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1066 Buy! Buy! Buy!

 Manager Gu awkwardly coughed. "Hey there, that's not how I see it. It's not like I'm snatching it from her. I'm using cash to buy it, so how can it be considered a scam?"

"Heh heh. That's not considered a scam? Everyone has seen the effects of the congee. Do you think such divine congee can be measured with money? Even if it could be measured, do you think a few hundred yuan would be enough? If that isn't a scam, what is?" Sun Qiancheng said angrily.

Dog Song and company immediately stood forward and pointed at Manager Gu. "Heh, you a**hole. You tried buying our congee with cash moments ago. Faced with our refusal, you actually targeted children. Do you want our One Finger Village to completely ban you?"

The moment that was said, the villagers of One Finger Village all looked at Dog Song as though he was retarded. Ban? How could a bunch of villagers ban a person?

Manager Gu also gave Dog Song the same look.

However, Dog Song raised his head and said, "If you wish to come up to Mt. One Finger, humph! You will have to pass through our One Finger Village. The Laba Congee is available every year... Humph."

The moment that was said, Manager Gu was immediately taken aback.

The villagers were also enlightened. Wang Yougui said, "Although I don't agree with Dog Song, I wish that as tourists, you will show respect to the villagers of One Finger Village. I do not wish to see incidents of children being cheated again. Otherwise, we will have no choice but to chase you out of the village."

Manager Gu's face flushed red. He could ignore the reprimand he received by the crowd, but he couldn't tolerate being threatened. He felt disgraced! Hence, he gritted his teeth and said, "One Finger Monastery isn't One Finger Village's. At best, I won't come to your One Finger Village. I'll just stay in the other villages!"

"You can try." Wang Yougui gave a confident smile.

"Snow Village refuses to provide you lodging!"

"Hongyan Village refuses to provide you lodging!"

"Five Rivers Village refuses to provide you lodging!"


With people from each village stepping forward, Manager Gu's expression grew nastier.

Upon seeing this, Tan Ming rushed over and tugged at Manager Gu. "Old Gu, do you think your face is worth more than longevity and health? Won't this all be over if you honestly admit to your mistake?"

Manager Gu looked at Tan Ming and the surrounding villagers. He felt helpless, but he refused to apologize.

At this moment, someone in the crowd spoke out. "Songwu County welcomes everyone, but we refuse entertaining people with problematic morals and people who engage in misconduct."

Manager Gu was instantly enraged. It's already ridiculous that a few people think they can represent a village, but who are you to represent an entire county city? Do you really think that you're the county head?

Manager Gu turned his head and was stunned! Having stayed an entire night on the mountain, he knew whomever he needed to know. The person who had spoken just now had been either the county head or the secretary!

Tan Ming whispered. "Even the county head has spoken. Why are you still being stubborn?"

Manager Gu looked at the people around him and knew it was over. But to be forced into an apology because of the threats of a bunch of farming villagers? As the boss of a company, wouldn't he become a laughing stock if this spread? He couldn't accept it! But in the end, he still nodded and took a step forward. "Sorry, I know that what I did was wrong. I wouldn't have done it normally. It's just that... The congee is too miraculous."

While Manager Gu was saying those words, he was already prepared to be mocked by everyone.

But to his surprise, the people before him didn't mock him. Instead, all of them gave him an empathetic smile. "Although what you did wasn't nice... I don't think I'd be able to do better if I were in your shoes."

Dog Song also added some words. "The past me would snatch things and not admit to it all the time. You're a lot better than the past me..."

As this was being said, Wang Yougui waved his hands. "Alright. It's over, move along. Move along."

Hence, the crowd dispersed as though the disturbance had been nothing but a farce.

Manager Gu cracked his mouth open and looked at his surroundings. For some reason, he suddenly felt a sense of respect towards these villagers he had always looked down on. He said with a sigh, "Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. I didn't understand this idiom in the past, but now I do. I didn't come here for nothing."

"Old Gu, will you be firing me when we return?" Tan Ming came over and chuckled.

"You're fired! Your a** has to be fired! You bastard, why didn't you bring me to such a great place earlier? Who else should be fired if not you?" Manager Gu said.

Tan Ming laughed out loud. "So be it. I'll just scrounge off of you when I'm fired."

They left amidst their conversation.

Although the drama came to an end, the number of people coming to One Finger Monastery kept increasing. There was no stopping it. After all, be it the Buddha's projection from the night before, or the divine congee that had reversed aging during the day, all of that garnered too much attention. Some people came out of faith, while others came to investigate as they were unconvinced.

But regardless, One Finger Monastery went viral!

Mt. One Finger went viral!

One Finger Village also went viral!

But the villagers of One Finger Village nearly blew a gasket!

In the beginning, the villagers of One Finger Village always wished for more tourists to earn more money. However, when the tourists came without end, with all kinds of vehicles jamming up the village and their houses getting filled with people, they nearly blew a gasket. All the poultry, potatoes, radishes, bean buns, and salted vegetables they had were wiped clean as they held thick stacks of cash instead!

"Mommy! I would have worked harder if I had known that sales would be this good! I should have kept a bigger stockpile," Yang Ping wailed as he looked at the number on the calculator.

"What the hell, why are there so many people? All my new year goods have been eaten by them..." Dog Song lamented.

"I don't care. Old Sun, pay up the debt you owe me now! Three pigs, a hundred geese. Send them immediately! Don't worry. I won't take them for nothing. Money isn't an issue! But if you want to raise prices? If you dare do that I'll go to your place and take them for myself!" Wang Yougui roared at home.

"Old Wang, must you say that? It's just some livestock. Just wait, and I'll get people to send everything to you. Tell me how many you need, and I'll settle it for you!" The village chief from a neighboring village was excited as well. Wang Yougui wasn't just asking for the items, he was buying them from him with cash! What did this mean? Money! Who wouldn't want money? As they were conversing, he was already mentally calculating how much he could earn.

Soon, the different villages began driving tractors, sending large amounts of poultry and livestock over.

The villagers of One Finger Village rushed over to collect the goods and make payment. They were all from neighbouring villages, so they purchased at market price. The sellers were happy counting the money, while the buyers were secretly rejoicing. There was no other way about it. As the local products were in short supply, the prices had increased several times over even if One Finger Village tried to limit excessive price hikes.

It wasn't that they wished to hike their prices. Instead, it was simply caused by a bunch of people waving stacks of cash around. As long as the items were good, they were willing to purchase them at all cost. They even offered to raise their offers! Who would insist otherwise when faced with the allure of money?