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1005 Paranormal Reasons

 Song Xiancheng frowned and mumbled. "Impossible. I'm usually fine even after drinking a few cans. How can I be drunk from just a few mouthfuls? Was I really seeing things?"

Just as he said that, he heard a sound coming from outside. Following that, the door opened.

Song Xianhe and Song Xiancheng subconsciously looked over and saw a familiar figure walk in. When they saw the familiar smiling face, the two cried out subconsciously. "Holy sh*t! Brother! You really returned from the dead!?"

Song Xianshu, who had run back in excitement, was stunned when he heard that. Returned from the dead? Then, he suddenly realized something. He hurriedly checked himself to see if he was alive or dead. He didn't want to realize that he was dead after all his excitement!

He didn't say a word as he looked down and checked his body. This only served to overwhelm Song Xiancheng with anxiety.

Song Xiancheng pulled Song Xianhe and said, "Brother, it's over! It's really Second Brother's soul! I heard that when people die, their souls dissipate and their intelligence drops. Look at Second Brother, he looks as silly as a retard. His soul must have dissipated..."

Song Xianshu was incensed when he heard that, but an idea came to him as his eyes darted around. He said creepily, "Third Brother, I'm so cold alone down below. Come join me."

With that said, Song Xianshu walked towards Third Brother.

Although Third Brother wasn't afraid of anything, capable of fighting ten alone, he was terrified when faced with a ghost! Even if the ghost was his brother, who wouldn't be afraid if the brother was clamoring to have a companion in the underworld?

Hence, Third Brother hurriedly retreated. He yelled, "Second Brother, since it's cold down there, don't bring me along, please? I'm afraid of the cold."

"That won't do. I'm too cold alone. Follow me." Second Brother began to chase after him.

As Third Brother retreated, he cried out. "Brother, help me! Aren't you going to stop Second Brother from dragging me down with him!?"

Song Xianhe looked at Song Xianshu before looking at Song Xiancheng. He suddenly chuckled and crossed his arms as he watched from the side in silence.

Third Brother cried out bitterly. "I'm doomed! Brother has been spellbound by the ghost!"

With that said, he turned and ran, while Second Brother laughed as he chased after him. Instantly, the two brothers began running about in the house, causing mayhem.

By the side, Song Xianhe wore a relaxed smile as he watched this scene. However, deep in his eyes was puzzlement. How was Second Brother still alive? Could it be that Fangzheng and the policewoman from before had lied to them?

With this in mind, Song Xianhe immediately said, "Alright. Second Brother, stop teasing Third Brother. I have something to ask you."

With Song Xianhe saying that, Second Brother Song Xianshu immediately stopped. Third Brother Song Xiancheng was stunned as he stared at the two with widened eyes, as though he was saying: "What the f**k? What's going on? Is Second Brother a human or a ghost?"

Song Xianshu said, "Alright, alright. Stop staring at me. I'm not dead. Ghosts don't have shadows. I was just fooling around with you."

Song Xiancheng was taken aback once more before he threw himself forward, losing control of his emotions. His pounce pushed Song Xianshu to the ground. As Song Xiancheng touched all over his brother, he laughed out loud. "Hey, you're really alive. You have a body temperature!"

"Get the f**k off me. F**k, where do you think you're touching?" Song Xianshu cursed in amusement.

"I'm doing a full-body check up. I need to know if your dick is still around," Third Brother said with a chuckle.

After the two brothers finished fooling around, they obediently sat in front of Song Xianhe.

Song Xianshu wore a bitter look when faced with his brothers' questions. "To be honest, I have no idea what's happening either."

Then, Song Xianshu recounted his experience.

Song Xiancheng was completely dumbfounded as he scratched his bald head. "Second Brother, you really jumped down?"

Song Xianshu nodded. "Yeah, I really jumped. I thought that if I didn't die back then, Fangzheng could bring me back and say I committed murder. This would have alerted the police, making them launch investigations on your heroic act-whether it had been an accident or a premeditated silencing. However, if I was dead as well, few people would believe it if Fangzheng said anything. So I chose to commit suicide. I even stabbed myself to test Fangzheng and discovered that he has quite a benevolent heart. There was a high chance my death would be enough to shut his mouth.

"That's why I did it. To be honest, I nearly succeeded too."

Song Xiancheng nodded. "You did succeed, but I don't f**king want such success! I want you alive! The three of us need to be alive!"

Song Xianhe wasn't as impulsive as Song Xiancheng. After some careful thought, he asked, "You said that you were in One Finger Monastery when you woke up?"

"Yes." Song Xianshu nodded.

Song Xianshu rubbed his brows. Fangzheng's sudden arrival to treat Song Yuan's condition could be explained as him being a talented hermit. But Song Xianshu surviving his jump off the cliff and Song Xiancheng being saved by a monk when surrounded by a sea of fire could no longer be explained with talent.

This was especially so when the details were analyzed. There were countless impossibilities in this matter.

Song Xianhe listed up all possible explanations he could think of in a book he took out.

Song Xianshu and Song Xiancheng immediately came over. They knew Song Xianhe well and knew what he was doing. However, when Song Xianhe wrote the first line, Song Xiancheng couldn't help but say, "Brother, why did you write 'paranormal reasons?' Didn't you say that everything can be explained by science?"

Song Xianhe didn't say a word as he continued writing.

The second line was: "Coincidence."

The third line was: "Multiple people."


He wrote more than ten lines before Song Xianhe began eliminating them line by line. Finally, there was only one line left, the line that looked the most ludicrous and shocking-"paranormal reasons"!

Upon seeing this, Song Xiancheng and Song Xianshu were dumbfounded. However, the latter didn't say a word. His recent experiences really weren't something an ordinary person could explain. Instead, paranormal reasons were the best explanation.

Song Xiancheng was just about to say something when Song Xianhe beat him to the chase. "From the first time I saw Fangzheng, he refused to take our incense money. He said that his monastery wouldn't accept our money because it was tainted with negative karma. I thought he was just being mystifying.

"Later on, when Third Brother entered the inferno to save Dad, he met a monk-like person who parted the fire and brought him out. This is rather incredible, and I couldn't believe it at first, thinking that there could be other reasons for it...

"But for Second Brother to survive the plummet down a cliff is completely unbelievable. I did a careful count of the time it takes to go down the mountain and taking into account the difficulty, be it going down from the cliff or taking the stairs, it would take a very long period of time. Fangzheng came down with Officer Bao after Second Brother fell down the cliff. He didn't have the time to head down the mountain to save him. Furthermore, Officer Bao would have known if he had jumped off the cliff to save Brother. There was no reason for him to hide Second Brother's death!"