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1013 Story of Salted Fish and a Cell Phone

 Fangzheng looked up slightly. "That's because you are unaware. Them giving me a title is them liking and loving me. Yes, thi is called a special kind of love!"

Red Boy chuckled when he heard that, but he didn't say a thing.

Red Boy knew Fangzheng too well, and he had been taught a lesson by him several times. Therefore, he knew it was best to shut up at such times; otherwise, he would be in for a good time.

However, Salted Fish was a newcomer. Although he had been taught a lesson a few times, it hadn't been drilled into him yet. Therefore Salted Fish said out of reflex, "Reverend, since when are you so thick-skinned?"

The moment Fangzheng heard that, he chuckled and said to Red Boy, "Jingxin, it's been quite some time since we exercised. What are our One Finger Monastery's main sports?"

Red Boy chuckled. "Eating, sleeping, and beating Salted Fish!"

"F**k!" Before Salted Fish could even curse properly, he was sent flying from Fangzheng's kick, as a tennis match with Salted Fish as the ball began.

A day soon passed. With Xizi and company being arrested, and Song Xianhe and company leaving, One Finger Monastery seemed to return to its former peace and quiet.

However, One Finger Monastery was no longer the unheard-of monastery from before. Numerous visitors came every day, batch after batch. The incense the monastery received streamed in continuously, and Fangzheng's mouth nearly turned crooked from smiling at the sight of the incense money.

Fangzheng stood under the bodhi tree more than once, chuckling as he said, "If every day will be like this, This Penniless Monk won't be far from renouncing asceticism."

However, just as he said that, the heavens showed Fangzheng what it meant to have great pleasure bring about sadness.

A new day broke, and the weather was especially cold. As a cold front came from Siberia, it blew away the last bit of warmth on Mt. One Finger. The temperature plummeted and reached a terrifying -37°C!

One Finger Monastery had restored its flow of incense thanks to the warm temperatures of the past few days, but with it suddenly becoming so cold, even the birds were gone, much less humans.

Even the doctors who were prepared for the next competition to fight for lecture spots hid away in the cold. To seek treatment in such temperatures? Stop kidding. The patient might first freeze to death before they were treated.

Thankfully, no patients came. They decided to delay the event until things warmed up.

On the empty Mt. One Finger, as there weren't any visitors, it appeared rather bleak. Yet...

"Wow!" Squirrel shouted from the bodhi tree before running to the backyard, yelling, "Master, Master, Master! Quick, come and take a look! It's beautiful!"

Fangzheng cracked his mouth open when he heard that. What was there to see in this darn weather? What was this silly child clamoring about?

Upon hearing the shouts, Lone Wolf, Monkey, Red Boy, and even Salted Fish, who was lying at the bottom of the Heavenly Dragon Pond, woke up. The latter peeked his head out to take a glance.

The moment they walked out, the first thing they felt was a biting cold wind blowing at them. Although they were already accustomed to the cold weather, Monkey, Lone Wolf, and Fangzheng couldn't help but tremble. Just as they were about to scold Squirrel, they were stunned by the very scene before them.

During which of all the seasons was northeast China at its most beautiful? Some people said it was during spring, when life returned to the land; some liked the greenery during summer; others the golden colors of autumn; and yet others the snowy-white of winter. Everyone had a different answer.

As for Fangzheng, who had been living in the northeast for so many years, he didn't have an exact preference. Although spring was an exception. He never liked it.

As for winter, Fangzheng was quite desensitized to the snowy land after seeing it so much, but today was different.

Yesterday, the bodhi tree had still been green, even if it had had some snow, amd even though all its leaves had fallen after the strong winds. It was the same with the two golden Luohan Trees at the door.

Further away, the Frost Bamboo forest usually remained steadfast with its deep green amid the harsh cold winds. It set off as a foil for the pine trees in the mountains far away. It was the last bastion of Mt. One Finger's beautiful greenery, which was also one of the most uniquely beautiful scenes on Mt. One Finger.

However, the bodhi tree, Luohan Tree, and Frost Bamboo forests were quite different today. They were all covered in white!

Be it from afar or nearby, the entire Mt. One Finger was covered in a pure white. There were no other colors mixed in. The roof, eaves, and the leaves of the Luohan Trees and bodhi tree were all white!

Everything looked indistinct.

The Heavenly Dragon Pond at the entrance was constantly emitting mist in such weather. As the mist billowed, it spread throughout the mountaintop, making the mountain seem as if it were covered in a thin veil. It looked mysterious with a tinge of immortal vibes.

Fangzheng had never seen such a white and pure Mt. One Finger. At that instant, he only had one thought. He shouted. "Jingxin! Take me flying!"

Monkey, Squirrel, Lone Wolf immediately came over. When Red Boy saw this, he smiled and threw out his arm, taking everyone into the sky!

Looking down from above, One Finger Monastery appeared even whiter. It seemed to vanish from the land of snow.

From a different angle-a 45° angle-One Finger Monastery's outline could be seen. The white monastery, bodhi tree, and yard walls... The entire monastery was clean, pure, and picture-perfect.

Under the moonlight, the monastery seemed to be enveloped in a layer of silvery light, making it look even more mysterious.

"Beautiful!" Fangzheng couldn't help but marvel.

"Master, what happened? It wasn't snowing last night. How did so much snow fall onto the trees?" Squirrel couldn't help but ask.

The other disciples also wore looks of curiosity.

Fangzheng said, "This is rime ice."

"Wu Song? The one who beat the tiger? I always thought he was human." As someone who recently got into using phones, Salted Fish subconsciously asked.

Fangzheng instantly turned livid as he asked, "Where did you learn that from?"

"The phone," Salted Fish answered matter-of-factly.

The moment that was mentioned, Fangzheng immediately thought of something. He pricked up his brows and said, "Salted Fish, This Penniless Monk has something to say to you."

"Wait. Master, you haven't explained what rime ice is yet," Squirrel asked anxiously.

Fangzheng ruffled his head and said, "Let Fourth Junior Brother explain to you. I'll be having a good chat with Guardian Protector Salted Fish! Otherwise, I'll forget about it again."

When Lone Wolf heard that, he subconsciously grinned. He already knew what Fangzheng was about to do. He looked at Salted Fish with a look of pity, thinking, "Hehe, you're going to be in trouble for indulging yourself in gambling!"

However, Lone Wolf didn't say a word. He acted ignorant as though he knew nothing.

Salted Fish was taken aback. What was happening? He carefully recalled his recent deeds. None of them seemed problematic. Wasn't it just some talk about Wu Song? Even if I said something wrong, there's no need to look at me with such killing intent, right?Pronounced Wu Song.Wu Song is a fictional character of Water Margin who was famous for killing a tiger with his bare fists.