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1025 Dream Entry

 Inside the house, Qiu Baihong was sitting on the stove bed coaxing a child.

At this moment, Eighth Qiu entered, a bowl of water in hand. The moment he entered, he stumbled, failing to find his footing. The bowl in his hand fell and shattered.

The child who had just fallen asleep in Qiu Baihong's bosom instantly wailed.

Qiu Baihong was enraged and started cursing. "You useless old thing! You live off me and you show your displeasure from getting a bowl of water? You smashed my bowl? Scram!"

Eighth Qiu hurriedly explained. "No, I didn't do it on purpose."

"Get out! This house doesn't welcome you!" Qiu Baihong said furiously.

The man by the side said, "Baihong, it's so late, and it's cold outside. Where is he to go if you make him leave?"

"He can go wherever he wants! Doesn't he have that bastard daughter of his? He can go to her! Didn't he pick up that bastard in the snow back then? Perfect, now he can let that bastard pick him up in return!" Qiu Baihong yelled.

Eighth Qiu's eyes turned red as he was just about to yell something.

Qiu Baihong was even more enraged as she glared at him, roaring, "What? Aren't I right? Have you forgotten what you have done for that bastard? Others might believe that Mom died during childbirth, but I'm not an outsider. I know everything! If you hadn't taken the money to buy her milk powder and treat her sickness, there would have been money to rescue Mom when she was giving birth to my younger brother! You caused two deaths!"

"Enough!" Eighth Qiu roared as well, his voice extremely hoarse.

"Enough? It's not enough! I'm telling you! You owe my Mom and my younger brother! It will never be enough!" Qiu Baihong roared back.

Eighth Qiu's eyes were left scarlet red from the shout; however, he ultimately bowed his head and didn't say a word.

Qiu Baihong pointed out the door. "This house doesn't welcome you!"

Eighth Qiu sighed and left, disappearing into the night.

"Do you have to go that far... He's ultimately still your father," the man whispered.

Qiu Baihong didn't say anything as she coldly retracted her gaze and switched off the light. "Sleep!"


After deactivating the Dharma Eye, Fangzheng sighed silently. He hadn't seen much with the Dharma Eye this time, and Fangzheng wasn't very clear on the situation. Back when he had been dealing with the Song brothers, he was able to instantly tell many things after using the Dharma Eye.

"System, what's up with that?" asked Fangzheng.

"The more baneful aura your target has, the more you can see. On the contrary, with that little baneful aura she has, it's only natural you can see less."

Fangzheng was taken aback. He never expected the Dharma Eye to be related to the amount of baneful aura! This was something he hadn't noticed before, but here came the problem. Could it be that the evil which Qiu Baihong had allegedly committed was only limited to this? But if that were the case, the baneful aura wouldn't be this clear, right?

Fangzheng found it somewhat incomprehensible.

"Master, what's wrong?" Red Boy asked.

Fangzheng shook his head and turned to leave Qiu Baihong's home. After some thought, Fangzheng went straight to Honest Liu's house. Fangzheng believed that this matter was definitely nothing like he had originally imagined. There had to be certain matters he was unaware of, and he needed to understand everything clearly.

Red Boy followed closely in tow, and they soon arrived inside Honest Liu's house. The moment they entered, they saw a person lying motionless on the stove bed. The person's face looked haggard while having his eyes closed. Honest Liu was busying himself in the kitchen while a woman was seated beside him, helping him wipe his face from time to time.

After walking into the house, Fangzheng saw that the man was on a drip while the woman was crying as she wiped his face. Tears dripped down her face as she muttered. "Dad, why do you have to be like this? If it's not easy living at Sister's place, you can come to our place. No matter how poor we are, we wouldn't have made you freeze in the cold."

With that said, the woman cried.

Upon hearing this, Fangzheng knew that the man on the stove bed was Eighth Qiu. He had met Eighth Qiu before, but he was a lot younger back then and still fit. Now, Eighth Qiu was weighed down with age, looking extremely ill. His wrinkled face was lacking in energy, making him look like another person, just as the saying went-whether a person remains among the living is determined by their energy!

Fangzheng nearly failed to recognize him at a glance.

Sitting by Eighth Qiu's side was his second daughter, Qiu Jinyu. Fangzheng had never met her before, so he naturally didn't recognize her. Meeting her today, Fangzheng carefully observed her and discovered that she looked a lot gentler than Qiu Baihong. It was obvious she was a woman who led a decent life.

Upon hearing Qiu Jinyu weeping, Honest Liu yelled from the kitchen. "Don't cry. That's life..."

Qiu Jinyu broke down even more when hearing that.

When he saw this, Fangzheng silently activated his Wisdom Eye. He saw quite a bit of golden aura on Eighth Qiu, indicating that he was a good person. Although Qiu Jinyu's golden aura wasn't that bright, it was pretty normal. She wasn't an evil person. When Fangzheng activated his Dharma Eye, he discovered that the two had committed some evil deeds in the past, but they could be considered normal and pretty inevitable for the average human. For example, speaking behind someone's back or stealing some vegetables when poor. There really wasn't much to comment on.

With his Wisdom Eye not giving him much insight, Fangzheng was somewhat at a loss. What Fangzheng had learned from Qiu Baihong's memories differed from the rumors going around. Clearly, this family had plenty of conflicting matters unknown to outsiders. That was precisely what had resulted in today's outcome. To resolve the mystery of this family, Fangzheng needed to understand the ins and outs of everything.

Just as Fangzheng was fretting over the matter, Red Boy tugged at Fangzheng and said, "Master, Eighth Qiu seems to be having a fever and is unconscious. It's during this period that people easily have dreams. All sorts of histories churn in their heads."

Fangzheng's eyes lit up as he whispered. "Nice. An extra serving for you when we get back! You'll be brought with me again the next time I leave the mountain."

Red Boy was delighted as he stood happily by the side. "Hehe, it's all thanks to the teachings you provided me, Master."

Being sucked up to, Fangzheng was also happy. He then brought Red Boy into Eighth Qiu's dream.

However, Fangzheng seemed to have forgotten that when someone's turbid mind had dreams, it wasn't in a regular manner...

Fangzheng found himself in a grayish darkness before some light appeared before him.

Fangzheng was stumped. "Jingxin, what's the situation? Why would Eighth Qiu have such a dream?"

"Master, who am I for you to ask me that? But this dream is a little problematic." Jingxin mumbled.

Fangzheng nodded slightly before walking towards the light with Red Boy. Shortly after, they discovered a problem. The light seemed to be extremely far away! It was also humongous. As they got closer to the light, it slowly turned into spotted light before turning into an egg of light. Finally...