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1036 Its Erect!

 Ma Yuan said with a rueful smile, "Manager Xu, you aren't from my hometown. You won't understand what One Finger Monastery means to us. In short, I definitely need to have this leave approved today. Please approve it."

"Stop trying. I won't make an exception; otherwise, everyone will be applying for leave. How will the company be able to continue operating if that happens?" Manager Xu objected by shaking her head.

The moment Ma Yuan heard that, he nodded. "Alright then. I'll resign!"

"What!?" Manager Xu subconsciously cried out as she looked at Ma Yuan in disbelief. "Ma Yuan, didn't you recently graduate from college? Do you know what it means for you to have joined an international company such as ours? It means a promising future! I watched you develop yourself, and although you have only joined us for a year, you are our best newcomer. You are one of the employees with the greatest potential. I have high hopes for you, but you plan on giving all of that up for a bowl of congee?"

Manager Xu was truly peeved.

Ma Yuan said in gratitude, "Manager, I'm aware of what you said, but this isn't really just about a bowl of congee. One Finger Monastery is different from other monasteries. Abbot Fangzheng might not even hold a Dharma Assembly in a year. This Dharma Assembly for the Laba Festival is the only time he organizes anything. My children were conceived all thanks to One Finger Monastery. Besides... The Laba Congee is really different. The taste transcends all flavors in this world. More importantly, you can treat any ailments you have simply by drinking it."

Manager Xu was still slightly nodding when she heard the first few sentences, but towards the end, she rolled her eyes. "Child, there's nothing wrong with you and anything else you do, but why are you so superstitious? A bowl of congee can treat ailments? Heavens, why don't you say that you can gain immortality after drinking it?"

Ma Yuan looked at Manager Xu with a look of exasperation. "I know you won't believe me no matter how I try to explain, but Manager Xu, Sis Xu, you know I'm not someone who lies. I'm speaking the truth! I experienced it for myself! Besides, everyone in the village knows about this!"

Manager Xu frowned as she stared into Ma Yuan's eyes as they locked gazes for a while.

Ma Yuan was confident about what he said, so he naturally didn't flinch. After a while, Manager Xu nodded slightly and said, "Alright then, alright..."

With that said, Manager Xu took Ma Yuan's resignation letter and put it away. Upon seeing this scene, Ma Yuan felt his heart wince. Just as Manager Xu had said, this job meant a lot to him! However, just the thought of his family condition made him take a deep breath and repress any final thoughts of giving up. He nodded at Manager Xu and said, "Sis Xu, thank you for all you have done for me during this past year. I'll try to repay you for what you have done for me if there's a chance in the future."

With that said, Ma Yuan prepared to leave.

At that, Manager Xu said lightly, "Who dismissed you?"

Ma Yuan was surprised. "Sis Xu?"

Manager Xu said, "I'm rather intrigued by this monastery after everything you said now. I'll go with you. If the monastery is really as magical as you say, and if the Laba Congee is as impressive as you claim it to be, I'll return your resignation letter to you. If it's nothing as spectacular as you made it out to be, just treat it as a final farewell from me as an elder sister."

Ma Yuan suddenly smiled an ebullient smile! He was filled with utmost confidence in One Finger Monastery's Laba Congee.

Hence, the two left together. Sis Xu drove Ma Yuan to One Finger Monastery.

Meanwhile, Salted Fish carried a signboard down the mountain with a look of contempt. As he walked, he mumbled. "This fellow actually thinks he's something. Who would come up to the mountain in advance for a bowl of congee in this cold weather?"

Just as he said that, Salted Fish suddenly heard voices down the mountain. There was also the crunching sound of boots in the crisp snow.

Salted Fish's heart tightened when he heard that, thinking, "Holy sh*t, people are actually coming! Where do I put this signboard? Put it at the bottom of the mountain? But what do I do with these people? At the top of the mountain? But that doesn't meet the darn baldy's requirements!"

Just as Salted Fish was in a dilemma, the voices neared him. The people were just around the bend! Why did Salted Fish find this scene so familiar?

Without a thought, Salted Fish rolled his eyes and threw himself to the ground as he lay there motionlessly. The moment he did that, he regretted it because the signboard wasn't put up yet!

He regretted it even more when he saw the crowd turning around the bend. I'm doomed! That darn baldy was right. There's so many people! If I don't stop these people, I might have all my meals deducted for the next few days!

As Salted Fish's thoughts wandered, the group of people arrived.

"Eh? Why is there a salted fish on the ground?" someone said.

"It's nothing weird. I heard that Abbot Fangzheng recently brought a salted fish up the mountain. He isn't going to eat it, but he's trying to salvage or redeem it or something. Anyway, it's some kind of understanding of the Buddhist Dharma. Besides, it's unknown what's up with Abbot Fangzheng. He often throws the salted fish here and there. So it's possible to see this salted fish anywhere. I have no idea how he uses it to cultivate in the Buddhist Dharma..." The person who spoke was Chen Jin. Beside him was his family, as well as his friends and family who had come from afar.

"Pfft. This Abbot Fangzheng sure is interesting. Trying to salvage a salted fish? Does he plan on giving it life after salvaging it?" One of Chen Jin's relatives laughed.

"Shut up! You can make jokes about anything, but not about Abbot Fangzheng! I'm telling you, if you end up getting your mouth smacked on the mountain, don't blame me for egging the assaulter by the side!" Chen Jin glared at his relative.

The person curled his lips and thought nothing of it. "Is there a need to go that far? Isn't he just a monk? I have seen my fair share of monks back at Mt. Jiuhua. I've never seen anyone that impressive. Besides, Uncle, you weren't a Buddhist last time I came, right?"

"Chen Qiang, I don't care what kind of monks you encountered at Mt. Jiuhua, but you better watch your mouth when you're here. Otherwise, get lost!" Chen Jin said with a frown.

Chen Qiang said with displeasure, "Uncle, are you being serious? You were the one who called us here, and now you want me to leave... Aunt, aren't you going to do something about this?"

Chen Jin's wife smacked Chen Jin and said, "Qiang doesn't know a thing. Can't you explain it to him nicely?"

Chen Jin said, "What had to be said has been said. Let's go up the mountain quickly. I suspect that others will be coming up in a while. If we don't get a good spot and end up not having any Laba Congee, don't blame me for not reminding you."

Chen Jin's wife hurriedly urged everyone to head up the mountain when she heard that.

Chen Qiang said indifferently, "Isn't it just a bowl of Laba Congee? I drink it all the time and am already sick of the taste. However, this mountain's scenery is quite alright..."

No one bothered themselves with him as he grumbled, and everyone walked up the mountain with Chen Jin.

When Chen Qiang saw no one responding to him, he shook his head and prepared to head up the mountain. But when he turned his head, he was stunned! At the same time, his hair nearly stood on end. He stared at the ground as he hesitantly said, "Wait... What's happening? Wasn't this signboard on the ground just now? Why is it erect now?"