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1083 Full of Twists and Turns

 The Eight-armed God wasn't a godly person who could fight hundreds of people. He was only a skilled fighter. Beating a dozen or two was possible, but if his opponents swarmed him with weapons, how could he fight them?

All he could do was flee!

"Run! Only by escaping and making this matter public will we have hope!" The Eight-armed God's father yelled before roaring. "Protect Ong!"

The Eight-armed God's father roared as he charged for the fake police with his crew. Instantly, the situation fell into chaos.

The Eight-armed God didn't leave and attempted to join the charge, but a cousin pulled him back and cried out. "Leave! They want you. If you run, they won't dare do anything to us!"

Ong naively believed him and ran.

The scene turned black before it was followed by endless scenes of him escaping. He didn't dare take main roads and could only travel through the mountains and forests. As for his pursuers, they used all kinds of connections. Helicopters, the police, and even dogs were used in the pursuit.

Finally, he was shot. Just as he believed that he was on his deathbed, a kindhearted military policeman buried him and poured some chemicals over the ground to scatter the smells away.

By the time he crawled out from the ground, the pursuit was over. Before long, he heard the news that he had jumped into the sea to escape punishment. His whereabouts and status were unknown.

Later on, with the help of the military policeman, he escaped out of Vietnam and returned to Thailand. Even the Thai police were pursuing him. From a good friend, he received plenty of information about himself supposedly killing people as a result of his madness. There was even some footage. With that, he knew he was doomed. He had nowhere to run.

His friend helped him escape to China and had someone settle him in a dojo to teach Muay Thai. At the same time, he also got to know an old gentleman who practiced the Snake Fist. However, the elder refused to teach him anything other than jiu jitsu. This resolved the muscle and ligament problems he had accumulated after practicing only Muay Thai.

Although he was settled in, his rage couldn't be quelled. Every night, he would have the same nightmare. His father, his brothers, and relatives would say to him while covered in blood, "Why aren't you revealing the truth to the public!"

Anger and horror kept tormenting him. Meanwhile, he was also waiting, waiting for an opportune time and a method to return to Vietnam.

One day, he saw Crash of the Century, and suddenly had a bold and crazy idea. Afterwards, he couldn't stop himself. After he obtained accurate news that the C-suites of the Nguyen Corporation would be attending a distinguished gathering, he became completely obsessed.

Upon seeing this, Fangzheng slowly opened his eyes and looked at Ong, who was raging in despair. Then, he pressed his palms together. "Amitabha."

"Amitabha? If Buddha really existed, I wouldn't have met you!" Ong grumbled.

"Your plan is over. Yet you still wish to seek revenge? I think it's best you give up. When you arrive, have a good sleep. Perhaps, you won't think about it after you wake up." Xiaoxun knelt on her chair from behind and leaned over the seat, peeking her head out.

At this moment, the stewardess requested for her to sit well as the plane was landing.

The corner of Ong's mouth pricked up. "Too late..."

"What's too late? What else have you done?" Xiaoxun's grandfather asked nervously.

Fangzheng was also a little nervous. Although nothing could kill him, the plane was filled with other people. He couldn't just ignore them! Hence, he pressed his palms together. "Patron, hatred should be directed against the perpetrator. Is it right to cause the deaths of all these innocent lives on the plane for that? If your parents and brothers were still alive, would they really wish for you to do this? You have experienced the pain of losing your family yourself. With all these people dying, what would happen to their parents, spouses, and siblings? As the saying goes, don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you."

"Monk, you make it sound easy! What else can I do other than this? Martial arts king, my a**! So what if a person can fight? He's not a match for a gun! He's no match for a group of people!" Ong finally lost his calm and said furiously.

Fangzheng said, "Even if something sounds easier to do than it is, that doesn't mean it cannot be done."

"Heh heh. Monk, you really know how to talk big! Do you know what kind of standing they have in Vietnam? They're the third biggest conglomerate. They control all of Vietnam's international commerce. They have plenty of the powers that be backing them. They are even connected to the government. Every family member of theirs has at least three bodyguards. And all of them are armed! It's so bad that the moment I step into Vietnam, they will learn of it shortly. Return? I no longer have any means of returning. I'm already cornered!" Ong gritted his teeth as he said in extreme anger.

"But that doesn't give you the right to selfishly cause all these people's deaths. By doing that, how different are you from the people you hate?" Xiaoxun's grandfather said.

Perhaps sensing the approach of death or having discovered that he was powerless to do anything, Ong leaned back into his seat and gradually relaxed. The stubbornness in his eyes lessened significantly, and his eyes turned clearer. Then, he said helplessly, "You are right. I'm no different from those bastards by doing this. But what else can I do now that I've been subdued by you?"

"Eh, you don't have any other backup plans?" Xiaoxun, her grandfather, and Fangzheng were taken aback. They had been overthinking things!

Ong rolled his eyes at them. "What kind of backup plans can I have? China's security checks are too strict. You can't bring anything onboard!"

"Uh..." The trio were left speechless once again.

At this moment, someone in front suddenly jumped up and roared. "Listen up! This plane must not land here! Immediately pull up! This is not the destination!"

Fangzheng looked up and saw a man raise his hand high and yell. In his hand was an unknown object.

This action instantly caught everyone's attention.

The man said, "Look, the thing in my hand is a detonator! I checked in a liquid bomb before boarding this plane. As long as I release my grip of the detonator, boom! All of you will meet God!"

The color in everyone's face drained. Everyone turned nervous while the cowardly ones immediately cried.

A stewardess was relatively calm as she hurriedly said, "Impossible. Our security checks wouldn't allow you to bring a bomb onboard!"

The man sneered. "What ignorance! I dared to do this because I obviously know how to avoid your security checks. I checked in a clown cake, and on it are two special pipes made of a unique material. The pipes have two solids that resemble butter. It was brought back from England. It's usually in a solid state, but once it is shaken, it will gradually turn into a liquid."