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1063 Turning Popular

 This scene left those who had come from afar astounded. They had seen monasteries with plenty of people, but they had never seen a line of such proportions.

At the same time, people began to snap photos and share them on WeChat Moments or Weibo...

The Internet was already in an uproar from last night. Today, upon seeing One Finger Monastery so popular with the living Buddha handing out Laba Congee, countless people beat their chests and wailed.

"I only have one question. Is there enough time for me to fly back from overseas?"

"I would also like to ask this question, but I'm nearer. I'm in Hebei."

"Can a beauty cut in line?"


"Don't even bother. According to the people in front, One Finger Monastery only cooked nine big pots of Laba Congee. Even if each person is given only one ladle, it's hard to tell how many people can receive it! But one thing is certain. Most of the people will be lining up for nothing," someone at the scene said.

When everyone heard that, all of them sighed, regretting that they hadn't set off earlier.

"I heard that One Finger Monastery will always give out congee during the annual Laba Festival. Those who want to have some should wake up early next year!"

"Don't listen to his nonsense. It's useless waking up early. The villagers living near Mt. One Finger head up the mountain a day ahead. They stand in line the entire night. People go there with tents! If you really want to have a taste of it, stay at One Finger Village first, then follow the villagers up. That's the only way!"

"Previous poster, you must be one of those providing lodging services in One Finger Village, right?"


Talk about Mt. One Finger, One Finger Monastery, and Fangzheng on the Internet increased. All sorts of headlines appeared, and instantly, Fangzheng's name quickly spread across the country!

However, there came cons with every pro. For example, Fangzheng was finally noticed by certain people, and certain people cast their gaze on One Finger Monastery.

In Spring City, in an old residence on Old Fenghua Street that existed since China was still a republic, two armed police officers stood at the entrance. They looked stern and alert. If anyone carefully observed, they would realize that the people working around the courtyard house all had some connection with it.

Inside the courtyard house, a man was whispering something to an elder who was pruning a pine tree.

After hearing that, the elder nodded slightly. "It's an honor for the country to produce someone capable. What do the higher-ups say?"

"The higher-ups are being subtle, but they ultimately decided to let you make the final decision. After all, no one has ever experienced something like this. It's a living Buddha..." the middle-aged man said with a sigh.

The elder smiled. "There's no precedent indeed. But be it a living Buddha or a fake Buddha, the process doesn't matter; only the outcome. Send your men over and do a thorough investigation. I want all the information you can get about him."

"Elder Yu, rest assured. I'll handle this matter myself," the middle-aged man said with a nod.

Elder Yu waved his hand and said, "Go on. If there's nothing in the future, don't come here. At my age, I no longer have the strength to compete with young people like you. Resolve the problems yourself."

"Elder Yu, although we are young, we are still inexperienced. We still need your guidance," the middle-aged man said reverently.

Elder Yu smiled and didn't take it seriously. He continued pruning his tree as the look in his eyes turned into seriousness and curiosity. A living Buddha? Does Buddha really exist in this world? From the looks of it, they know something about this matter, or they wouldn't get me to interact with him. With this in mind, Elder Yu shook his head slightly and continued pruning his tree in peace.

After the middle-aged man left, an old woman walked out of the house. "Old Man, Qing'er said that she'll back in two days."

"Qing'er? Didn't that lass go to the old mountainous forests in the South? She hasn't been back in years. What brings this 'immortal' back?" Elder Yu said with some displeasure.

The old woman pursed her lips. "Stop putting on an act in front of me. I know what kind of person you are. Laugh if you want to! Just don't drop your dentures!"

Indeed, Elder Yu's tense face instantly beamed. He then said with a smile, "That lass better treat my back when she's back. Despite all the masseurs I've had, none of them do a better job than her. By the way, when will she be back?"

"She said somewhere during the next two days. I've no idea if it's today or tomorrow..." the old woman said with a smile.

"Little Li? Buy some food immediately! Also, clear all the meat in the kitchen! I'll be eating vegetarian for the next month!" Elder Yu made a fuss.

When Little Li heard that, although he was puzzled and didn't understand why this meat-loving former leading cadre would suddenly go vegetarian, he did as he was told.

At that moment, Fangzheng wasn't aware that a storm was about to arrive. However, what he was facing now was already enough to leave his head throbbing. Fangzheng had dreamed of One Finger Monastery becoming popular more than once, with the incense smoke from the offerings forming a smoky dragon that shot into the firmaments and was impossible to disperse by the wind!

And he would become the greatest master in the world, a glorious existence no matter where he went!

But when he suddenly awoke from his dream and discovered that he was actually famous now, he realized that being famous didn't look like it was a bed of roses. At the very least, he didn't dare to head to the front of his monastery anymore...

Fangzheng slumped over the wall as he watched the increasing number of people. The bit of space outside the entrance and on the Bridge of Helplessness was packed with people. Further out was a dense swath of people. He didn't know whether to be happy or sad.

Outside the door, Red Boy had long given out all the Laba Congee. Just as everyone imagined, less than a percent of the people standing in line received the congee. Faced with a crowd of people with bloodshot eyes, even a great demon king like Red Boy felt fear. He hurriedly put away the pot and other utensils and ran back to One Finger Monastery.

Fangzheng didn't have the intention to cook again. It wasn't because the stingy System wasn't providing the ingredients, but that another round of cooking would require him to remain silent for another day. This was too much of a burden on the talkative him... Therefore, he decisively decided not to cook anymore.

"Master, more and more people are gathering at the foot of the mountain," Squirrel ran over and said.

"Master, the incense cauldron isn't enough. Many of the devotees are grumbling," Monkey said.

"Master, we can't ignore the money that's coming in, right? People have bought high incense, but they have nowhere to insert them!" Lone Wolf ran in, a bunch of high incense in his mouth.

"What are you doing?" Fangzheng asked out of curiosity.

Lone Wolf said, "People bought it, and I agreed to insert it for them. But I realized I made an empty promise. There's no space at all... All I can do is continue biting down on them. I don't even dare to return for fear of being seen and accused of tricking them."

Fangzheng was instantly rendered speechless. But according to the situation, One Finger Monastery's renovations and the problem with the incense cauldron needed to be resolved! At present, he didn't have any great ideas. As for closing the monastery for the day? He couldn't bring himself to do it. Renovating One Finger Monastery needed money, likewise for upgrading his divine powers. He also needed money to renounce asceticism! Everything needed money, and he was lacking in money. How could he close the monastery at such a time?