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1052 Monk Appears

 The door was of course opened the next moment, and Zheng Yuan was thrown in.

The moment he entered, Zheng Yuan discovered that he was falling from the sky! There was no flat surface for him to stand on!

"Help!" Zheng Yuan flailed his arms and yelled, hoping to grab onto something. At the same time, he tried hard to open his eyes to see if there was anything he could use to rescue himself. Unfortunately, it was all blurry whiteness around him, as though he was in a sea of clouds.

Then, the white mass suddenly shattered as he seemed to be discharged from the clouds! Following that, what he saw beneath him sent trembles down his scalp.

There weren't any seas or grass plains beneath him. There were only trees that resembled mountains. And these mountains didn't have leaves, but metallic branches. The branches were all pointed up like spears, and on these spears were spikes! All of them were aiming towards the sky.

The color in Zheng Yuan's face drained completely.

It's often said that barbed spikes are a potent force, but only so when they're being pulled out. As for such straight spikes, they were enough to suck the life out of anyone as they would stab right in. The scene would be so bloody and gruesome that Zheng Yuan didn't even dare imagine it.

On the one hand, he wished to close his eyes, but he would subconsciously open them constantly, still wanting to see what he was facing.

At that moment, a loud cry sounded from beside him. He then realized that there were many sinners like him around him. They were all plummeting from the clouds. Some sinners fell faster than him as they emitted a long string of sharp cries...

It was as though they were nothing but heaps of mangled flesh being thrown onto metallic awls.

Some had their legs pierced through while others cried out in pain as they were left hanging there. They didn't suffer an instant death as they painfully struggled. The more they struggled, the more pain they suffered.

Some were stabbed from their mouths before the other end protruded out their ass, leaving their intestines hanging above.

Some were stabbed in the abdomen before the other end protruded out their backs, their spines exposed outside.

There were all kinds of penetration going on, but none of them was a bed of roses.

Zheng Yuan was horrified as he desperately shouted. "Master Fangzheng, I was wrong! Save me!"

At the same time, he realized that his body had flipped around, his ass facing downwards!

Following that...



Zheng Yuan let out a heart-wrenching scream. He felt his ass being penetrated by something as his flesh and blood were instantly shattered by the metallic trees. Just after he exclaimed, his tongue felt a sharp pain. Following that, a metallic spike tore out from his mouth, and on it was a fresh, wiggling tongue!

Zheng Yuan was unable to produce any noises, but his eyes could see his tongue. Blood stained the metallic tree as the pain inundated his reason. He wished to move, but the moment he moved, the stabbing pain would cause his tears to flow...

Soon, he bled completely dry. He believed that would be the end of it, but to his despair, he didn't die!

"F**k, I'm already dried up. Why am I not dead?" Zheng Yuan already understood his situation. In hell, he was immortal, but immortality didn't mean power, only endless pain. Each death simply equalled one cycle of punishment. Although the pain would continue with each beginning, the brief reconstitution after death would allow him to have a breather.

At that moment, a sharp cry came from the sky. He happened to look up and saw another person crashing over ass first!

Zheng Yuan didn't even have the time to think before being struck lower down the metallic tree's branches. While this happened, he felt his innards turn into mush. If he were dissected now, his stomach would definitely show nothing but a mangled mess of flesh.

At this moment, Zheng Yuan's vision went black as he started a new cycle.

After an unknown period of time and countless plummets, Zheng Yuan only had one thought when he left the Hell of Trees of Knives with a grimace-death!

However, were life and death something he could decide on when in hell? Only limitless despair awaited him. He looked back at his life in misery and recalled his sins. For the first time in his life, he regretted what he had done.

"If I had known life would be this tragic after death, I would have rather been a f**king goody two shoes!" Zheng Yuan cursed softly.

Following that was the Hell of Steaming. Fangzheng had already seen it before, so he didn't bother watching and waited outside.

The Hell of the Mountain of Fire was a massive volcano with lava bubbling in it. As for the sinners, they would have ghosts forcing them to jump into the volcano with knives. Then, they would cry out tragically in the lava. Their skin would instantly burn as their withered bones would cry out in despair in the lava until they were eventually reduced to ashes.

As for the Hell of the Mountain of Ice, it was another sight. Trees which resembled ice columns stood there, and Zheng Yuan appeared naked near the trees. When the cold winds blew, he couldn't help but shudder! He subconsciously wrapped his arms around his body, hoping to gain some warmth.

But at this moment, a loud boom sounded above him. When he subconsciously looked up, he saw a gigantic rock falling from the sky, and the rock's bottom was covered in sharp icicles! They shimmered with a frosty glint. As for how sharp they were?

Before Zheng Yuan could react, the rock crashed down. With a splat, the icicles left him riddled with holes. Then, more blocks of ice fell down, smashing Zheng Yuan into a pulp.

When Zheng Yuan was revived again, he immediately looked around and saw someone standing in the other ice columns. These people were holding up the gigantic rock of ice as their hands were completely penetrated. Yet, they clenched their teeth and persisted.

He suddenly understood something as he hurriedly raised his hands. Indeed, there was a tremor above him as a boulder fell. He cried out in pain as the icicles penetrated his hands, but he resisted the pain. However, this was just the beginning of his punishment...

He couldn't lower his hands, and his arms were being frozen by the ice. Frost drilled into his body with no end and coupled with the cold winds, Zheng Yuan felt as though his entire body had frozen. He kept trembling, but he didn't dare let go. This was because those people in the distance who couldn't hold on would instantly have their bodies riddled with holes from the icicles. Then, they would be smashed into a pulp by the boulders. Their tragic scenes left him infinitely horrified...

"F**k, when will this come to an end?" Zheng Yuan cried out loudly.

At this moment, a bald monk landed and pressed his palms together. He smiled and said, "Amitabha."

"Abbot Fangzheng? Abbot Fangzheng, you are here... Sob, I can't take it anymore. Please show me mercy and let me out of here! I guarantee you that I won't commit anymore bad deeds! I'll turn over a new leaf! Please, I beg you. You can send me to the police to be executed! Please..." Zheng Yuan pleaded.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "Patron, since you are in hell, you will have to serve your sentence before leaving. Why cry over spilled milk?"

"Serve my sentence? Then how many years have I served? I feel like I've been here for millennia!" Zheng Yuan said.