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1084 Salted Fish Feels Guilty

 "The two liquids are colorless and odorless, preventing them from being detected by machines. Once the appointed time is up, the two liquids will meet, and then... Boom! That would be the end of everything. Of course, my detonator can also speed this process up. Once I release it, the trigger will cause the two liquids to explode immediately. Naturally, I can also stop that from happening. If you don't believe me, why don't I release my grip and let all of you have a taste of it?" After saying that, the man was about to release his grip on the button.

All the color drained out of the stewardess's face as the pilot hurriedly said, "No! Sir, calm down! Please calm down! I believe that everything is negotiable!"

"Negotiable, my a**! Quickly pull the plane up! I'll tell you where my destination is. Don't try any tricks on me or I'll send all of you to meet God!" the man shouted with a ferocious expression. The mood on the plane instantly turned heavy.

Even Xiaoxun and her grandfather, and even Ong who was prepared to die, turned nervous! No one was unafraid of death. This was especially so when it would be a meaningless death.

"A liquid bomb!?" Xiaoxun, her grandfather, and Fangzheng nearly shouted out in unison. However, they held back, afraid they would trigger the hijacker.

"It's likely true. But, I have to admit that fellow is pretty resourceful to have gotten something like that. I brought a f**king ear digger, and it was confiscated..." Ong mumbled.

"Grandpa, what do we do?" Xiaoxun asked.

Her grandfather looked at Fangzheng who asked with a look of innocence, "Patrons, why are you looking at This Penniless Monk?"

"Abbot Fangzheng, aren't you a living Buddha? Don't you have divine powers? Do something, quick! There are so many lives aboard this plane," Xiaoxun's grandfather said.

Xiaoxun also got what her grandfather was getting at. This was a Hail Mary effort; hence, she said, "Although I don't really believe in that stuff, I'm willing to go all in on you. Master, I'll be counting on you."

Fangzheng pricked up his brows. "Didn't you call This Penniless Monk a darn baldy?"

"Master, look at what's happening. Can you please not be petty now? As long as you save everyone on this plane, you can call me a darn baldy as well," Xiaoxun said bitterly.

"This Penniless Monk never accepts lies. You will have to cut your hair," Fangzheng said in all seriousness.

"No problem. If you save everyone, isn't it just being bald? I'll do it the moment we get off the plane!" Xiaoxun said.

Only then did Fangzheng smile. "Alright then. Let This Penniless Monk give it a try."

Upon hearing that Fangzheng was taking action, Xiaoxun and her grandfather felt hope rekindled in them. Feeling curious, Ong thought, "This monk is impressive, but to deal with such a bomb, just skills alone won't be enough, right? After all, this isn't a movie. He can't teleport even if he has impressive martial arts! Even if he dashes over, who can guarantee that the hijacker won't release his grip during the brawl, ensuring an instant kill in the process?"

Hence, Ong gave them a reminder. "That's a pressure detonator. Once he loses his consciousness, his finger will no longer exert force on the detonator, causing the bomb to immediately explode! Without a perfect plan, it's best you don't mess around."

Fangzheng nodded. "Don't worry. That won't happen." At the same time, Fangzheng secretly removed Salted Fish's seal!

Ong was just about to say something when Fangzheng suddenly raised his hand and asked in a normal voice, "Sorry for disturbing. Patron, what you said seems problematic."

"Darn Bald Donkey, what's your problem?" The man was taken aback by the sudden interruption as he asked subconsciously.

Fangzheng stood up and pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Patron, take a look. This Penniless Monk is a monk and believes in Buddha. You said that releasing your grip would send all of us to meet God, but God might not want to meet This Penniless Monk. If This Penniless Monk were to die, he should be meeting Buddha. If it's not Buddha but God, Buddha will probably be mad."

"Are you f**king sick!?" The man looked at Fangzheng like he was a retard.

It wasn't only him. All the passengers, stewardesses, pilots, and even Ong, Xiaoxun, and her grandfather gave him the same look. Xiaoxun turned her head away as though she didn't know him. She wanted to make clear that she didn't know the monk! Not like they had any relationship to begin with...

"Do you have a solution?" Fangzheng asked adorably.

"You're really itching to go to hell, aren't you?"

"Depends. Would you care to join This Penniless Monk?" Fangzheng asked.

"Get lost!" the man cursed loudly.

Fangzheng looked to his side and said with a look of innocence, "It's a little cramped here. I don't think I really can..."

The man's face flushed red in anger. He ignored Fangzheng and roared at the pilot. "Quickly raise the plane! Or I'll blow it up!"

"Alright, alright. I'll immediately pull it up." The pilot could only placate the man.

With Fangzheng's hoo-ha, the others who had been shocked out of their minds finally snapped back to their senses. Their tense nerves also relaxed significantly. The mood was finally pulled back from the brink of hysteria. At the same time, Fangzheng finally received the news he had been waiting for. It was...

"Reverend, why did you suddenly restore my divine powers? I'm telling you, I'll do anything you want! I'm obedient!" Salted Fish communicated with Fangzheng with his divine perception, feeling a little guilty.

When Fangzheng heard that, he knew that the fellow wasn't being reliable and that he must have caused some trouble in the cargo hold. But with the situation at hand, he had no time to find fault with him. Fangzheng asked in his mind, "Put anything else aside for now. No matter what mistake you committed, we'll leave it for the future. I have to ask you something first; are you still in the plane's cargo hold?"

"Uh, you're being that nice? Alright! Yes, I'm in the cargo hold. I think so, at least. Unless there are other places in the plane that store all these crappy bags," Salted Fish grumbled.

Fangzheng said, "Hurry up and find a huge cardboard box! Inside it is a huge cake. The cake looks like a clown."

Salted Fish's voice trembled when he heard that. "Reverend, why are you looking for that cake? Did you order it?"

Cut the crap. Just find it! Fangzheng turned anxious as well. He could see the tall buildings from the windows. Clearly, the pilot was stalling for time to find a chance to land.

By the side, the man noticed something amiss. He yelled, "After the count of three, if you don't pull the plane up, we shall all meet God!"

"Wait!" Fangzheng hurriedly yelled.

"You f**king shut up!" the man roared immediately when he saw that it was the darn monk.

Fangzheng immediately shut up.

With this distraction, the man forgot to count down. At the same time, his tense nerves relaxed, and he exerted more strength on the detonator. Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this.

By the side, Ong, Xiaoxun, and her grandfather realized that Fangzheng was only bullsh*tting his way through even though he had agreed to help, and they immediately found him unreliable.

Xiaoxun said, "Grandpa, shall we go fight it out? Find a chance?"

Xiaoxun's grandfather shook his head and said, "Subduing him would be easy, but that bomb... Difficult! We can't afford any mistakes."

"Then what do we do?" Xiaoxun turned anxious.

Ong whispered. "I can help you. However, I can't guarantee that we'll manage to take him down."

"With your help, our chances of victory will greatly improve. We will improvise as we go," Xiaoxun's grandfather said.