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1035 Applying for Leave

 Having said that, Li Xueying felt that she had gone far enough, so she nodded and said, "But thank you for informing me. I'll get down to work now."

Li Xueying turned and left. She didn't bid her farewell, implying that she didn't want to meet her again.

The color in the actress's face drained. She knew very well that if Li Xueying thought badly of her in the crew, it would be the end of her career.

Li Xueying ignored the actress's thoughts and quickly got her cell phone from her assistant. Then she opened WeChat and opened the Moments tab. After finding Fangzheng's post, she revealed a warm smile on her somewhat weary and tense face caused by stress. She silently Liked Fangzheng's post before opening Weibo. Similarly, she added a Like on Fangzheng's Weibo post.

After that, Li Xueying reluctantly lowered her cell phone and looked at the script in her hand. Taking a deep breath, she decisively immersed herself in the battle of memorizing her lines.

Although it was a mere silent Like, how influential was Li Xueying?

Li Xueying had eighty million fans on Weibo! They were termed the Eighty Million Snow Eagle Fans. Even a crappy flick she casually starred in would end up a box office hit!

Of course, Li Xueying never chose crappy flicks. Her activity on Weibo wasn't as prevalent as other celebrities; however, her fans watched her every action daily. The instant Li Xueying gave Fangzheng a Like, people saw it, causing the comment section to erupt into chaos!

"Holy sh*t! Queen Snow Eagle has Liked Master Indecent's post again!"

"She voiced her support for Master Indecent the last time, and this time, she gave his post a Like. What evil has the brat known as Master Indecent committed this time? What trouble did he cause? Must he worry our Queen who's like his mother?"

"LOL! 666."

"6, my *ss! You're the mother! My Queen is forever eighteen! Long live the queen!"

"Holy sh*t! Her Majesty actually gave a few pictures a Like! However, these pictures were really well-taken. They are rather beautiful."

"This is rather beautiful? This is freaking beautiful, alright? I've seen pictures of rime ice many times before, but I've never seen any that were this charming! Five Rivers Village? F**k, I can't wait. I'll rush there before the Laba Festival is over!"

"Me too!"

"Queen Snow Eagle's Snow Eagle Army, prepare yourselves! Let's head to Five Rivers Village!"

"Awoo! Move out!"


Although there was quite a stir on the Internet, the matter wasn't overly important in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, apart from the attention it received initially, there was nothing. Even the reporters chose to watch by the sidelines without doing any further reports.

However, one of them did take notice even though they chose not to cover the matter.

"What? Five Rivers Village? Sis, it's so cold. Do you want to freeze?" Jing Yan's cameraman, Old Miao, had already begun navigating to Five Rivers Village despite what he said.

"I have a feeling that there might be some big news over there! Let's go quickly!" Jing Yan said.

Old Miao shook his head as he stepped on the accelerator towards Five Rivers Village.

As for Fangzheng who caused such a sensation on the Internet, he was having fun in the snow with his disciples. At the same time, he was preparing for the second Laba Festival.

Having done it once before, Fangzheng was now experienced. He obtained the raw materials for the Laba Congee and got Jingxin to borrow nine woks before he began cooking the Laba Congee.

Upon hearing that Fangzheng was preparing the congee again, the One Finger villagers, who had experienced the benefits of the Laba Congee the year before, instantly became pumped. They all rushed to find huge bowls. Dog Song's family even took out their basins. He remembered Fangzheng's rules very well. One bowl per person, nothing more! Hence, their minds whirred as they thought, "I'll use a basin as a bowl. At the very least, he'll have to cover the bottom of my basin! As long as he just covers the bottom, it will be more than a bowl already..."

With this in mind, he smiled smugly. He even exhorted his family not to spread this awesome trick he came up with. He was planning on making a killing tomorrow!

As he began counting his chickens, Dog Song smugly went out to have a stroll. However, the moment he walked out, he saw many people walking out. All of them had their eyes narrowed as they concealed a smile as though they were thinking about something gleeful. A few were laughing as they probed their neighbors, who would all shake their heads with a hint of mystery. "We shall talk about it tomorrow. Tomorrow..."

Instantly, One Finger Village was engulfed in an air of mystery. All of the villagers looked like they had struck the lottery as they held their smiles, finding everyone looking odd.

Some people who had come to the village as rural tourists felt discomfort from this air of mystery. They subconsciously touched their wallets, having a feeling that these people would snatch their wallets at any moment.

Meanwhile, the children of the One Finger villagers who were working elsewhere began taking leave to return home. They used all sorts of reasons for their leave requests.

"Going home to have kids? Do you have a girlfriend?" A boss looked at his employee's leave application as a dark cloud hung over his head.

"Uh, soon," said the embarrassed young man in front of him. He had a sexy mustache, and he was none other than Tan Ming who had eagerly rushed home last year to participate in the Laba Festival's Dharma Assembly.

"You don't even have a girlfriend, but you want to have children? Who are you going to do it with? Are you a hermaphrodite?" the boss grunted as he reprimanded in a joking manner.

"Boss, don't say that. It's not like you haven't seen me naked." Tan Ming seemed to be very familiar with his boss. Without showing any signs of anger, he returned a joke.

"Scram! Tell me the truth. Why are you applying for leave!?" The boss rapped the table and said, "As you know, we get very busy before the new year."

"Will you approve my application if I tell you the truth?" Tan Ming asked.

"As long as you convince me, I'll approve it!"

Tan Ming took a deep breath and said seriously, "I'm going home to eat Laba Congee!"

Boss: "..."

At the same time, similar events were occurring in many places. However, not everyone was as familiar with their boss as Tan Ming who succeeded. Many had their applications rejected before they returned with a bitter look.

However, there were always exceptions, such as...

"Boss, are you really not approving it?" Ma Yuan asked with a solemn expression.

"Ma Yuan, although your work is top-notch in our company, it's just before the new year's. Taking leave during the busiest period? That's impossible! I can give you two days of leave after the new year, but definitely not before!" a curly-haired female manager said with a stern expression.

Ma Yuan shook his head. "Manager Xu, I've already said it very clearly. One Finger Monastery is very meaningful to my family. Also, that Laba Congee is good stuff. The festival only happens once a year. It's gone once you miss it. I guarantee you I'll come back once I finish eating the congee. I definitely won't waste too much time."

Manager Xu frowned. She was puzzled as she asked, "I can't understand. Must you go this far for a bowl of congee? As for your praying for a child, I can't deny your religion, but I have to remind you that there aren't any benefits to being overly engrossed in such things."