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1078 Silly Monk

 The person retracted his hand and glanced back at the frozen girl.

He had a swarthy-skinned face with a mustache and eyes as sharp as those of a ravenous wolf. He grinned at the girl before stuffing the duck neck into his mouth before turning around to continue moving forward.

"Grandpa, isn't he that guy in camouflage clothes?" the girl asked.

The girl turned her head when she didn't receive a response from the elder. She saw him standing with a livid expression, his eyes filled with incredulity and painful struggle.

"Grandpa? Grandpa? We're boarding, Grandpa!" The girl jolted the elder back to his senses.

The elder took a deep breath and said, "Xun'er, I suddenly remember I forgot to bring something. Go home and retrieve it for me. Change your flight to the next one heading for Vietnam."

The girl said in surprise, "Grandpa, you left something behind? How is that possible?"

"Cut the crap! Hurry! Get it and meet me in Vietnam!" the elder said extremely sternly, completely out of character. Following that, he walked to the gate with his ticket. There, he turned to look at his granddaughter, Xiaoxun, and after confirming that she wasn't following him, he walked in feeling assured.

The moment he entered the cabin, the elder's gaze swept across the plane. Finally, it landed on the man with disheveled hair and camouflage clothes. The man looked over, seemingly sensing his gaze, but the elder quickly looked away, instantly looking like he had aged considerably. He headed forward with his back hunched.

At that moment, a voice sounded. "Grandpa, take it slow. Let me help you."

The elder turned his head and was surprised to see Xiaoxun helping him! She playfully stuck her tongue out, but since the camouflage-clothed man was looking over, the elder didn't flare up. All he did was nod and allow Xiaoxun to help him to his seat. He was a little far from the man, with the latter sitting in front while he sat in the middle.

After they took their seats, Xiaoxun whispered. "Grandpa, don't even think about fooling me." Then, she gave her grandfather a knowing look.

The elder smiled ruefully and whispered. "Although I can't confirm his identity, I'm very sure he is the Eight-armed God from his reaction speed! He's not only good at Muay Thai, he's also good at jiu jitsu. His bones are like a snake's. His fists can attack enemies from any angle. He's a monster..."

"So what if it's him? There's no need to send me away, right?" Xiaoxun asked.

"I told you before that at his peak, he was scammed in Vietnam. Although those were only rumors, it's highly likely they were at least somewhat true. For him to go to Vietnam now... I saw the endless hatred in his eyes. He's not going to Vietnam on vacation, but for revenge!"

Xiaoxun wanted to say something, but she was stopped by the elder. "He has always been a madman. I have a bad feeling about him getting on this plane."

"What bad feeling?" Xiaoxun asked.

"A warrior might be impressive, but how can they beat the firearms of the modern age? For him to return alone to Vietnam, he wouldn't be able to cause much of a stir once he got discovered. But..."

"He can be dangerous on a plane!" Xiaoxun said in a deep voice.

The elder nodded. "That's right. Although I cannot confirm what he plans on doing, we should still be on guard against him. At most, I will just change seats and end up having a bit of a nervous flight. See who's sitting beside him and ask if they're willing to switch seats with me. I should be able to fend him off for at least a couple of seconds at the critical moment. There are flight marshals on board, and they have a taser. If anything were to happen, go get the taser immediately. No matter how impressive he is, electrocuting him a few times would definitely greatly discount his combat strength. When the time comes, I'll have a chance of subduing him. However, you have to be careful of his partner."

"He still has a partner?"

"No idea, but plan for the worst."

"Grandpa, why don't we call the cops? Once they hear that there might be a hijacking incident, they will definitely stop the flight and check everyone."

"He didn't bring any weapons or guns. He also hasn't started the hijack, so how could a crime be pinned on him already? If we did that, he would be fine, but we would be spending the new year at the police station. Besides, reporting it to the police can prevent him from acting once, but what about next time? As your great grandfather once said, practicing martial arts is about strengthening the body, to protect the country, and to take up the cudgel on behalf of victims of injustice! A warrior dies in the right situation, and he does not retreat in the face of known danger! That's not a warrior but a coward.

"The highest realm of a warrior isn't about having potent martial arts, but about how courageous the warrior is. A warrior who forges ahead with justice in his heart is truly invincible!"

Xiaoxun had been imparted with such beliefs by the elder from a young age, so she didn't pull a tantrum or cry when she heard that. Instead, she nodded in acknowledgment. She also began to consider how she could ensure that the plan would be carried out perfectly. After all, any mistake they made could result in everyone plummeting to their deaths!

Her eyes darted around as she began considering what method to use to reasonably switch seats with the man's neighbor. While doing so, she walked over and looked down when she arrived, only to see a bald head!

"It's you?" Xiaoxun subconsciously cried out.

The bald head looked up, and indeed, it was the bastard darn baldy in sunglasses! Having been infuriated by this darn baldy, she could recognize him even if he were reduced to ashes.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together and smiled. "Amitabha. Patron, is there something?"

"Nothing!" Xiaoxun wanted to leave in anger, thinking that if the Eight-armed God really flared up, it wouldn't be too bad an outcome if the baldy was beaten up to the point of debilitation. But when she turned her head, she saw her grandfather giving her a stern look.

Helpless, Xiaoxun took a deep breath and forced a smile. "Venerable One, I have something I'd like to discuss with you."

The darn baldy looked at Xiaoxun in surprise. "Oh?"

Xiaoxun thought that there was a chance.

But the darn baldy grinned and said, "Non-negotiable!"

Xiaoxun nearly blew a gasket!

"You... Follow me!" Xiaoxun yanked Fangzheng up.

"Patron, be civil, why is there a need to resort to violence?" Fangzheng said with a look of innocence.

This commotion caused the Eight-armed God to look over. Worried, Xiaoxun had an idea and said, "Who's resorting to violence? Are we going to let the matter of you disgusting me go? Don't think that I'm helpless against you now that we're on the plane. If you don't apologize, I'll make such a scene that the plane won't take off. Do you want to try me?"

Upon hearing that, the Eight-armed God frowned before seemingly recalling how Xiaoxun had thrown the duck neck at Fangzheng. He shook his head slightly and stopped watching.

Upon seeing this, Xiaoxun heaved a sigh of relief.

Fangzheng was flabbergasted. This lass wanted to create a scene that stopped the plane from taking off? How could he allow that? He still wanted to join the summit! Hence, all he could do was obediently follow her...

After walking a distance away, Xiaoxun glared at Fangzheng ferociously. "Darn monk, are you still not apologizing?" Then, she quickly lowered her voice...