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1058 Rubbing It in the Face

 The man smiled. "Tan Ming, I definitely had to come after how miraculous you made the congee out to be. I now know this congee is indeed the real deal. I've eaten every delicacy in the world, but I've never seen such a unique and fragrant congee before. The smell just mesmerized me, so I must have a taste of it!"

"Manager Gu, are you sure?" Only then did Tan Ming recall that the fatty was a glutton! He went around claiming he had eaten every dish across the globe!

Manager Gu smiled. "Of course! I'm fully aware of the situation, so move away."

Tan Ming smiled. "I only wish to tell you that Abbot Fangzheng never lies. He's also never petty. If he says that the congee is messed up, it must be messed up. Otherwise, why do you think no one else wants it?"

"You understand Fangzheng, but I understand good food! I trust that my sense of smell wouldn't lie to me. Alright, Little Venerable One, I'll have one bowl!" Manager Gu raised his hand up high as he shouted.

Red Boy smiled. "Anyone else?"

With Manager Gu stepping forward, some of the hesitant tourists finally couldn't resist the temptation of the congee's fragrance. They began raising their hands.

Someone asked Dog Song with a whisper, "Boss Song, do we take it?"

Dog Song decisively shook his head. "There's no way I'd believe it if anyone else told me that this congee is messed up, but since it was said by Abbot Fangzheng, I believe it. Don't take it yet. Just wait!"

The few tourists who followed Dog Song also seemed to trust him greatly. Since Dog Song said no, they gave up on the thought as well. They could only watch regretfully at the dozen or so people who went forward to get the congee.

Manager Gu hadn't brought a basin or a bowl, but he was smart. He emptied a huge water flask and used it to receive the congee. Although it couldn't store much, it could keep the congee warm.

After receiving the congee, Manager Gu went to a corner in delight. When he opened the cap, a rich fragrance wafted out. Manager Gu took a deep breath and felt invigorated. He felt as though all his taste buds were stirred, yearning to have a bite!

Many people also came around him as they looked at the congee in his flask.

Manager Gu chuckled. "How fragrant! Was the congee from last year as good at this?"

Everyone subconsciously shook their heads.

Manager Gu said extremely smugly, "As I thought. The congee this year is better than the one last year. This explains everything! How could the superior congee from this year really be messed up while the inferior one from last year was supposedly cooked well? I think this is the Venerable One's new method of splitting the congee! Otherwise, how could that bit of congee be split among so many people?"

With Manager Gu saying this, many people were tempted. They felt that what he said made sense.

Some tourists began to step forward to get some congee. By the side, Dog Song's tourists also cast him inquisitive looks.

Dog Song was actually somewhat tempted, but he had full trust in Fangzheng. Hence, he said, "No matter what is said, I only trust in Abbot Fangzheng. He's a living Buddha. Would he lie to us?"

"But the problem is that it wasn't said by Abbot Fangzheng, but by Venerable Jingxin," a tourist mumbled.

Dog Song replied, "I trust them either way! If you can't resist the temptation, go ahead. But don't blame me for not warning you."

The crowd thought for a moment, and finally, a group of people ran over to get some congee. Instead, all the villagers from One Finger Village held their ground. They shared the same thought as Dog Song. They had full trust in Fangzheng!

However, there were always exceptions.

For instance, Chen Jin's family...

Chen Jin shouted furiously. "Punk, come back!"

Chen Jin's nephew, Chen Qiang, refused to obey the instruction. With a huge bowl, he ran to Red Boy while saying, "Uncle, you were the one who got us to come up the mountain for congee, but you aren't letting us have it now that we're here. What is it you want in the end? I agree with what that brother said. This congee must be good. This has to be a special method that Fangzheng is using to split the congee. This is just like an interview. With so few posts available and so many applicants, some tricks must be used."

Faced with such a disobedient nephew, Chen Jin's mouth nearly twisted in anger. He pointed at Chen Jin and said, "You will regret it later!"

"Forget it. The only regret I have is for not bringing a bigger container as you told me to. This bowl is a little too small..." Chen Qiang said disapprovingly.

Soon, Chen Qiang returned with his bowl that was actually quite huge. As he took in the fragrance, he chuckled. "Uncle, want some?"

"Humph!" Chen Jin snorted coldly and couldn't be bothered with him.

Everyone else silently gulped their saliva. Regardless if the congee was messed up or not, the fragrance was just tantalizing. All of them had the urge to rush over and try a bowl. But ultimately, they glanced at One Finger Monastery and held back.

When Chen Qiang saw this, he smirked. He didn't understand why these people were so silly. They didn't take the delicacy before their very eyes and instead believed in a statement without any guarantees!

Although Fangzheng was very amazing, Chen Qiang always believed that one had to be pragmatic. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Anything else was like a bunch of evanescent bubbles. Similarly, Manager Gu had the same idea. As a businessman, he valued actual items, especially when the item was clearly very good. He wouldn't miss an opportunity! In addition, he had a bold idea.

So what if this congee is messed up?

When the good congee was ready, he could thicken his hide and try to get another serving. Would they be so thick-skinned as to not give it to him? Even if he wasn't given any, couldn't he just buy it? Money talks, so even if he couldn't move the living Buddha, he could still move these villagers to sell their bowl to him, right?

While the two of them were conniving, they began loudly slurping the congee. It was as though they were afraid no one could hear them. At the same time, they would give praise with every mouthful. "How delicious!"

When the others heard that, all of them turned their heads over. These bastards are inhumane! Just have your congee, but why are you trying to entice us? F**k, these immoral people. Oh, this congee looks really delicious...

Seeing how a bunch of people were constantly gulping down their saliva, Manager Gu and Chen Qiang subconsciously exchanged looks and smiled. Clearly, the two had the intention to pull a practical joke and they shared the same rotten tastes.

Upon seeing this, Xu Xun cursed under her breath. "These two bastards! The living Buddha will teach them a lesson!"

Ma Yuan said, "They will regret it."

If a ranking of the people who trusted Fangzheng the most was made, the first would be Dog Song, and the second would definitely be Ma Yuan. He had been pulled back by Fangzheng into the land of the living while on the brink of death. He had absolute trust in Fangzheng.

Therefore, he was utterly convinced when Red Boy said that the congee was messed up. He could only wait for the congee to be done.

Tan Ming also shared the same thoughts.

At this moment, a commotion arose behind them.