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 "What?" Fangzheng was stunned after he heard the call.

"It's this. The authorities have given me a phone call. Our gathering of doctors to accumulate points in exchange for tickets cannot continue. The higher-ups said that our idea was good, but the cons are obvious. Many doctors are gathered near Mt. One Finger, but this place lacks a complete set of medical facilities. It is impossible to treat most major illnesses with doctors alone. Therefore, it results in too many good doctors congregating here, and many major surgeries elsewhere cannot be continued. It affects the treatment of too many people. Therefore, the higher-ups want us to cease all activity," Wang Yougui said.

Fangzheng smacked his forehead when he heard that. "This was an oversight by This Penniless Monk! I forgot this problem. Let's stop it immediately then. As for how to decide who can attend the lessons, we shall think of something else."

"Uh? You aren't angry?" Wang Yougui originally imagined that Fangzheng would be very angry. After all, holding such an activity could raise his reputation significantly. It even affected all the doctors in China. Such influence wasn't something that anyone would want to let go.

However, Fangzheng's agreement was extremely straightforward without any hesitation. It was as though reputation was worth nothing to him.

Fangzheng smiled. "Patron Wang, This Penniless Monk knows what's on your mind. However, a person's reputation is worth nothing compared to the life and death of the masses. Besides, if this continues and results in a tragedy, This Penniless Monk would be a sinner of the generations."

"It's good you realize that. It saves me from having to persuade you. I'll get the doctors to leave. By the way, the county head and secretary still wish to meet you," Wang Yougui said.

Fangzheng thought for a moment before asking, "Do you think This Penniless Monk can leave?"

Wang Yougui thought of the crowded situation on the mountain and immediately felt at a loss. As for inviting the two to the backyard? He definitely couldn't make such a request. Otherwise, Fangzheng would never have peace in the future.

Hence, Wang Yougui didn't mention it again.

Meanwhile outside One Finger Monastery, another drama was unfolding.

"Uncle, I was wrong. Can you share some with me?" Chen Qiang looked pitifully at Chen Jin. The look in his eyes resembled that of a puppy who had seen something delicious.

Chen Jin scoffed and said, "Don't say that. There's nothing wrong with you. You were completely right."

"Cousin, didn't you have a good time eating the congee last night? I still remember that smug look of yours. What did you do back then?" Chen Jin's son, Chen Long, wore a contemplative look before teasing Chen Qiang by holding the congee under his nose. As the fragrance inundated his olfactory senses and as he looked at the congee which looked like a Buddhistic drawing, he had the urge to kill himself.

"Uncle, don't be petty. Why don't you give me a mouthful?" Chen Qiang said pitifully.

"About that..." Chen Jin wore a contemplative look before handing the bowl over.

Chen Qiang's eyes lit up. There was hope!

But just as it was almost in his hands, Chen Jin retracted his hand and said in a composed manner, "It's impossible for me to give it, but you can still take a look and sniff at it. Don't thank me. After all, you are my disobedient nephew."

Chen Qiang immediately rolled his eyes in anger. As he caught a whiff of the fragrance lingering around his nose, he clenched his teeth and held his breath!

"Oh? You are holding your breath? Tsk, this congee is really delicious! How fragrant! Dad, what's your take?" Chen Long said with a chuckle.

"Yes, it's indeed fragrant. I've never eaten such delicious congee in my life before. More importantly, all the fatigue from last night is gone the moment I drink it. It's like I had my beauty sleep last night! It's so comfortable," Chen Jin said.

"Heh, Old Chen, I actually have the same feeling too, now that you say it. I thought that I was just imagining things. Furthermore, my body feels so warm inside. Last year, my rheumatism was treated. This year, I feel younger after drinking it," Chen Jin's wife said.

"Keep bragging! Why don't you say that this congee can make you immortal?" Chen Qiang said angrily. He believed that they were saying that to piss him off. Although he hadn't tasted this congee, he had eaten the messed-up congee. If it really had any medicinal effects, he would have sensed it, right? But other than it tasting good, there hadn't been any medicinal effects.

At this moment, Chen Long exclaimed. "Dad, Mom, look at your hair!"

The moment he screamed, everyone's attention was attracted. Many people who had come late for the Laba Congee felt regretful that they didn't manage to try such delicious congee, but they were still able to calm their hearts.

Upon hearing Chen Long's shouting, they subconsciously looked over.

Chen Qiang did the same, and when they looked over, everyone exclaimed.

"Look at their hair!"

"Holy sh*t! Their white hair is turning black! And it's still continuing!"

"Reverse aging!"

"This isn't congee! It's some immortal herb!"

"Oh my. I seem to hear the cries of bankruptcy from Bawang Shampoo!"

"Look at that girl's skin! It has turned so smooth and supple!"

"Also, look at that woman! Her skin has turned fairer!"


Chen Long's cry seemed to have unravelled the gates of magic. Almost everyone began observing the changes in the people who had drunk Laba Congee.

These exclamations undulated as changes discernible to the naked eye took place all around-hair turning black, skin turning better!

And this was just on the surface.

"These are only the superficial changes! Look at their eyes. They showed some fatigue from staying up all night before. Yet now, all of them look brimming with energy!" someone marveled.

At this moment, an elder stood up and stretched his back. He roared with laughter. "Haha, it's like I turned younger overnight! My body feels really comfortable!"

"Sir, are you in your sixties?" someone asked.

"Sixties? I'm already eighty-one!" The elder couldn't even hide his smile.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded. This wasn't just some freaking congee; it was an immortal congee! A Buddha congee!

At the same time, someone yelled from a corner, "I'm not selling it! I don't care how much you are offering! How can you try to cheat a child of his congee? Are you even human?"

Everyone looked over and saw Sun Qiancheng glaring at a man in anger. The man was none other than Manager Gu.

A few red hundred-yuan bills in his hand appeared extremely striking.

Standing in between them was a rosy-faced girl in a red down jacket. She held onto her bowl of congee and cocked her head with big watery eyes as she watched this scene with a look of innocence, as though she couldn't understand what was happening.

However, it was obvious at a glance what was happening. Immediately, everyone cast furious looks over! This fellow was too shameless.

However, some people also sighed secretly. "D*mn, he's a genius! He almost succeeded! Buying some with money? Why didn't I think of it?"

When Tan Ming saw this, he covered his face and turned his head around, pretending as though he didn't know the man.