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1055 Why?

 "Oh? How?" Fangzheng asked.

The System said in a tone as though Fangzheng was a retard, "The reason why the congee needs to cook for so long is because the ingredients used in Wordless Laba Congee aren't things you can find in your world. It's very difficult to cook them with ordinary fire. However, since you are no longer hiding your divine powers, you can just get Red Boy to cook a new batch of ingredients for you, and the speed at which you cook the congee this time will naturally be much faster! You still have the whole night. Isn't it just making a couple of pots of congee?"

Fangzheng nearly smacked his bald head when he heard that. That's right! It was just making some pots of congee. Why hadn't he realized that himself?

With this in mind, Fangzheng was suddenly taken aback. A look of realization flashed through his eyes as he pressed his palms together. He softly said, "If the pot of congee isn't enough, change it. That's how it is for everything in this world! This Penniless Monk was always overthinking things in the past."

At that moment, Fangzheng came to terms with everything. His divine powers were like that pot of new congee. He could still keep a low profile, but he no longer needed to hide his powers. People in the world didn't know that hell really existed, and this resulted in such fearless tarnishment of morals. Since he was going to be out in the open now, hell and paradise would surface before them. Fangzheng wanted to establish new rules for the evil people of this world. He wanted to switch the bad congee of the world to a new pot!

Fangzheng got Lone Wolf to inform Red Boy that they were to make new pots of congee. Then, feeling refreshed, he went back to his room to sleep.

The people outside were roused because of Fangzheng's commotion. All of them sat around the bonfire and bragged, sending saliva everywhere. It was as though the person who had flown into the sky wasn't Fangzheng but them.

Just as everyone was chatting, someone suddenly said, "Hey! Venerable Jingxin has opened the pot!"

Everyone immediately looked over subconsciously. Fangzheng being a living Buddha was something they could brag about their entire lives, but they might only have one chance at eating his Laba Congee. Therefore, they were more focused on the situation with the Laba Congee.

They saw Red Boy pour the congee in the pot into a gigantic wooden pail one after another...

Just as they were about to say something, all of their eyes lit up as they tried their best to breathe in!

"Wow... It smells so good!" Dog Song exclaimed. "It's better than last year's!"

"Who was it that said that the pot was boiling water? F**k, if this is water, what's the thing I drink every day? Horse p*ss?"

"Why do I feel that what I usually drink is worse than horse p*ss?" someone said with overflowing tears.

Many people echoed him in unison.

At that moment, Dog Song was the first to rush over. He was a sharp guy. When he saw Red Boy beginning to pour out the congee, he immediately had thoughts about it. He ran over and asked, "Venerable Jingxin, is our congee done? Well... Can you give me a bowl?"

With that said, Dog Song handed over the face basin in his hand.

Everyone was stunned when they saw that. Following that, all of them cursed him for his underhanded methods. Simultaneously, all of them craned their necks and tightened their thighs. As long as Red Boy nodded, they would immediately rush over! Even if they couldn't be first, being second would do. Even the worst would have a mouthful of congee to drink!

Everyone understood that although the nine big pots looked plenty, there were more people waiting to have some congee. To have some? They might not get the chance if they didn't show their desperation!


"It's done, but we messed up the congee. Master asked This Penniless Monk to cook new pots of congee from scratch," Red Boy said.

Everyone turned anxious when they heard that! To call such fragrant congee messed up? And to recook it? Wasn't this monk a little too profligate!?

"Venerable Jingxin, I've never encountered such fragrant congee despite traveling the entire country. To call such a fragrance messed up is to denigrate chefs," a tourist shouted.

"That's right. Venerable Jingxin, I'm in the culinary business. I won't brag, but I'm one of the best chefs in Songwu County's Songwu Restaurant. I thought I was someone in Songwu County, but after seeing the congee you cooked, I feel as though what I have been making is dogsh*t. I know that you monks from One Finger Monastery enjoy being humble, and humility is one of the virtues we hold in high esteem in China, but can you give us an out when you are being humble?" a thick-necked man grumbled bitterly.

However, everyone found it especially funny when they heard his grumblings.

"Venerable Jingxin, are you joking? You call such fragrant congee messed up? If you don't mind, why not give me some?" Dog Song refused to believe it. The Laba Congee he ate last year smelled almost the same. Even if it was slightly worse this time, it would still be a top delicacy! He definitely wouldn't find having more excessive. He could keep some at home and use it as a cornerstone treasure! With that, would he be worried about not having business for his rural tourism business in the future?

The others weren't fools either. They immediately said, "That's right, Venerable Jingxin. I think it's pretty good. Why don't you give it to us?"

Red Boy looked at everyone. They wore a look of "your congee is clearly done, but you aren't giving us any, and you're even lying to us that it's messed up." He immediately felt infinitely aggrieved. For the first time, he experienced how Fangzheng felt when no one believed him despite him speaking the truth. Son of a Jingfa!

However, everyone was right. Since the congee was now useless, it didn't seem wrong to give it to them...

Hence, Red Boy said, "Wait a moment. This Penniless Monk will ask his master. If he permits it, it will be given to everyone."

Everyone nodded immediately. Then, they watched Red Boy leave with looks of anticipation.

"Master, the situation is this. So..." Red Boy asked.

Fangzheng thought and said, "We can't eat the Laba Congee either. Giving it to them isn't a problem, but there's a limit to the congee. After all, we can't reproduce the messed up congee in an infinite manner, right? Besides, with so many people coming, some with basins at that, there probably won't be enough for everyone."

Red Boy said, "That's right. That's why I didn't dare agree. Master, you have plenty of ideas. What do you think we should do?"

Fangzheng stroked his chin and laughed. "Don't they think we are lying? Then tell them that people who receive this congee will not be allowed to receive any congee tomorrow. Choose one of the two, no one gets extra!"

Red Boy's eyes lit up as he hurriedly nodded. "We'll do that!"

Hence, Red Boy ran off.

Meanwhile, in One Finger Village at the foot of the mountain.

"Police! Police! Over here! Policemen! Save me! I'm freezing! Is no one going to do something?" Fang Kui yelled at the two police cars that passed by him.

The police cars stopped as a police woman jumped out of the car. She looked oddly at Fang Kui, asking, "What are you doing? You tied yourself up? And you even called the cops? Are you trying to amuse yourself by calling the police on this cold winter day? I'm telling you, it's against the law to make a false police report!"