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1061 Feverish

 At this moment, Monkey unfurled a piece of paper. Everyone immediately looked over. On it was the recipe of the Wordless Eight Treasures. One of the criteria was that they couldn't speak. Everyone was instantly enlightened. But on second thought, Red Boy was the one cooking the congee, so what part did they play in this? Wasn't this reason a little too forced?

The secretary and county head wore quite displeased looks. Clearly, they shared the same thought as everyone else.

However, with such a marvel appearing in their county, it wasn't their prerogative to handle the matter. After all, since times immemorial, all kinds of marvels had only appeared in books. Nothing had ever happened in reality. Not to mention, the monk in front of them was a lot more amazing than the figures from historical legends.

Therefore, the secretary and county head kept the principle of not being offensive or provocative. As long as their bottom line wasn't crossed and they still had time to wait with handling the matter, they would deal with Fangzheng without indulging him.

Although Fangzheng's explanation was quite unpleasant, it wasn't stated in the law that officials had the right to force anyone they want to give them an explanation. Any explanation given to them was only the other person giving them face.

Although it was quite awkward they weren't given face this them, with them not having an out, the two tolerated it.

Fangzheng gave the duo an apologetic smile, easing their moods a little.

Then, Fangzheng came to the nine pots and got Monkey and company to help Red Boy take care of the pots.

About half an hour later, Red Boy nodded at Fangzheng, as though saying, "It's done!"

Fangzheng was delighted. His ordeal was finally over. He felt tortured not being able to say a word the entire night!

Hence, Fangzheng waved his hand, signaling that the pots were to be opened.

The next moment, Red Boy shouted. "The congee's done!"

Everyone subconsciously looked over, their eyes resembling ravenous wolves. Their gazes gave Fangzheng and Red Boy a fright. Would these people end up as cannibals?

There was no other way about it. Manager Gu, Chen Qiang, and company were perfect a**holes. It wasn't clear if it was because they couldn't bear to eat it or if it was deliberate, but they took an entire night to finish a bowl of congee! It would have been fine if they had sat somewhere to the side to eat, but these jerks would purposefully walk around everywhere with their bowls. The fragrance of the congee had kept wafting around everyone's nose all night. It left them distracted as they even drooled, and no one could sleep as a result.

They had been tempted with the congee the entire night! If not for their firm belief in Fangzheng, they would have long gotten some congee to eat.

However, they had spent the night very bitterly as a result. Now, all of them were hungrier than a starving wolf!

Upon hearing that the congee was ready, their eyes glowed. They were waiting to rush forward the moment the pot was opened.

Chen Qiang and Manager Gu exchanged looks. Manager Gu tried hard to take a whiff in the direction of the nine pots before shaking his head. "There's no fragrance at all despite being boiled an entire night. Such congee is probably the one that's messed up, right?"

Upon hearing this, Dog Song and company had their hearts palpitate. But on second thought, the congee which Chen Qiang and company had gotten was also odorless before the pot was opened. They felt relieved as a result while they looked at Manager Gu as though he was a retard.

Chen Qiang said, "It's pointless saying anything. We'll know once the pots are opened."

Just as he said that, he heard a loud rush of footsteps behind him! Everyone subconsciously looked back and saw a huge mass of people coming up the mountain. The mountain path was swarming with people as they ran over.

With just a glance, Dog Song cursed. "F**k! Everyone from the neighboring villages is here!"

"Not only that. There are people from Songwu County too!" another tourist shouted.

"Line up quickly!" Wang Yougui jolted to his senses as he shouted. Everyone who was still in a daze immediately understood something. They hurriedly got in line! Instantly, a long line emerged from One Finger Monastery's entrance as they twisted and turned into the distance.

At the same time, Wang Yougui had already selected a few people to maintain order. He yelled at the top of his lungs, "Friends who wish to have the Laba Congee, please line up. First come, first serve. Please abide by the rules! In addition, the Laba Congee is limited to one bowl per person!"

At the same time, the others shouted as well.

However, what left them puzzled was that the people behind them were taken aback when they heard that. Following that someone shouted. "What Laba Congee? We are here to pay our respects to the living Buddha!"

"Pay respects to the living Buddha?" Wang Yougui was instantly stunned.

The county head and secretary were stunned as well.

Fangzheng was even more stunned. Only then did he recall that although One Finger Monastery's giving of Laba Congee during Laba Festival had been held last year, One Finger Village wasn't rich back then. Its influence hadn't been big enough to spread the news. By the time the village became rich, the Laba Festival had been many months into the past. It was natural that few people talked about it; therefore, unless it was a very nearby village, the villages slightly further away didn't even know that One Finger Monastery gave out Laba Congee! This was even more the case for the people from Songwu County!

As such, these people weren't there for the Laba Congee. Instead, they were there for the gigantic Buddha projection that appeared on Mt. One Finger last night! They were also there for Fangzheng!

Following that, an ominous feeling rose in him.

As feared, someone shouted loudly the next moment. "Fangzheng is over there!"

That shout sounded like a bunch of girls finding a rapist who had previously raped them! Following that, the mass of people swarmed towards Fangzheng.

Fangzheng instantly sweated buckets. The last time he was surrounded by fans and had his ass touched was still fresh on his mind. With the people now looking even thirstier and fiercer, how could he have the courage to fend them off?

Hence, with an idea coming to his head. He grabbed Salted Fish and threw him ahead. "Say something!"

Salted Fish was standing behind Fangzheng, and with everyone's attention on him, they were stunned to see Fangzheng throw out a salted fish. When the salted fish landed, it even stood straight! Everyone was clearly dumbfounded.

Following that, Salted Fish also looked up at them in confusion before turning to look at Fangzheng, asking, "What do I say?"

"Holy sh*t! The salted fish is speaking!"

"Mommy! The salted fish has turned over. It's alive!"

"Am I dreaming?"


How shocking was it to the modern person to have a salted fish suddenly speak? Everyone subconsciously halted.

When Fangzheng saw this, he turned around, ran across the Bridge of Helplessness, and rushed into One Finger Monastery. Then he shouted. "Jingfa, close the door. This Penniless Monk is not meeting anyone today!"

With that said, Fangzheng ran into the backyard to hide. However, this darn baldy remained worried about the situation outside. Hence, he went to the backyard and climbed up the wall. With his head wearing a tattered hat, he furtively watched the situation outside.

Indeed, with Fangzheng running, all of them snapped to their senses and shouted. "Fangzheng, don't run!"

Then, they rushed over noisily...