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1014 Being a Master Isnt That Easy

 Salted Fish's mind was in chaos as he looked at Red Boy. "It's not easy for Jingxin to fly. Why don't... Why don't you explain to Jingfa and the rest what Wu Song... Ahem, rime ice is!"

"It's fine. I'm always prepared to be at Master's service. I don't mind helping no matter what it is! Besides, this is a trivial matter. There's no need for Master to do it. I'm fully capable of doing it." Red Boy wasn't interested in Salted Fish's matters, but the thought of being the teacher and playing the role of Fangzheng immediately delighted him. As for whether he could give a good explanation? He didn't worry about it. After all, he was thick-skinned. Since Master explained by checking his phone for the information all the time, it wasn't like he couldn't do the same.

Seeing how Red Boy had lost himself with the chance to posture, Salted Fish could only place his hopes on Fangzheng.

Fangzheng said sternly, "Jingxin, you need to explain to your senior brothers what rime ice is. As for Salted Fish, follow me down. We'll have a nice chat."

Red Boy didn't wait for Salted Fish's reaction as he directed the cloud downwards.

Then, Fangzheng grabbed Salted Fish's tail and dragged him away. Salted Fish was long used to being dragged around, but Fangzheng was a lot taller than Red Boy. He couldn't drag Salted Fish on his belly like Red Boy. Instead, he sadly realized that Fangzheng's height was just nice to drag him with his mouth on the ground. Hence, as Fangzheng walked, he kept eating snow. Curses ran through his mind as he thought, "Can't you let me walk by myself? I'm very diligent, alright?"

After Fangzheng left with Salted Fish, Squirrel immediately came to Red Boy and asked with watery eyes, "Junior Brother, can you tell me what rime ice is already?"

"Rime ice... It's very simple." Red Boy mimicked Fangzheng's posturing style in all seriousness. Then, he secretly took out the phone and began reciting the information.

"Look, the layer of white featherlike objects on the bodhi tree is rime ice. This is a unique scene of Gulin City, uh-you can't call it very unique, though. Certain places have it, but nowhere else is it as beautiful as here, with all these elements gathered together.

"Rime ice forms when supercooled water liquid droplets sublime or when cold mist drops directly freeze onto a surface. It's a very rare natural wonder..." Upon saying that, Red Boy realized that the situation was amiss because the few pairs of eyes in front of him were opened wide. Their expressions said: "What are you talking about? We don't understand!"

"Fourth Junior Brother, what are you talking about? What do you mean by 'sublime'? What are liquids? What is everything you just mentioned?" Squirrel immediately asked when he saw Red Boy pause.

Red Boy coughed dryly and said, "Sublimation is a term used by human scientists. It's..."

Saying that much, Red Boy was somewhat unsure what it was. Hence, he hurriedly checked on the phone. Then he said, "It's when gas skips the liquid state to become a solid. Get it?"

The three pairs of big eyes in front of him turned even more confused. There were nothing but dazed and adorable looks in their eyes.

Squirrel bitterly asked, "Fourth Junior Brother, how does air turn liquid? How do liquids turn solid?"

Upon hearing this question, Lone Wolf and Monkey nodded. Clearly, they didn't know either.

When Red Boy heard that, he began to explain what gas, liquid, and solids were. Then, he explained how water could turn into gas and solid states...

After explaining this, he sadly realized that these idiots without any general knowledge had new questions. This question and answer process kept repeating itself...

Half an hour later, Red Boy roared. "I don't know! I don't know anything! I don't know what is a gas. I don't know how a gas turns into a liquid or a solid! I don't know what sublimation is either! Don't ask me! Ahhhh I'm almost going mad!" Red Boy cried out as he ran off.

He left three pairs of big eyes looking at each other in a daze. Finally, these eyes had a smiling look to them. They then lay on the ground laughing out loud...

Monkey cried out. "Little kid. You dare to pretend like you're Master by reading off the phone? You even wanted to have the feeling of being the master? Humph, do you think it's so easy being a master?"

"That's right. Posturing is a technique that needs plenty of insight," Lone Wolf said with a chuckle.

Squirrel also laughed. Without realizing it, this adorable fur ball had also gotten quite naughty.

After the three of them laughed for a moment, Monkey suddenly asked, "Eh, why isn't Master back after so long? Also, what kind of lesson could Master be teaching Salted Fish? I think Salted Fish is in big trouble this time."

"Me too. That smile of Master's was wicked. He was definitely prepared to teach him a good lesson," Squirrel said.

As the snitch, Lone Wolf obviously knew what mistake Salted Fish had made. But at this moment, he didn't dare say it out loud. Instead, he continued acting dumb. "They should be back after so long, right?"

Meanwhile, Fangzheng was looking sternly at Salted Fish far away. "Salted Fish, do you want to be honest or do you want This Penniless Monk to use his Dharma Eye to dig out everything, including something as intimate as your underwear?"

Salted Fish hurriedly looked down at his bottom half, then he said with utmost seriousness, "Reverend, after thorough observation, I must state I'm not wearing underwear!"

Fangzheng: "..."

Fangzheng said, "It appears you will be holding onto hope until you're faced with the grim reality! Sigh. This Penniless Monk has been having backaches recently. From the looks of it, I need some training. I'll get Jingxin over to train by playing some Beating Salted Fish. How about it?"

"Reverend!" Salted Fish instantly turned anxious. He wasn't afraid of the pain, but he had motion sickness. To keep flying and tossing and turning in the air basically made him vomit after about ten rounds. He wasn't allowed to eat much in the first place, so vomiting it all out would definitely make him suffer from pangs of hunger at night!

Hence, Salted Fish hugged Fangzheng's pants and cried with snot and tears. "You can't treat me like that. Even if you're punishing me, you should at least tell me why, right? Tell me, what did I do? At least remind me!"

Fangzheng sneered. "Fine. I'll remind you then. Let This Penniless Monk ask you if you have been indulging in gambling recently?"

Salted Fish was taken aback as he looked at Fangzheng in a daze. Then, he released Fangzheng's trousers and wiped his snot. He raised his head and said with utmost confidence, "Reverend, you must have evidence when making claims! Although I'm a little frivolous, I definitely do not touch upon vices like gambling! Besides, gambling requires money. With the little bit of money this crappy monastery has, it's not enough to gamble! Besides, even that bit of money is all in your hands. Where would I find capital to gamble?"