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1026 Who is Who?

 "Master, it seems to be an egg!" Red Boy looked up at the gigantic egg as he exclaimed, "Heavens, why is Eighth Qiu having such a dream? Does he dream of stealing eggs even in his sleep?"

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "Even if he's thinking about egg theft, there's no need to steal such a big one, right?"

The two were confounded with questions when they heard a boom. The world shook and the originally gray space exploded. Black and white gases shuttled around as they collided constantly, releasing rumbling booms. This gave Fangzheng a fright as he hurriedly tried to protect Jingxin before realizing that the demon king was more powerful than him. There was no need for him to do anything.

Jingxin looked at the scene and commented. "Holy crap, why does this look like Yin and Yang Qi?"

"Yin and Yang Qi? The gray gas has become Yin and Yang Qi? Could this be the creation legend of the opening of Chaos? I... Holy crap, I think I know what kind of dream Eighth Qiu is having!" Fangzheng couldn't help but curse. However, he was surprised that his exclamation wasn't met with a lightning strike. However, he didn't have the time to consider anything. This was because the huge egg cracked open!

Following that, a gigantic axe cleaved open the egg.

Fangzheng and Red Boy couldn't help but exclaim in unison. "Pangu's creation of the Universe? This Eighth Qiu is freaking awesome!"

Just as he shouted that, Fangzheng discovered something amiss. Pangu's creation of the Universe involved him swinging his axe to split apart Yin and Yang. Yang Qi would rise up to form the heavens while the Yin Qi would sink to form the Earth. However, the axe here was apparently cleaving up and down.

Before Fangzheng could ask any questions, though, he heard a swishing sound as a gigantic cloth was pulled apart, sending a blinding light flooding outwards. Fangzheng and Red Boy found themselves momentarily unable to open their eyes. When they finally opened their eyes, they saw heads bobbing ahead of them. One of them shouted. "Egg-branded watermelons! Watermelons that look like eggs! Quick, try it!"

As Fangzheng and Red Boy looked at this scene, they were puzzled, unable to figure out what what was happening.

"Jingxin, we ran such a huge distance and experienced the collision of black and white gases with a towering huge egg. It was all just us running in a piece of cloth? How big is this cloth?" Fangzheng asked bitterly.

"Master, this is a dream... Everything illogical becomes logical here. What can you do with him having such a dream?" Red Boy asked.

Fangzheng thought about it and indeed, that seemed to be the case. What logic was there needed to have dreams? To imagine a creation of the universe caused by a Big Fart wouldn't be something odd for a dreamer.

Just as the two were conversing, they saw Eighth Qiu throw the watermelon in his hand into a frying pan beside him. Then he shouted. "Fruit pancakes! Five yuan for one!"

Fangzheng covered his face and said, "Jingxin, how long will this guy be up to this nonsense?"

"Who the hell knows..." Red Boy said with a rueful smile.

As they spoke, the sky suddenly darkened. Following that, a flying mountain appeared in the sky!

Fangzheng looked up and said, "A floating island?" Then he shook his head and said, "Forget it. I'll just treat it like I'm watching some computer animated flick."

But the next moment, the floating island dropped! Eighth Qiu roared. "Oh no! My clothes dropped!"

Fangzheng was taken aback. Clothes? Then he looked up again and realized his surroundings had turned into a farm yard. The clothes which had been hung up to dry were blown into the sky. As for the floating island, it was long gone.

A dark cloud hung over Fangzheng's head as he shot a glance at Red Boy, asking, "Is there a way to not make him have all these random dreams?"

"Yes, wouldn't it be over if you treated him of his fever?" Red Boy said.

Fangzheng was enlightened as he quickly left Eighth Qiu's dream. He raised his hand and released his Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi and quickly treated Eighth Qiu. Soon, Eighth Qiu stopped being feverish, but a heavy look flashed in the depths of Fangzheng's face.

This heavy look eventually turned into a sigh before vanishing.

After Eighth Qiu's fever subsided, Fangzheng entered his dreams once again.

Indeed, the scene inside changed.

It was a blistering cold scene. Eighth Qiu was walking in the snow when he heard the crying sounds of a child. He rushed over and saw a child in a haystack! The child was wailing, and it was red all over. Eighth Qiu's heart pained the moment he saw the child. He hurriedly rushed over and picked up the child. He opened his buttons and placed the child right to his warm chest before fastening his clothes and running in the direction of his home.

The moment he entered the house, he saw a woman sitting on the stove bed with her pregnant belly. Seeing the child in Eighth Qiu's arms and what he had to say, the woman wore a bitter look. "Eighth, it's unlikely we can afford to bring up two children."

Eighth Qiu looked at the child in his arms and asked, "Then what do we do? I can't just watch the child freeze to death outside."

The woman sighed. "I know. Let's do this. We can take care of her for now and find a chance to give her away once there's a chance. How about it?"

Eighth Qiu thought about it and nodded. "Alright."

"Then, what do you plan on saying to others about this child?" the woman asked.

Eighth Qiu said, "In this world, abandoned children are always despised by other children. They are bullied, making it easy for them to have low self-esteem. Why don't we say that it's ours? After all, our little guy is about to be born. The timing happens to match."

"What are you thinking? At the hospital, they go by the book on the number born..." The woman rolled her eyes at Eighth Qiu.

Eighth Qiu scratched his head. "Is that so..." Having said that, Eighth Qiu's eyes lit up and said, "Why don't we do this. First, we can add this child to the register once our child is born. Since our child will be a lot younger than her, we can tell others that you are pregnant once again once the present situation comes to an end. It'll be hard on you for a while as you fake pregnancy. But when the time comes, we can add our child to the register, saying that she was born at home. Then, we can use some connections to add her to the register... How about it?"

"This..." The woman clearly didn't seem fond of the idea.

Eighth Qiu said, "Don't worry. No one will know. If worst comes to worst, I'll inform the secretary. You shouldn't worry about it if we ask him, right? With his help, no one will know."

"That's not what I mean. I just think that this will be quite sad for our Baihong," the woman subconsciously rubbed her belly.

Eighth Qiu said, "I believe Baihong would support us if she knew."

"Alright... But you have to give Baihong a nicer sounding name," the woman said.

Eighth Qiu nodded immediately. "Back then, the fortune teller gave us two names. One of them was Baihong, and the other was Jinyu. Shall she be called Jinyu?"

"Jinyu? Jin as in gold, and Yu as the tree? That's a money tree. This child will definitely not suffer in the future." The woman smiled despite looking somewhat pale.