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1007 Redeeming People in Such a Way?

 The more Third Brother spoke, the more he revealed his nature. Song Yuan wasn't sure if he should laugh or be angry at this bald man. So what if it was easy money? He did evil just because it was easy?

But under such a situation, Song Yuan also knew that his three children hadn't actually had it easy.

Once Song Xianshu saw that it was working, he hurriedly added on explanations. Finally, Song Xiancheng followed. The two brothers began to say more and more.

Song Yuan listened in silence..

An hour later, the two brothers were exhausted from saying so much. Only then did Song Yuan slowly ask, "Are you done?"

The two brothers nodded subconsciously.

Song Yuan sighed and said, "The lot of you... Do you still remember what I said before I left?"

Song Xianhe and Song Xiancheng were stunned. What he said? What had he said?

However, Song Xianshu suddenly recalled the scene from before and subconsciously asked, "'Be a good person'?"

Song Yuan nodded. "Yes, 'be a good person'. Do you think you are good people or bad people?"

Song Xianshu and Song Xiancheng wished to say that they were good people, but they immediately shut up when they recalled the reputation they had.

Song Xianhe sighed. "We can't be considered good people. But... Dad, I don't think we can be considered overly bad people either, can we?"

Song Yuan subconsciously nodded before he shook his head. "I don't know."

"I know someone who will definitely know!" Song Xianshu suddenly cried out.

"Who?" Song Yuan subconsciously asked.

Song Xianshu looked up in the direction of One Finger Monastery.

At this moment in time, Fangzheng was sitting under the bodhi tree, reading the Buddhist scriptures in silence. By his side, there were many visitors passing by. Many of them had come due to the fame of One Finger Monastery. All of them were curious about Fangzheng, wishing to chat with him, but when they saw him reading the Buddhist scriptures in such a serious manner, they subconsciously couldn't bring themselves to disturbing him.

Furthermore, many people secretly took pictures of this scene from afar. Snow covered the land under the green bodhi tree, making the monastery look pure and sacred. The bright green bamboo chair had a yellow cushion placed on it, and on the cushion sat a white-robed monk. His brows were slightly knitted together, and he wore an extremely solemn expression as he read the scriptures.

Upon taking this picture, people were amazed at the scene. It was extremely zen-like and beautiful, something that they just had to use as their wallpaper.

As these photos began spreading on the Internet, Fangzheng became the topic of discussion again. This led to more people coming over to secretly snap pictures...

Not far away, Lone Wolf stole a glance at the scene and asked Monkey with a whisper. "Do you think Master is seriously reading the scriptures or just posturing?"

Monkey replied calmly, "You are belittling Master. Although there are many people and many beautiful patrons, with even more people snapping photos, Master is very serious when he postures!"

Lone Wolf: "..."

At this moment, there was a din at the entrance. Something had garnered the notice of everyone present as three people walked in. Leading them was none other than Song Xianhe.

Following behind him were Song Xianshu and Song Xiancheng. They were holding a chair with the two of them, and seated on the chair was an elderly man who didn't look too healthy. He was covered in thick cotton clothes and a blanket.

They weren't too eye-catching per se, but for a person to be carried in was rather unique. Hence, almost everyone looked over.

However, to everyone's surprise, Fangzheng showed no reaction. He continued silently reading the Buddhist scriptures in full concentration. It was as though he was completely engrossed in them.

Song Xiancheng wanted to say something the moment he saw Fangzheng, but Song Yuan stopped him. Song Xianhe looked at his father in puzzlement and was instructed to let him down. He then got off and said to his three sons, "Do not disturb Master from meditating over the zen. We can wait until he is done reading."

"Dad, I'm not afraid of waiting, and there's nothing else I'm personally afraid of either, but can your body take it?" Song Xianshu asked.

Song Yuan shook his head and said, "Our entire family owes him our lives. Even if we freeze to death standing, so what?"

Song Xianshu and company were unable to provide an answer to that. All they could do was silently wait. Song Xianshu surveyed the area and prepared to find a spot where Song Yuan could sit down and warm himself up. At the very least, it wouldn't be too tiring for him like that.

To his surprise, however, he saw Song Yuan standing silently in front of Fangzheng. His hands were hanging down as if he were a bellboy. He stood there with great respect, having no intention to sit down.

Song Xianshu looked at Song Xianhe. Song Xianhe nodded slightly before running to Song Yuan's side and standing there as well.

Song Xianshu looked at Song Xiancheng who made his intentions rather clear with his body language. If their eldest brother and father were acting this way, what else could they do? Stand as well!

Hence, the two followed their example and stood there. Instantly, the four stood still like statues, right in front of Fangzheng.

As for Fangzheng, it was as though he didn't notice them. He continued quietly reading the scriptures.

Lone Wolf looked at Monkey and whispered. "I have a feeling that Master is doing it on purpose. He has read scriptures in the past, but if there was anything, he could always move straight away. He must be posturing!"

Monkey glanced at Lone Wolf and said, "Master is becoming more and more skilled."

"Skilled in what?" Squirrel jumped over and asked with a whisper.

"Skilled in posturing!" Monkey enunciated each syllable.

Lone Wolf and Squirrel: "..."

"You three idiots. Do you really think the Reverend is posturing? He isn't posturing this time." At this moment, Salted Fish hid behind the door to prevent being seen as he scoffed.

"He's not posturing? Then what is Master doing?" Lone Wolf, Master, and Squirrel asked in unison.

Salted Fish said in a profound tone, "He's redeeming them!"

"Redeeming them?" The trio were instantly dumbfounded. Was he redeeming people in such a way? How did that work when he wasn't saying or doing a thing other than letting them wait for him? They really couldn't figure it out.

Salted Fish shot them a glance and said, "All of you should read the scriptures more often. Do you think it's so easy to redeem others? Carefully think of how he redeemed others in the past. Do you think saying a few words is enough? Do you really think he's posturing every time he uses all sorts of troublesome methods to deal with problems when he could easily resolve them with his divine powers?"

Upon hearing Salted Fish say that, the animals were taken aback. They couldn't understand what he was talking about.

When Salted Fish saw this, he shook his head and said, "Forget it. You guys wouldn't understand it even if I told you. Just see for yourselves."

The few animals hurriedly looked at Fangzheng, wondering how Fangzheng would redeem the three.

The result...

Fangzheng was still reading his Buddhist scriptures ten minutes later.