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1059 Wont Be Meeting

 "Make way, make way. Thank you."

Everyone subconsciously looked over and saw a group of police officers walking over with a few people in tow. Two of them looked somewhat familiar and on careful look, quite a number of people exclaimed. "The county head and secretary are here!"

"Heh, why are they here?" someone asked, only to slap himself after saying that. Wasn't it obvious? With such a huge Buddha apparition, it wouldn't be surprising if even more important people came, much less the county head and secretary.

Instantly, the crowd made way. As they walked past, the county head and secretary nodded to express their gratitude. Then, they came in front of One Finger Monastery and stood before the Bridge of Helplessness.

Everyone subconsciously looked at Red Boy, curious if he would do anything. After all, One Finger Monastery was famous for being closed at night. Now, knowing that a living Buddha was living there, everyone wished to know if the living Buddha was afraid of authority.

However, everyone's jaw dropped because Red Boy didn't even look over. Instead, he kept scrubbing the pots and adding water, as though he was really preparing to make a second round of congee.

"Amitabha. Patrons, it's late. One Finger Monastery doesn't receive guests at this time." At that moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone subconsciously looked over upon hearing it, and they saw a monkey slowly walk out of the monastery. The monkey went to stand before the county head and secretary with his palms pressed together before saying, "Amitabha. Patrons, please leave."

"Holy sh*t! The monkey is speaking!" someone exclaimed.

"Mommy! First it was the Buddha projection reaching high into the clouds, then the monk jumping over the moon. Now, even a monkey can speak! This One Finger Monastery might really have come straight from Mount Numinous! This is way too miraculous!" another person exclaimed.

"I have a feeling that One Finger Monastery will no longer be the One Finger Monastery from before after tonight. In the future, One Finger Monastery will win a place for itself in this world!"

"Although what you said sounds like it comes from a fantasy novel, I have to say that One Finger Monastery is amazing!"

"It can't be anything less. Even the county head and secretary are dumbfounded!"


Everyone looked over, and indeed, the county head and secretary had their mouths agape. The police officers subconsciously drew their guns in preparation to subdue the devil! However, they didn't draw their guns in the end.

This was because the secretary managed to speak up. "Venerable One, how might I address you?"

"This Penniless Monk is the third disciple of One Finger Monastery's Abbot Fangzheng with the Dharma name, Jingzhen. Patrons, if you wish to pay your respects to Buddha, please do so during the day," Monkey said.

"Venerable Jingzhen, we aren't here to pay respects to Buddha but would like to meet with Abbot Fangzheng. What happened tonight is too shocking. Isn't the abbot going to give us an explanation?" The secretary had handled social settings his entire life, but he had never had any experience with a monkey. He didn't know what to do, so he just spoke directly.

Monkey looked at the county head, clearly to indicate that he was thinking: "Is it the same for all of you?"

The county head nodded slightly in affirmation of the secretary's question.

Only then did Monkey say, "Amitabha. Patrons, what kind of explanation would you like?"

"How did that huge Buddha projection come about? That Buddha projection was so large that it could be seen from all over Songwu County. Also, what was up with the suddenly magnified moon? Also, how are you able to speak?" the county head asked.

"Anything else?" Monkey asked.

The county head and secretary shook their heads slightly.

Monkey smiled. "Amitabha. Patrons, my master has already given an answer to your questions."

"Oh? What did the Master say?" the secretary hurriedly asked.

Monkey said, "Master said, 'The Buddha Says: Not to be said!'"

The moment that was said, the secretary's and county head's faces darkened! After beating about the bush all day, this is all you say? Isn't this torture?

The secretary asked unrelentingly, "Venerable Jingzhen, perhaps Abbot Fangzheng doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. I think you should invite him out so we may discuss the consequences of the situation."

Monkey shook his head and said, "My master has entered seclusion because of these nine pots of Wordless Eight Treasures. During this period of time, he won't speak a word or meet anyone. If the two of you have any words to say, you can take them back with you and come again in the future to say them."

The county head's mouth nearly turned crooked from anger. He originally imagined that the monkey would offer to pass on his words, but not only did he not do it, he even sent him packing! The pangs of fury nearly made him spit blood.

The secretary also almost suffered a rupture from the anger he held back. He shouted loudly. "Abbot Fangzheng, I know you are in the monastery. There are some things I need to say! One Finger Monastery has caused too huge a commotion today. Before daybreak, everyone will learn of it. When the time comes, you will need to give everyone an explanation. Compared to being forced to give an explanation, it's better for you to tell us so that we can help you answer the world! How about it?"

After the shout, the secretary smugly looked at Monkey as though he was saying: "Just by shouting, my voice can permeate this small monastery of yours even without me entering! If you have what it takes, block out my voice!"

However, there wasn't a response despite all his shouting.

Monkey pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Patrons, if you wish to shout, go ahead. Do so as long as you aren't inside the monastery. This Penniless Monk shall bid you farewell."

With that said, Monkey flicked his sleeves and left.

The secretary and county head exchanged looks and saw the displeasure and helplessness in each other's eyes. After all, Monkey didn't have the obligation to entertain them even if they came... Besides, this was the first time they were interacting with such a monk. They were somewhat flabbergasted as well.

"Do you think the county head and secretary will be able to meet Fangzheng?"

"I think that no matter how amazing Fangzheng is, he should give them some face, right?"

"Since times immemorial, civilians couldn't beat officials. I think Fangzheng will eventually compromise."

"The crux of the matter is how determined they are to dig Fangzheng out. These police officers have come with guns. If things escalate, it wouldn't be easy for Abbot Fangzheng to deal with it either."

"He's a godlike figure. Guns are useless."

"Who knows what will happen? These two are the highest-ranking officials in this area."

Just as everyone believed that the county head and secretary would let their embarrassment turn into anger, to the point of demolishing the monastery and arresting the monk, the county head said loudly, "We came in a rush today. Abbot Fangzheng, rest well. We will come again tomorrow."

Upon hearing that, everyone was collectively dumbfounded. What kind of officials were the county head and secretary? In Songwu County, they were like the local emperors! Yet they had relented. What did this mean? Everyone couldn't help but look at One Finger Monastery with more reverence. Fangzheng's standing in their hearts was also elevated significantly.

Immortals, Buddha? Although they were powerful beings, they had little standing in the hearts of the modern person. Furthermore, most of the stories revolving them sounded too surreal. The authority of gods had also been replaced by political power which could truly influence people's lives.

Therefore, the people's reverence for the gods and Buddha wasn't as ingrained as their reverence for the government. Now, with the county's two highest-ranking officials relenting, how could the people present not let their imaginations run wild?

Manager Gu also completely abandoned the thought of foiling One Finger Monastery's rules. He also gave up on the idea of buying congee from Red Boy. Instead, he only continued wondering how he could buy it from others. At the same time, Manager Gu also opened up a distance from One Finger Monastery. He had the nagging feeling that One Finger Monastery was going to be in trouble!