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1012 Merit Falling From the Sky

 And the way Salted Fish watched over them was by giving them a blow every time they woke up! Leaving them unconscious made things simpler...

As he looked at the trio, Fangzheng said indifferently, "Although they are under Flowershadow, what they did wasn't directed by the three brothers, but due to a personal mission. They just pay a cut after they earn the money, so in this case, all the sins they committed are on them. Jingxin, send them to the police station. How they should be punished should be left to the police."

"Uh, we'll throw them there just like that?" Red Boy subconsciously asked. After all, the trio had been sent plummeting off the cliff in front of everyone. For them to suddenly appear at the police station alive would be inexplicable.

Fangzheng smiled. "Just like that. Remember, don't let anyone notice you when you throw them there."

Red Boy understood and immediately ran over. With a wave of his hand, he lifted their bodies and flew off.

At the same time, Bao Yuluo was walking out of the Songwu County police station with a smile. She was very happy-very, very happy!

Although many people had fallen off the cliff two days ago and none of them had been found despite a search, Song Xianshu, of whom it had been determined that he had fallen to his death, had run to the police station to surrender himself!

Furthermore, she happened to be on duty at the time. This meant a meritorious deed had fallen right into her lap. Although it gave her quite a big surprise at first, she soon turned ecstatic.

Together with Song Xianshu being extremely cooperative and having confessed to everything, many hanging cases were instantly cracked. As a result, she gained lots of merit.

Therefore, she was overjoyed.

But at this moment, there were screams from above!

Bao Yuluo subconsciously looked up and saw a person fall from the sky!

Bao Yuluo instinctively dodged to the side before hearing a thud. A person had fallen to the ground facing downwards.

Only then did Bao Yuluo react and rush to check on the person's injuries. Just as she was about to extend her arm to flip the person over, Bao Yuluo suddenly felt goosebumps all over. This was because she recalled that there were no skyscrapers around the police station.

The nearest one was a hundred meters away! How could someone jump off from a building a hundred meters away and land there? If someone had that ability, why jump? Just by participating in long jump competitions, they could definitely become the world champion! Their days would be awesome. Why would they need to jump from a building?

In any case, from a logical point of view, it was simply impossible for anyone to jump that far.

Then, where had this person come from?

Recalling Song Xianshu, who had seemingly resurrected from the dead, Bao Yuluo suddenly had the urge to cry. She mumbled. "Am I still dreaming? Isn't it way too creepy for these things to happen one after another?"

Although it was creepy, Bao Yuluo still flipped the person's body to look at their face. Bao Yuluo cried out. "Lin Wenlong? Didn't he fall off the cliff? How did he fall here? Where are the other two then?"

Just as she said that, she heard something above her again.

Bao Yuluo instinctively jumped backwards and saw another figure land on Lin Wenlong's body!

Bao Yuluo gulped and mumbled to herself. "This must be a dream; otherwise, how can this be explained... How are they falling one after another? This isn't scientific!"

Although Bao Yuluo was trembling all over, she still went over to check on the person. When she saw her face, she was instantly dumbfounded as she said in a daze, "Isn't this Wu Yue'e? Heavens, two of them falling at the same time? Dear Heaven, is the next one to drop Xi... What, that fast?"

Bao Yuluo heard something above her again as she leaped backwards. She looked up and indeed saw another figure crashing down. It was unknown from what height the figure fell, but Bao Yuluo was certain that it wasn't from any of the nearby skyscrapers.

From that distance, even a simple metal ball would produce a crater. It would be impossible for them to survive that.


The figure slammed into Wu Yue'e's body. Without stepping forward, Bao Yuluo could tell from the newest person's attire that it was definitely Xizi.

Hence, Bao Yuluo subconsciously pinched her arm and sobbed. "This must be a dream, a dream, definitely... Ouch! It hurts! Is this not a dream?"

Bao Yuluo felt like her mind was in a mess. The scene before her was just incredulous. Her brain couldn't keep up with the reality unfolding before her.

At that moment, Bao Yuluo's colleague walked out and saw the trio on the ground. He ran over and exclaimed. "Heavens! Bao Yuluo, you're this awesome? You just took in a Song Xianshu, and now you apprehended Xizi and gang? Are you waiting to be promoted!?"

What else could she say but smile? Then, she followed her colleague in a daze and dragged the three unconscious suspects into the police station.

Afterwards, according to the various clues they had, as well as the information Song Xianshu had provided, they easily made a breakthrough in the cases concerning Xizi's syndicate and obtained what they wanted.

Following that, the legal procedures were followed.

However, during this process, the policemen on the case nearly went mad!

"Didn't you fall off a cliff? Why are you still alive?"

"No idea."

"Then, how did you arrive at the police station?"

"No idea."

"Then what do you remember?"

"A Salted Fish smiling at me with a pole in its fin."


At that moment, Bao Yuluo blankly sat in front of her office desk, murmuring. "Freaking hell, I must be dreaming..." She pinched her thighs before crying out in pain again. This repeated indefinitely.

Meanwhile, there were all kinds of discussions on the Internet.

However, the discussion wasn't about Xizi and company, but about the words Fangzheng had said to the Song brothers.

"I already suspected Abbot Fangzheng was posturing, but who knew, he was really posturing!"

"I must say that his posturing is freaking natural. I nearly believed him. I thought he was completely engrossed in his reading. More importantly, according to the latest news, the Song brother's Song Xianshu was actually a criminal! He surrendered himself after Fangzheng told him those words of enlightenment. Freaking hell. What else can I say?"

"Previous poster, take note. The only book you can be engrossed with is The Golden Lotus. In addition, I have to say that I'm impressed with Master Frivolous' posturing."

"Pfft! Previous poster, get back in line! We are discussing serious matters."

"Alright, Master Frivolous has once again proven that when it comes to his title of 'Frivolous', he's very serious!"

"In the future, we don't have to call him Master Frivolous or Abbot Fangzheng, we might as well call him Master Indecent."

"Haha, Master Indecent? That's nice!"

"Yes, let's call him Master Indecent!"

As such, Fangzheng had another title added to his name.

However, this discussion was something Fangzheng saw with his own eyes. Towards his new title, Fangzheng cracked open his mouth and mumbled. "This Penniless Monk's name is clearly Fangzheng, how did it become indecent? These people..."

"Master, you have been given a new nickname. What's your take on this matter?" Red Boy asked with a grin.A Chinese classic with explicit depiction of sexuality. or indecent is formed from two characters, , which means 'not' 'straight', placed vertically. Fangzheng's 'zheng' is , which is why he is using his name as part of the pun.