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1015 Handing Out Cards

 Fangzheng touched his nose when he heard that. He looked at Salted Fish who was speaking with righteous indignation when he suddenly realized that he had forgotten something. How could Salted Fish gamble without money?

However, Fangzheng wasn't in a rush to say anything. Instead, he asked in all seriousness, "You didn't gamble? Then tell This Penniless Monk what the meaning is of 'Macau's First Online Casino Launched'?"

"What Macau's First Online Casino Launched?" Salted Fish asked in confusion. From his expression, he didn't look like he was lying. However, Fangzheng knew very well that Salted Fish had lived for eons, and the main skill he had acquired over all those years was precisely acting. There was no way he could believe him!

Fangzheng narrowed his eyes. "Are you really refusing to speak the truth?"

"Wait! What did you say again? 'Macau's First Online Casino Launched'?" Salted Fish suddenly recalled something.

Fangzheng nodded. "Have you recalled something?"

Salted Fish nodded his head slightly before heavily sitting down on the ground. He used his fins to hold up his chin and said, "Reverend, you might not believe it even if I explain. I really wasn't gambling. The phrase you mentioned is from when I was doing scientific research."

"Scientific research? What scientific research? Why would you do that? Aren't you a demon? Your existence is already unscientific, alright?" Fangzheng was rendered speechless.

Salted Fish said without much thought, "Reverend, that's where you're wrong. My existence isn't scientific in your world, but in my world, it is! Everything in the world can turn into demons, Buddha, gods, or immortals if it cultivates..."

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Don't steer away from the topic. What's up with that Macau casino? If you tell me it was for scientific research again, This Penniless Monk can only start training his body." Fangzheng didn't wish to listen to Salted Fish's nonsense. This fellow who had lived for eons could spout plenty of nonsense with all his years of experience. Even if he couldn't spout it for tens of thousands of years, he could easily do it for a few days and nights.

Salted Fish shrugged his fins and said, "Alright. I admit that I looked at that stuff, but I was really only researching biology. This was so that I could better understand humans."

"Cut the nonsense! This Penniless Monk won't believe you without any evidence." Fangzheng contemplated activating his Dharma Eye if this fellow continued with his nonsense. He couldn't be bothered to engage in sophistry...

Salted Fish hurriedly shouted. "Alright. I'll get you evidence! Reverend, wait for me."

With that said, Salted Fish swatted his tail and burrowed into the snow pile. As though he was swimming in water, his motions produced a snow wave.

Fangzheng didn't bother rushing him. He wanted to see what Salted Fish would bring back.

After Fangzheng waited for a while, Salted Fish ran back in a hurry. He yelled, "Reverend, were you talking about this? Look, I really didn't gamble. I was doing scientific research!"

As he spoke, Salted Fish threw the phone over.

Fangzheng caught it and heard the phone play the words: "Macau's First Online Casino Launched... with sexy croupier dealing cards."

This was identical to what Lone Wolf had mentioned. He thought, "This gangster fish has finally realized that honesty is the best policy! Not bad, this is an improvement."

Fangzheng picked up the phone in delight. He also wished to know how such online gambling worked. How could someone gamble without money? But wait, could that still be considered gambling? Also, he wanted to know what kind of scientific research Salted Fish was talking about.

On careful look, Fangzheng was taken aback. This wasn't a web site but a video! In the video's name, there were several English words in a passage with a red label right on top. There were a few numbers written at the end of the passage.

Fangzheng couldn't tell what it meant. He thought, "Which idiot came up with this? I can't understand this at all! Did this fellow not attend language lessons in primary school? He doesn't even know how to write!"

Could it be that Salted Fish isn't gambling, but learning how to gamble by watching videos? He's researching gambling? Eh, if that's the case, it does match what he said... Regardless, gambling isn't good. Even research isn't allowed!

After Fangzheng thought the matter over, he couldn't be bothered with the opening which was filled with text. He directly skipped ahead.

Fangzheng was stunned the next moment. A man and woman appeared in the video. The man looked like scum, but the woman was rather pretty. Fangzheng was puzzled. Was this the sexy croupier? However, this scene didn't look like a gambling scene. And there weren't enough people. Or were the rest not there yet?

Fangzheng directly skipped a large part ahead, reaching the middle spot.

In the next moment, Fangzheng heard grunting and screaming he had never heard before.

Following that, there was a furious roar coming from Mt. One Finger. "Salted Fish!"

"Reverend, I'm innocent! I was really doing it for scientific research!" Salted Fish cried out, feeling wronged.

"Scientific research? This Penniless Monk shall also do some today. Dissection of a salted fish!" Fangzheng's angry and embarrassed roar sounded.

The next moment, a salted fish flew up into the sky like a cannonball.


An hour later, Salted Fish bitterly walked behind a collected Fangzheng. Fangzheng said under his breath, "You can imagine what the consequences will be if this matter becomes known by anyone else."

"Dissected salted fish, stewed salted fish... Don't worry, Reverend. I will absolutely not tell anyone. By the way, should I continue my research in the future? Of course, you can monitor me. I guarantee you that it's just research. After all, we are of a different species," Salted Fish said with an enticing tone.

Fangzheng was somewhat moved. He had never seen something so stimulating all his life, but on second thought, what use was it? Apart from building a tent at his crotch and making him suffer, there wasn't any benefit.

Before he renounced asceticism, all such thoughts would be pointless. He might as well work hard at accumulating merit so as to renounce asceticism.

With this in mind, Fangzheng said with flagging interest, "Amitabha. This Penniless Monk is a monk. How can he watch such things? Even if one were to enter hell to experience the din of the mortal world, there should be limits. In the future, you are forbidden to do any research. Otherwise, you won't have meals for a month."

As a wily old fox, Salted Fish instantly read Fangzheng's mind. He thought, "This darn baldy sure is ruthless. He's clearly stopping me from doing it because he can't!"

However, Salted Fish was only curious. Just as he said, they were of a different species. It was hard for him to be very interested. This was just like how humans watched dogs mate. What kind of reaction could there be? At best, they would take a look out of curiosity...

When they saw Fangzheng return with Salted Fish, the disciples in One Finger Monastery ran over and looked curiously at Fangzheng and Salted Fish, as though they could tell what had happened from their appearances.

Unfortunately, the two kept mum and were acting experts. The few disciples naturally failed to see a thing.

When Fangzheng saw this, he grunted coldly. "From now on, gambling is forbidden in One Finger Monastery! Violators will starve for a month!"