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1043 Theres Something on the Mountain

 The shout was extremely loud, but once Zheng Yuan shouted, Fang Kui knew that they were in trouble!

Indeed, they heard a shout. "Stop! We will call the cops!"

Fang Kui looked over, vaguely seeing the lights from a cell phone. However, the lights were gone after a few flashes. This only served to make him reel in anxiety. However, he wasn't afraid deep down. Just as he said, he was only a dog thief. It wasn't a big deal even if he was caught.

Just as he was in a daze, the object he had been holding all this time without using it was snatched away! Alarmed, he turned his head and saw Zheng Yuan holding it in his hand.

At this moment, the moon peeked out of the clouds as cold moonlight beamed down and illuminated the surroundings. Xu Xun clearly saw that the person in front of her was holding a crossbow! Following that, the man placed a long silver object onto the crossbow and said with a ferocious glare. "F**king bitch, put down that cell phone or I'll kill all of you!"

"Zheng Yuan, are you mad?" Fang Kui jumped in fright as he hurriedly cried out.

All he saw was Zheng Yuan shooting a glance at him. At that moment, it was like he was a stranger. Fang Kui's memories of Zheng Yuan were that he was a little dumb and silly. He wasn't smart and often got tempted by money, but he wasn't someone overtly evil. But at this moment, that glance left him shuddering. All his blood seemed to freeze! This wasn't the Zheng Yuan he was familiar with. It was like a devil from hell!

Fang Kui asked for some baffling reasoning, "Who are you?"

Zheng Yuan grinned and dryly chuckled. "I'm Zheng Yuan, have you forgotten? Alright, you watch her. I'll go finish the two busybodies."

With that said, Zheng Yuan climbed up the wall.

At the same time, Ma Yuan and Tan Ming had walked over. Clearly, they weren't bothered by Zheng Yuan's threat. As young men, they were quite spirited, possessing the courage needed to react when seeing injustice on the streets.

Seeing Zheng Yuan really aiming with the crossbow, Xu Xun screamed. "Ma Yuan, don't come over here! They have a crossbow! They're willing to kill!"

Upon hearing that, Ma Yuan and Tan Ming jumped in fright. They believed that some random criminals would have knives at best. If they couldn't beat them, they could always run. They could also stall for time if the criminals were inept. But when they heard Xu Xun, it was obvious they were atypical criminals. They even had a crossbow!

Crossbows were quite extraordinary in ancient times. Bows could be found among the people, but crossbows had always been restricted military items. Pulling a bow needed arm strength, but a crossbow was a lot easier to use. Furthermore, its size made it easy to carry, and it had astonishing damaging strength.

Nowadays, such things were difficult to buy. Instead, bows and arrows could be bought from different sources. They could be bought openly and used freely. To put it frankly, a crossbow could be described as a modified pistol.

Hence, even in modern day society, a crossbow was considered a dangerous weapon and was restricted.

Could someone who had such an item be a good person?

Tan Ming nearly subconsciously pulled Ma Yuan to the ground.

At the same time, Ma Yuan cried out. "Ah!"

With the moonlight, Tan Ming turned his head and realized that Ma Yuan had been struck in his calf! Tan Ming heaved a sigh of relief. "Thankfully, it's only a hit in the legs. Count yourself lucky. Let's leave quickly."

However, Tan Ming realized that something wasn't right when he pulled at Ma Yuan. Ma Yuan's legs were immobile like they had frozen. When he looked at Ma Yuan, his entire face turned livid!

Tan Ming hurriedly pulled out the crossbow arrow as the color in his face instantly drained.

From afar, Fang Kui realized that Zheng Yuan had really shot the arrow and even hit his target. His lips turned purple from fright as he trembled. "Zheng Yuan, that's a poison arrow used to poison dogs! It's lethal!"

"Your point is?" Zheng Yuan turned his head over and asked rhetorically as he raised the crossbow in his hand at Fang Kui!

Fang Kui had a feeling that as long as he repeated his sentence, he would probably be the next person to be shot! Hence, he shook his head rapidly and hurriedly said, "Nothing, nothing. We're friends. I support you in whatever you do!"

Zheng Yuan nodded. "Well said, we are friends. Hehe... Then, my dear friend, use this belt to tie up this bitch. She might be of use later."

Fang Kui didn't dare to defy the order as he looked down at Xu Xun.

When Xu Xun heard the words "poison," her head buzzed and went blank!

She read the daily news on the Internet and knew that dog thieves rode motorcycles and shot poisonous darts to kill dogs. They would then carry them on their motorcycles and drive off. Back then, she had wondered how gutsy these people were. Weren't they afraid of hitting a person instead? If it could poison a dog to death, it could definitely kill a human, right?

However, she never expected that her random thoughts from back then would confront her in reality!

Although she believed that Ma Yuan was problematic, his attempt to save her at the risk of his life made her realize that it had probably all been a misunderstanding! Ma Yuan was still that honest and reliable child she knew...

The thought that Ma Yuan might die because of her caused her heart to sink.

At that instant, she felt despair. Lying on the ground, she looked up at the sky. The dark clouds were thick with only a corner of the moon peeping out. She had no idea what she was thinking about as her eyes stared blankly at the sky before moving down...

Suddenly, a black shadow reflected into her eyes. It was a mountain peak that reached high into the sky like a column!

Upon seeing this mountain, endless misery colored her face. She muttered to herself in a mocking manner. "Is this Mt. One Finger? Mt. One Finger was said to have a very efficacious monastery on the mountain named One Finger Monastery! Hah..."

She suddenly let out a deep, helpless, despairing, and hoarse sneer which only she could hear. She continued muttering. "What a joke! Ma Yuan believed in you, but he died on the way to see you, right at the foot of the mountain. Yet you do nothing and aren't able to protect him in any way! Buddha? Just a joke! A laughable joke!"

Just as she jeered, her pupils suddenly dilated. The mockery in her eyes quickly turned into inexplicable shock!

"Don't move!" Fang Kui tried hard to press down Xu Xun, wishing to lift her up. Although he was disagreeable about going from a low-level dog thief to a murderer or kidnapper... What other choice did he have?

Hence, Fang Kui whispered to Xu Xun. "F**k, don't blame me. I'm only doing this to live as well!"

Xu Xun didn't even look at him, so Fang Kui felt puzzled. The woman wasn't struggling or screaming. Why is she so obedient? Is she frozen or scared stiff or something? With this in mind, Fang Kui looked at her eyes and was instantly stunned. He seemed to see a strange scene in them. It was a mountain that rose high into the heavens. More importantly, there appeared to be something on the mountain!