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1080 The Gluttonous Salted Fish

 Everyone instantly felt the repressiveness caused by the dark sky disperse. All they felt was a sense of comfort, and many couldn't help but cheer.

Of course, the ones cheering were the travelers who saw such a scene for the first time. Those who had seen it multiple times were already mentally prepared for it. Therefore, the pleasant surprise of the plane tearing through the sky and shooting past the clouds didn't cause too much of a stir. It only made one feel slightly better.

As for Fangzheng, he cheered as well, just like a big kid. When the golden sunlight landed on his face, it made him look all the more resplendent. It amused the granny sitting by the window.

Xiaoxun was able to see the side of Fangzheng's resplendent face from her angle. It suddenly gave her a feeling that the monk's innocence was a little adorable. However, she was immediately reminded of Fangzheng's despicable side. She shook her head and those thoughts away. After rolling her eyes at him, she began to take note of everything that happened on the plane in a bid to find any possible partners of the Eight-armed God as well as in order to map the movements of the stewardesses.

After the plane tore through the clouds, it became more stable. Following that, the Eight-armed God was the first to unbuckle his seatbelt. Almost at the same time, Xiaoxun's grandfather did the same. Then, he began to pant as though he couldn't breathe easily.

Xiaoxun immediately went over to pat him on the back.

Fangzheng shook his head slightly, thinking, "Indeed, elders have rich experience. He really acts well." Fangzheng still had his medical skills, so how could the elder's physical condition escape his sharp eyes? He knew that the elder was acting, likely in order for the man beside Fangzheng to lower his guard towards the elder.

The Eight-armed God didn't pay any attention to the elder. Instead, he turned his attention onto Fangzheng, leaving him baffled... All Fangzheng could do was give him a bright smile before beginning to chat with him. Don't you want to turn your attention to This Penniless Monk? Then, let's chat!

Meanwhile, in the luggage hold.

"This crappy thing causes quite a commotion when flying," Salted Fish lay inside the cardboard box as he mumbled.

"Anyone there?" Salted Fish whispered out of boredom.

There was silence outside.

Salted Fish asked a few times without receiving a response. Hence, he lay there in dazed boredom.

"Boring, boring... So boring. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock... Tick... Eh? Tick-tock? Why am I saying that? Eh? Something is making a sound?" Salted Fish tried his best to put his eye to the ventilation hole, but in the darkness, he couldn't see what was making the sound.

However, Salted Fish was just too bored. His curiosity was piqued when he discovered something making a noise. Hence, he twisted his body, making his body thinner and thinner until he could tunnel through the ventilation hole like a loach.

Then, he began rummaging around until he confirmed the location of the ticking sound. It was a huge cardboard box. It was wrapped up tightly, and the sound was extremely soft. Together with the roaring of the plane's engines, it was inaudible by normal standards. However, Salted Fish wasn't human. His senses were extremely sharp, so he was capable of hearing what others couldn't.

Salted Fish carefully observed the way the rope was tied. He memorized it to make it easy for him to tie it again. After memorizing it, Salted Fish began to untie the rope, removing layer after layer. After removing the transparent wrapping, he opened the cardboard box.

A rich smell inundated his olfactory senses.

A gigantic cake appeared before Salted Fish's eyes! It had three layers, with the bottom two layers representing a sea and an island respectively. The last layer had a huge clown sitting in the middle of a forest, and on its wrist was a watch. The ticking sound was coming from the clown's watch. Beneath its feet were two pipes that looked like glass, and in them was something solid that resembled butter. However, due to the plane's vibrations, it produced liquid.

Salted Fish stared at it all day and discovered that it would produce a special liquid after every vibration, even though he didn't know how it was created, whether by the pressure or for some other reason.

In his excitement, Salted Fish licked his lips. "A cake! And it's really beautifully made!"

The idiot's brain didn't bother about the problem of the solid turning to liquid as his mind was set on eating...

Then, Salted Fish suddenly recalled something. He shook his head and said, "I'm a monastery's Guardian Protector. Can I really take someone else's items just like that? That's right, I can't!"

Hence, Salted Fish hurriedly closed the box's lid, but he soon had a second thought. Even if I can't take it, there's no rule that says I can't eat it... Why don't I try a little? Just a little. It's such a huge cake, so no one will notice if I try a little of it, right?

Just like that, Salted Fish had one conflicting thought after another.

Salted Fish began wrestling with himself over whether to eat it.

Meanwhile, in the passenger cabin, the passengers fell into silence after a brief moment of excitement. Some whispered under their breaths, discussing what there was to do when they arrived in Vietnam, while others took a nap. The cabin became more and more silent.

With the passage of time, the plane began to approach Vietnam.

When the plane flew past China and entered Vietnam's airspace, someone suddenly screamed and tumbled to the ground. Then, someone shouted. "Stewardess, someone is sick! Doctor! Is there a doctor here?"

Upon hearing this cry, Fangzheng subconsciously looked back and saw a man in the aisle. He was tumbling about, clasping his abdomen. Fangzheng frowned as he carefully observed the man's expression, thinking, "Another actor? From the looks of it, the show is about to begin!"

Almost at the same time, the stewardesses ran over with a first-aid box.

Simultaneously, the Eight-armed God slowly got up!

Xiaoxun and her grandfather had never moved their sights away from the Eight-armed God. Xiaoxun's grandfather immediately took action by standing up, bending his back as though he wished to leave his seat.

However, the Eight-armed God said indifferently, "Long-armed White Ape, you shouldn't be in martial arts but acting."

The elder felt his heart tighten when he realized that the man had recognized him. He was momentarily flustered. Almost at the same time, the Eight-armed God threw out a punch with a perfect angle, striking at the elder's chest!

In that critical moment of danger, the elder dodged by bending his back horizontally. He never expected the Eight-armed God to have long recognized him, so the elder was flustered when the Eight-armed God immediately used his nickname the moment he spoke up. Furthermore, while diverting his attention in such a way, he had thrown out a punch and caught him by surprise!

The Eight-armed God swept out with his fist, pausing midway as he bent his arm, sending his elbow down, right at the elder's abdomen! This would be a heavy blow to the elder, and even if it didn't kill him, it would leave him vomiting.

"Grandpa!" Xiaoxun was monitoring the situation from behind, but upon seeing her grandfather in a disadvantaged situation and in danger, she ignored everything else. She rushed forward and shot out two fingers, aiming them right at the Eight-armed God's eyes, hoping to attack one of his vital points to rescue her grandfather!