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1047 Skinning

 These people were all hardcore fans of Fangzheng. Otherwise, they wouldn't have traveled all the way there just because of a single photograph. And even if they weren't Fangzheng's hardcore fans, they were Li Xueying's hardcore fans. How could her biggest fans not investigate someone whom Li Xueying had given a Like? Therefore, Fangzheng wasn't just a nobody to them either.

At this point, there was an uproar.

"Holy sh*t! It's no wonder Abbot Fangzheng is so impressive! This fellow isn't even human!"

"He's a living Buddha!"

"Dear, quickly come and see a living Buddha!" Someone directly had a video call with his wife...


"As expected of someone Her Majesty looks up to. He's truly impressive!"

"Holy sh*t! I've decided. As long as this fellow doesn't fall to his death, I'm going to be his hardcore fan. I'll shave my head bald and take him as my master!"

"Me too!"


Instantly, many people had such thoughts. In the past, monks used to live quite arduous lives, but many people became monks nowadays because of the better living conditions and the allowance they were given by the government. It could be said that very few genuine monks could be seen outside anymore. A genuine monk didn't eat the Five Pungent Spices, drink, curse, or lie... These monks were pretty much all in reclusion as they meditated over the Zen. It was difficult for people to meet them.

As such, the word "monk" had gradually taken on a different nuance. There were very few people who genuinely wanted to be monks.

But at this moment, everyone really wished to become a monk! To not want to be one after seeing such a monk, something would have to be seriously wrong with you!

Regardless of what these people were thinking or how great a commotion Fangzheng was causing, he only had his eyes on one person.

Thus, Fangzheng dived down!

Almost at the same time, Zheng Yuan roared. "Even if I have to die today, I won't be going down alone!" At the same time, he pointed the crossbow at Xu Xun in preparation to pull the trigger. Zheng Yuan then looked up and saw the monk standing straight up as he descended from the sky, landing feet-first!

"F**k, you're actually going to hit me in the face?" Zheng Yuan only had enough time to have that thought flash through his mind.

After that, all he heard was a loud bang.

The snow on the ground exploded in all directions as Xu Xun's and Fang Kui's bodies were thrown up. Fang Kui slammed into the wall and spat out blood. He sprawled on the ground in pain, no longer capable of standing up.

As for Xu Xun, a tiny hand suddenly appeared behind her to break her fall. She was held in midair before gently landing on the ground. When she looked back, she saw a young monk behind her. He looked like a porcelain doll and was extremely beautiful. However, his big eyes had a cheeky hint to them. He smiled and spoke when she looked over. "Amitabha."

Xu Xun subconsciously looked at herself and the size of the young monk. She suddenly realized that her view of the world had been constantly overturned ever since arriving in One Finger Village. Science, gods, kungfu? All of them were a farce!

F**k, what was that mountain-sized Buddha? And what is this tiny kid behind me?

Xu Xun was on the brink of tears, but she didn't have the time to say a word. This was because by now, the snow had fallen back down, and the situation on the other side could be clearly seen.

Zheng Yuan, who had been standing there looking ferocious moments before, had already vanished. Replacing him was a white-robed monk who stood there like a statue.

Moonlight shone down on the monk as he reflected a faint silver halo. He was like a Buddha that lived in the moral world.

Xu Xun subconsciously asked, "Are you Buddha?"

The monk shook his head and pointed at her heart. "The worldly Buddha lives in the heart. A clear heart allows one to see him!"

Xu Xun was taken aback. She seemed to understand yet at the same time not understand the monk's mystifying words. Was there really a Buddha in this world or not? What the monk said was as good as not saying anything. Facing the monk who descended from the heavens like a Buddha, she didn't dare to act rashly. Since the monk wasn't explaining, she didn't dare ask further. Instead, she asked a different question. "Where... Where's that person?"

The person she was referring to was of course Zheng Yuan. After the explosion, Zheng Yuan had disappeared and been replaced with a monk. Unsurprisingly, she was somewhat puzzled.

The monk pointed down to the ground. "Down there."

Xu Xun mustered her courage and walked over to look down. With a look of incredulity, she looked down only to see a huge crater!

The spot where the monk stood was a lone pillar in the massive crater. As for Zheng Yuan, he had sunk in the mud with his face bloodied. It was unknown whether he was alive or dead.

"He's dead?" Xu Xun asked.

Fangzheng didn't say a word. In fact, he was curious as well.

"System, why isn't this fellow dead after This Penniless Monk attacked from such a high height? Isn't he way too lucky?"

"The Buddhist Dharma helps you redeem people, not kill them. By wearing the White Lunar Monk Robe, others can't kill you, but similarly, you can't kill others. However, even if he's not dead, he's almost dead. It was inevitable that he got injured," the System said.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes and mumbled. "Even such a fellow can't be killed? You wish to redeem him?"

The System asked, "Would you need to do the honors if he was to be killed?"

Fangzheng was taken aback as he suddenly came to a realization. He pressed his palms together and thought, "Amitabha. This Penniless Monk has learned something."

That's right. Was there a need for him to do the honors if Zheng Yuan was to be killed? Just throwing Zheng Yuan into the police station would be enough to have him be met with the execution squad.

However, Fangzheng remained puzzled. "System, then what about the time when I turned people into trees?"

"They are still alive, but they live in a different form, in an extremely painful manner. They suffer the elements... and lead a life worse than death."

Fangzheng shuddered when he imagined the scene. It was truly worse than death!

"F**king monk, kill me if you have what it takes!" Zheng Yuan, who was buried in the cold soil, cursed softly.

This fellow was still indignant! Hence, Fangzheng chuckled. Since he couldn't be killed, why stand on ceremony? Hence, Fangzheng took a step forward and descended from the column. Bang!

He stepped onto Zheng Yuan's face once again, producing a tragic cry that sounded like a pig was being slaughtered.

Zheng Yuan roared furiously. "F**king monk, f**king Buddha. I can't accept it! Where were you when my parents died? F**k, f**k! I can't accept it! Find the bastards who killed my parents if you have what it takes. Punish them as well!"

Fangzheng indifferently moved his feet from Zheng Yuan's face and pressed his palms together. "Patron, how do you wish to punish him?"

"I want to skin him alive!" Zheng Yuan roared as he looked at Fangzheng with a look of mockery. "But can you do it?"

Fangzheng nodded slightly and said to Red Boy, "Get a knife. Skin this patron alive!"

Red Boy was taken aback before he immediately realized what was happening. He nodded and said, "Yes, Master!"

Xu Xun was taken aback. What's happening?