. Instead, he asked Ong, "Patron, do you know how powerful that liquid bomb was?"

Ong looked at Fangzheng and, after confirming that he was no match for him, suppressed his anger. "Although I've no idea what liquid bomb he brought, blasting a hole in the plane wouldn't be a problem if he did bring it on board."

Fangzheng had no reference point when given such an answer. Hence, he went straight to the point. "What if it were eaten by someone? What if it were mixed in the stomach?"

Ong looked at Fangzheng as though he was a retard. However, he still replied, "Blasted to pieces, nothing left behind!"

Enlightened, Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief. Thankfully, it was Salted Fish who had eaten it. If it had been Lone Wolf, it was likely that he wouldn't have been able to withstand the explosion.

With that said, Ong, Xiaoxun, and her grandfather came to a realization as they looked at Fangzheng with widened eyes. "No way?"

Almost at the same moment, the pilot came over and whispered to Fangzheng, "Master, I just went to the cargo hold. I found the hijacker's luggage. There was indeed a box, but it had been opened. And there was indeed a packaging of a clown cake. There was also still some cream on it, but..."

"But what?" Xiaoxun, Xiaoxun's grandfather, Ong, and the granny asked before Fangzheng could even speak.

Seeing that they had helped Fangzheng previously, he imagined that they were Fangzheng's friends, so he didn't hide it from them. He said with a suppressed voice, "The cake inside is gone. From the looks of it, it was eaten by someone! The cardboard had signs of licking... It's just too odd. Master, what's your take on this?"

Upon hearing that, the quartet looked at Fangzheng. No one else knew, but they had a vague idea!

Fangzheng gave them a smile and then said slyly at the pilot, "Amitabha. Patron..."

Before Fangzheng could finish his sentence, the quartet said in unison, "Try guessing?"

When the pilot heard that, he rolled his eyes at all of them as though he was cursing them.

At this moment, the stewardess called out to the pilot, saying that the control tower had matters to talk to him about, so he ran off.

Shortly after the pilot left, two stewardesses walked past, looking as though they had just come over from the cargo hold. As they walked, they grumbled. "Someone even checked in a salted fish? That smell... I need to take a good bath when I'm back."

Fangzheng curled his lips. Salted Fish was able to release his smell as he wished. He had probably been getting irritated by these people's search of the cargo hold, so he released his smell to chase them away.

But after a moment, Fangzheng clearly sensed the quartet looking at him before a look of enlightenment flash through their eyes.

Before long, the plane landed.

Ong asked Fangzheng, "Master, what do you plan on doing with me?"

Fangzheng thought and said, "Come with This Penniless Monk."

Ong said, "Master, have you thought this through? Although your martial arts are outstanding, I'm fraught with all kinds of trouble, like"

"This Penniless Monk knows." Fangzheng cut off Ong for the first time. Ong looked into Fangzheng's eyes and saw immense confidence in his expression. It was as though Fangzheng was saying: "I've seen it all."

"In that case, I'll go with you, Master," Ong said.

Fangzheng said to Xiaoxun's grandfather, "Patron, can you pretend that nothing happened previously?"

He nodded and said, "Master, we will go along with whatever you have in mind."

Fangzheng nodded in satisfaction. Once the plane landed firmly, Fangzheng immediately cast A Golden Millet Dream and informed Salted Fish. "Get off the plane!"

"Master, the hold hatch hasn't opened yet! How should I get off?" Salted Fish cried out.

That's up to you. I'll be waiting for you outside, so come over. Your divine powers have been returned, so if you still end up being discovered, you can prepare to starve.

Salted Fish lamented before there was silence. He was apparently thinking of solutions.

Following that, Fangzheng said to the quartet, "Patrons, let's head out."

"Master, I'm afraid it won't be so easy to disembark. With a hijacking happening and how we were involved, we might have to get past the police first," Xiaoxun's grandfather said.

Fangzheng chuckled. "If you wish to deal with them, you can stay here. If you want to leave, follow This Penniless Monk!"

With that said, Fangzheng unbuckled his seat belt and headed out.

Ong followed closely behind as Xiaoxun immediately joined them. Xiaoxun's grandfather shook his head in exasperation before following. He was already prepared to be taken away by the police. Feeling intrigued, the granny followed with her tiny bag.

When they disembarked the plane, they were dumbfounded. There were armed police officers everywhere! But strangely, these police officers would subconsciously make way for them when they rushed over.

There was a policeman who shouted. "Apart from the hijacker, can we get our heroes to come down. We need to commend you appropriately!"

"That's right!" The police shouted for them, yet they somehow failed to see them as they ran off right past them! It left all of them stupefied. When they looked at Fangzheng again, they were already completely stunned.

On the matter of the bomb, they hadn't seen how Fangzheng had dealt with it with their own eyes, so there were still some possible explanations. However, the scene before them was completely unexplainable by science!

At this moment, Xiaoxun and her grandfather were completely convinced by the comments on the Internet. He was a living Buddha, Master Indecent with divine powers!

Ong wore a look of excitement in his eyes. When Fangzheng agreed to help him, he had written off what a single man could do. But at this moment, he suddenly came to the realization that he had met his greatest benefactor in life! Ong only wished to kneel down right that moment and kowtow to the heavens, thanking Buddha for letting him meet Fangzheng. However, he ultimately held back and followed reverently behind Fangzheng. At this moment, he didn't seem like a martial arts expert, but like a pious believer, or even a henchman...