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1079 Not Switching

 Xiaoxun said using her ventriloquism skill, "Little Monk, listen up. Don't panic when you hear what I have to say. The person sitting beside you is a very dangerous man. He might hijack the plane midway! Switch seats with my grandfather. He's a martial arts expert, and I'll be helping him from the side. At the critical moment, we can subdue him. We are doing this to save you!"

With that said, Xiaoxun looked at Fangzheng with a serious expression. "Get it?" Then she raised her voice. "Are you apologizing or not?"

Then, she saw the monk giving her an astonished and shocked look.

Stupid monk. Do you now know how great I am? Are you afraid? Humph. At the end of the day, am I not the one protecting you?

But the monk said, "Nice story. Anything else? If there's nothing else, This Penniless Monk will be returning. The plane is about to take off."

With that said, Fangzheng turned and left.

Xiaoxun nearly twisted her nose from the angry flaring of her nostrils. She pulled the monk back. "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness! I'm doing this for your own good!"

The monk cocked his head. "Patron, we are in public, so let's not tussle here. There's plenty of people watching."

Xiaoxun was rendered completely speechless. She really wished to rip open the monk's head to check how many tons of sh*t were hidden in it!

The monk turned and left when Xiaoxun released her grip.

Xiaoxun gritted her teeth in anger as she stomped her feet, completely exasperated at the monk. She couldn't be bothered with him any further. He would know who was the good one when he was beaten into a pulp!

When she looked at the bald head, she felt like she couldn't act on the strength vested in her. Why was this monk such a thorny person? When she walked past the monk, she gave him a ferocious glare and wished for him to make the best out of his remaining life. But Fangzheng had his head lowered, so her glare was in vain. In her rage, she patted the monk on the shoulder and glared at him when he looked up. Then, she raised her head and walked off.

She left behind a completely baffled monk...

"Your friend?" At that moment, the Eight-armed God suddenly asked with a strange accent.

Fangzheng shrugged his shoulders. "Can't afford it."

"What does that mean?" His Chinese was obviously lacking as he failed to understand Fangzheng.

Fangzheng could only explain. "I mean This Penniless Monk can't afford to have such a friend."

The Eight-armed God pursed his lips into a smile as it turned sinister, yet still it exuded an inexplicable charm. Even as a man, Fangzheng subconsciously took a second look. However, the two of them didn't speak again.

By the side, Xiaoxun returned to her seat and said angrily, "Grandpa, the person sitting beside the Eight-armed God is that stupid monk! He doesn't want to switch seats with us."

The elder frowned. "What's this Fangzheng up to?"

"Fangzheng? That fellow is the mysterious Fangzheng?" Xiaoxun exclaimed.

"Xiaoxun, watch the news more in the future. Fangzheng is very famous at the moment."

Xiaoxun pursed her lips. "I really can't understand why people would believe in such a dull-minded fellow!"

"Alright, stop complaining. The Eight-armed God is sitting by the aisle while Fangzheng is sitting in the middle. There's no need for us to take Fangzheng's seat. Ask the person across the aisle if he's willing to switch seats with us," the elder said.

Xiaoxun was somewhat reluctant, but she still went over, returning with a fatty before long.

The elder expressed his gratitude to the fatty before being helped over by Xiaoxun. As for her, she sat behind the Eight-armed God who didn't look at them the entire time. He only leaned back and had his eyes closed.

Before long, the air stewardess began to demonstrate how to wear the safety belts...

As it was his first time on an airplane, Fangzheng was very attentive, and a little nervous.

By the side, the Eight-armed God suddenly asked, "Little Monk, is this your first time on a plane?"

Fangzheng nodded. "Amitabha. That's right. It's not your first time, right?"

The Eight-armed God didn't reply, as he gave a strange and pitiful look at Fangzheng. "What a pity..."

Fangzheng wore a perplexed look before he continued paying attention to the air stewardess's demonstration.

However, deep in Fangzheng's eyes, a look of alert flashed. Was Fangzheng a fool? Obviously not! Although he couldn't activate his Heavenly Eye, Wisdom Eye, and Dharma Eye, Fangzheng still possessed the acumen to determine the aura fluctuations of a person beside him. He could tell whether the person sitting beside him was a bunny or a wolf. He was mostly convinced of Xiaoxun's words, but regardless if he believed her or not, he refused to give up his seat. Fangzheng believed that with him around, even if a wolf was sitting beside him, he could beat it up into a dog at any time! After all, it wouldn't be his first wolf. He was very familiar with the procedure.

However, Fangzheng had no intention of displaying his thoughts. After all, it was all conjecture at this point. He didn't want to come to conclusions before anything actually happened.

Therefore, his clumsy yet conscious actions appeared like the actions of a complete retard in Xiaoxun's eyes!

Even Xiaoxun's grandfather shook his head slightly. It's indeed true that the things on the Internet are mostly fake. This Abbot Fangzheng appears more like a child in terms of temperament. To put it nicely, he has a pure heart, but how can such a child take up the burden of preaching Buddhism? From the looks of it, there's some master behind him who's helping him sensationalize the matter. Sigh, what a pity. Even something as pure as Buddhism needs to be sensationalized in the mortal world.

With this in mind, he stopped watching Fangzheng. He leaned back into his chair and closed his eyes, but he secretly paid attention to the Eight-armed God's every move through a slit in his eyes.

Soon, the air stewardess was done with her demonstration. Following that, the stewardesses began to ensure that everyone's chairs were in an upright position, that they had stowed their tables, fastened their seatbelts, and so on.

When passing by the Eight-armed God, a beautiful stewardess kindly asked him to fasten his seatbelt.

The Eight-armed God gave a charming smile before fastening his seatbelt.

All of this appeared very normal, and happened like a breeze.

The plane's engines began to turn faster, and finally, the plane soared into the sky.

Xiaoxun originally imagined that a clueless person like Fangzheng would be nervous during take-off, but this fellow appeared like it was nothing to him. He even had a look of contempt. Yes, Fangzheng had heard that the moment of a plane's take-off was the most terrifying moment with the greatest physical reactions. He had mentally prepared himself, but when the plane took off, he felt that it didn't live up to the rumors. It wasn't as exciting as the times when Red Boy brought him flying...

Hence, Fangzheng languidly leaned into his chair, looking completely bored.

Xiaoxun swallowed the words she was about to say, thinking, "You sure can act."

By the side, the Eight-armed God looked curiously at Fangzheng without saying a word. However, he would sweep his narrowed gaze over at Fangzheng from time to time as a precaution.

At this moment, there were exclamations.

"Look outside!"

Fangzheng subconsciously looked over and saw the plane tear through some dark clouds.

Fangzheng pricked up his brows, thinking, "What's so nice about the darkness?"

But moments later, the plane tore through the dark clouds as a golden beam shone in through the tiny windows. The entire world went from darkness to paradise. The golden sunlight dyed the white clouds golden, and the blue skies with the sun hanging high above appeared extremely resplendent!