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998 Roasted Balu

 Dog Song's house wasn't huge, so you would reach the outside the moment you passed the corridor. After seven or eight steps, Third Brother realized the brightness was receding as darkness enveloped him. He was drowned in all kinds of shouts before someone ran over to grab him, crying. Someone even tried to take away his father from his embrace.

At that moment, he snapped to his senses and yelled, "Don't touch my Dad!"

Then, his eyes rolled up, and he fell unconscious.

Although he had fainted, his hands were tightly clasped around his father. The crowd had to go through great effort before managing to pull the elderly man from his embrace, and they settled him at someone else's house.

As for Third Brother, he was rushed to the doctors. When they pulled apart his clothes, everyone was stunned!

"How is this possible?" The doctors looked at Third Brother's completely undamaged body!

By the side, Song Xianhe was stunned as well. Even an elephant would have burn patches from charging into such an inferno, much less a person! Yet, Third Brother was completely fine? How... was this possible?

The doctors checked on Third Brother and the elderly man's body, and after confirming that they were fine, all of them left while clicking their tongues. They left Song Xianhe alone in the room as he took care of his brother and father.

Song Xianhe sat there and looked at his brother and father. He rubbed his head and mumbled. "What exactly happened? Was it Second Brother?"

"Amitabha!" At that moment, a Buddhist proclamation sounded.

Song Xianhe got up upon hearing that and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that it was Fangzheng. He nodded slightly and said, "So it's you, Abbot Fangzheng. Please, have a seat."

Fangzheng nodded and said, "Patron, This Penniless Monk is here to treat your father. Is now a convenient moment?"

Upon hearing that Fangzheng was there to treat his father, Song Xianhe immediately wore a look of delight. He hurriedly said, "Of course. I'll be troubling you."

Fangzheng nodded slightly and came in front of the elderly man. Then, he said, "Patron, please leave the room. This Penniless Monk doesn't like people watching by the side when providing treatment."

Song Xianhe hesitated for a moment, but he eventually left the room.

The moment Song Xianhe left the room, Fangzheng began the treatment. The elderly man's physical condition was complicated. It would appear that he had suffered a collision, hurting his head, causing him to become unconscious and end up in a vegetative state. This was definitely the most difficult condition to treat for most doctors, but for Fangzheng, it was a simple case.

The treatment this time was different, though. Instead of using the needle directly, Fangzheng pressed down on the back of the elder's neck with a single hand, and he transferred his Qi into the elder's body. Then, following the blood flow, it arrived at the blockage in the elder's cerebral blood vessel. Fangzheng held his breath and condensed his Qi into a needle. Instantly, he cleared the blockage! Following that, he dissipated the Qi, melding it into the blood vessel walls, allowing the vessels which hadn't had blood flow through them for a prolonged period of time to be nourished and healed until they became like brand new blood vessels. Only then did he continue.

The elder's brain had three major blockages. Fangzheng used about three hours to clear all three spots, and he used Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi to nourish the elder's blood vessels. Only after he was certain that everything was okay did he retract the Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi.

After doing all of this, Fangzheng nodded slightly and turned to leave.

Upon seeing Fangzheng come out, Song Xianhe immediately came over and asked, "Master, how's my Dad?"

Fangzheng smiled. "He will awake naturally tomorrow."

Song Xianhe was ecstatic when he heard that, but he immediately turned solemn. He bowed at Fangzheng and said, "Abbot Fangzheng, I have no way to thank you for your kindness. In the future, us brothers will do anything you ask us to do!"

When Fangzheng heard that, he smiled and patted Song Xianhe on the shoulder. "Patron, if you truly mean that, why don't you turn back?"

Song Xianhe was taken aback. He didn't understand what Fangzheng was saying.

Fangzheng shook his head and slowly walked away. As he walked, he said, "The sea of bitterness knows no bounds, turn back to the shore before it's too late. Patron, you are already on the path to hell. Yet only a mere thought stands in between you and repentance."

When Song Xianhe heard that, his body trembled all over. He opened his mouth, about to say something, but he ultimately held back. However, he was still puzzled. What does this monk know?

The moment he recalled how Fangzheng had known everything about Xizi and company, his heart sank. Could it be that Fangzheng knew everything? But, how?

After returning to his room, Song Xianhe's father was still unconscious, but Third Brother had already awoken. The moment he woke up, he flailed his arms and yelled, "Don't touch my Dad! If anyone has to die, let it be me!"

Song Xianhe hurriedly held him down to prevent him from disturbing their father. After shouting his name a few times, Third Brother snapped to his senses.

Third Brother looked at Song Xianhe and his surroundings. Then, looking at their father lying in bed, looking completely fine, he cracked a grin. "So it was all a dream... Brother, I just had a dream that the house was on fire..."


Song Xianhe rapped him on the head and glared at him. "Dream, my ass! Have you forgotten how you threw me to the side and grabbed my jacket already? Nice, now that you have a promising future, you don't even listen to me anymore?"

Third Brother trembled as he asked nervously, "It wasn't a dream?"

"Obviously!" Song Xianhe reprimanded.

Third Brother hurriedly checked his body as well as the big guy at his crotch. He realized that everything was intact as he widened his mouth. "How... is this possible?"

"It's indeed strange. Tell me honestly, what did you do in the fire? How could you not suffer any burns?" Song Xianhe asked.

Third Brother wore a blank look before he suddenly snapped to his senses, exclaiming. "I saw Buddha!"


Song Xianhe struck him without any thought, scolding him. "Don't speak nonsense!"

Third Brother said, aggrieved, "Brother, I really saw Buddha! I was about to get burned to death and felt that there was no way for me to escape anymore. But suddenly, the flames parted, and Buddha walked out of the flames. Then, Buddha asked me a few questions and led me out. I'm not a god, so how could I not have gotten injured otherwise? Heh heh. There are really no injuries at all. I thought my big guy would become a roasted balut, no longer to be used. Hehe..."

Third Brother looked at his crown jewels with great relish.

Song Xianhe rolled his eyes at him and fell into deep thought. He knew his brother very well. Third Brother wouldn't lie to him. If he said that he had seen Buddha, then it was highly likely the case. Regardless if it was ridiculous or not, that was the only explanation!

Following that, Song Xianhe asked Third Brother about the details of Buddha. The way he answered perfectly convinced him that it was impossible for Third Brother to fabricate such a perfect lie with the kind of brains he had. Therefore, the only answer was that it was the truth!

But, how was that possible?

After asking about Buddha's looks, Song Xianhe suddenly felt a jolt as he exclaimed. "Why does this Buddha sound so much like Fangzheng?"