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1048 Bastard

 Zheng Yuan was also taken aback as he yelled, "What... What are you doing? I want you to punish the bastards who killed my parents! Not me!"

Fangzheng pressed his palms together and looked Zheng Yuan in the eye, asking, "Have you really forgotten what happened that night?"

"What happened? I don't remember a thing! I was f**king drunk that night!" Zheng Yuan yelled.

Fangzheng stared at him, enunciating each and every word. "Have you really forgotten?"

Zheng Yuan widened his eyes as he glared at Fangzheng. Amid his infinite wrath, slowly a hint of rationality appeared before a tinge of horror surfaced. The horror wasn't caused by Fangzheng, nor was it because he feared Bodhisattva, but it was the horror of facing the truth hidden deep in his memories.

"Have you really forgotten?" Fangzheng continued asking.

His voice seemed to have a particular magic to it. Zheng Yuan couldn't help but recall the events of that fateful night. The closer he was to those memories, the more horrified he became. It was as though what he was going to see weren't memories, but a terrifying nightmare! He worked hard not to think about it as he yelled hysterically, "I remember! It was those sons of b*tches who killed my parents! It was them! Them! They did it, I tell you!"

Fangzheng shook his head slightly, asking, "Was it really them?"

Upon hearing those words, Zheng Yuan's pupils dilated. Following that, in the deep abyss of a particular spot in his brain, there was a boom. A recollection which he had buried infinitely deep within his memories and covered with countless lies rushed up!

The memory surged up like a flood, filling his mind. At that instant, he returned to that night which he didn't wish to face ever again.

"Get lost!" Zheng Yuan wielded a chopping knife and cleaved at a man. His eyes were bloodshot, and he emitted the ferocity of a demon king. This terrified the five men in front of him as they retreated. None of them dared to step forward!

"I don't care who you work for, and I don't care how I offended you! But so what? Whoever has a f**king problem with that gets cleaved to death by me! Now, scram!" Zheng Yuan roared.

"Zheng Yuan, don't be arrogant. We might not be able to fix you, but someone will eventually do so!" After having the last word, the few men who were there to exact revenge dragged their partner who had nearly had his arm cleaved off away and fled.

Zheng Yuan closed the door and cursed. "Trash!"

With that said, Zheng Yuan entered the living room with chopping knife in hand. The moment he stepped into the living room, he saw his mother sitting there with the color in her face drained. She was trembling involuntarily as tears dripped down her face. The way she looked at Zheng Yuan had a less loving look and contained more pain. "Little Yuan, what were you... What was that? Why did you wave a knife at them? Didn't you say that you have turned over a new leaf?"

Zheng Yuan casually threw the knife aside and said, "I have, but some people haven't. They came to me, so I naturally had to pick up the knife to protect the two of you!"

"Enough! Stop lying! Do you think we aren't aware of what you have done? You have a bunch of idlers working for you, and you call yourself a secret society. Do you really think you are a secret society? All you do is cause trouble everywhere. Is that a secret society? That's just a hooligan on the streets! Great, your enemies have come for us now. I think our family will be cleaved to death sooner or later!" Zheng Yuan's father slammed the table and retorted Zheng Yuan's words before unleashing his tirade.

Zheng Yuan was already intoxicated. With the alcohol getting to his head and his wrath, he said indignantly, "What about me? Other people have parents with wealth going into the tens or hundreds of millions! What do you have? You can't give me anything! What's wrong with me f**king using my own hands to get what I want? Don't preach to me. If you really knew anything, would you be a pathetic white-collar worker? In this world, only strength is truth!"

"Little Yuan, how can you speak to your father in that way? Your father is doing everything for your own good!" Zheng Yuan's mother said.

Zheng Yuan shot his gaze over. "To hell with what you do for my good. If you want to be good to me, prepare a wealth of tens of millions for me to spend! You have nothing, and now you're even preventing me from getting it myself? Let me tell you. In the past you might have been my parents, but I can support myself now! This crappy family can continue if it can, but if not, let it f**king crumble!"


Zheng Yuan's father slapped him, causing him to stumble. His father pointed at him and scolded him. "You bastard! If I had known you would turn out this way, I would have never had you!"

"You slapped me?" Zheng Yuan held his face as his eyes turned scarlet.

"I couldn't bring myself to slap you back when you were brawling or causing mayhem. I thought you were still young and insensible. After you stabbed your teacher to death, I sold everything I had to compensate his family. Yet I still didn't beat you, believing that you were still immature. Back then, Officer Chen told me that I was spoiling you and something bad would happen in due time. Unfortunately, I didn't take his advice. If I had, I would have first sent you to prison for a few years! I now realize I was wrong back then. From this day forth, you are to stay home and reflect on your ways. You aren't allowed to go anywhere!" Zheng Yuan's father said.

"Why must I listen to you? What can you do if I go out?" The alcohol got to Zheng Yuan as he walked out the door.

"Come back here!" Zheng Yuan's father reached out to pull at him as Zheng Yuan wrangled his arm and sent his father tumbling to the ground before he headed for the door.

At this moment, Zheng Yuan's father randomly grabbed a bamboo pole and struck it down at Zheng Yuan.

With a snap, the bamboo pole which was meant for hanging clothes bent ninety degrees!

With that, Zheng Yuan was completely infuriated. He raised his foot and kicked his father in the stomach, sending him tumbling on the ground as he cursed. "Undying old fart, how dare you hit me? I'll let you know today who's boss!"

With that said, Zheng Yuan was about to lunge forward when his mother ran over to pull him back as she cried. "Stop fighting! Stop fighting! You'll kill your father at this rate!"

"Even better! Although there won't be much of an inheritance, every bit counts!" Zheng Yuan roared as he lunged forward.

Zheng Yuan's father was extremely incensed when he heard that. While cursing at how unfilial his son was, he grabbed the chopping knife beside him and cleaved down with it!

Zheng Yuan's mother screamed. "No! He's your son!" While she said that, she put herself between Zheng Yuan and his father.

Zheng Yuan's father clearly didn't have the intention to kill his son. He had swung the knife at a relatively slow speed so he stopped in time. He said threateningly, "Make way! I'll kill this bastard today!"

Zheng Yuan's mother shook her head. "If you want to kill him, kill me first!"

Before Zheng Yuan's father could speak, Zheng Yuan roared. "There's no need! I'll kill this old fart first!"