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997 Buddha Descends

 "Holy sh*t! My house!" Dog Song, who had headed up the mountain to join the buzz, shouted in disbelief when he saw this scene.

Song Xianhe and Third Brother, who were planning to enter the mountains to search for Second Brother's corpse, suddenly turned back to look in the direction of the billowing black smoke. They cried out as they ran back. The two brothers had yet to leave the village, so they quickly returned. At this point in time, Dog Song's house was already in flames. The wind's blowing caused some ignited straw to quickly cover the entire house. No one could enter! Neither could the people inside leave.

"Dad!" Third Brother cried out in agitation when he saw this sight. He rushed to find water.

Song Xianhe had already taken a huge broom in a bid to snuff out the fire.

However, with the dry weather during winter, it was difficult to suppress the fire once it started. It only burned more and more intensely, and it was only a matter of time before the house became a huge inferno.

Third Brother and the other villagers ran over with water, but it was completely useless.

"Third Brother, come over here!" Song Xianhe roared and grabbed Third Brother's bucket of water. He poured all the water on himself, took off his jacket, and covered his head with it. "Second Brother isn't around anymore. If I don't come out alive, take the money to do some small business. Don't engage in sordid deals again!"

With that said, Song Xianhe was just about to rush into the inferno.

At that moment, Third Brother suddenly grabbed Song Xianhe by the waist, and he threw Song Xianhe behind him. He grabbed the down jacket and wrapped it over his head and yelled, "I'm a dim person. Without you guys, I'm nothing! I won't be able to keep the money for long. Brother, you are educated and cultured. You are better than me, so leave this to me!"

Third Brother didn't wait for Song Xianhe to get up. He roared and charged into the fire, slamming into the door. The burning flames instantly soared, and soon, his body was completely engulfed by the emanating thick smoke. No one could see a thing.

Song Xianhe cried out as he charged forward, but he was stopped by the villagers who reacted in time.

"Don't go. The fire is too intense! You'll die!" Dog Song shouted.

"My father and brother are still inside! Let go! Let go of me!" Song Xianhe roared as he wore a ferocious expression. All his typical calmness and gentleness from before were gone.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone couldn't help but sigh.

Bao Yuluo and company, who had just rushed over, also shook their heads slightly. In the beginning, Bao Yuluo still had some doubts towards Song Xianhe and his brother, but after seeing his overflowing real emotions, all of her doubts dissipated. From her point of view, such a filial person couldn't be a bad person.

"Master?" In the sky, Red Boy asked Fangzheng.

Fangzheng shot a glance at Song Xianhe as he wore a mixed look in his eyes. He pointed to the house and said, "Save them!"

"Alright!" Red Boy charged into the fire with Fangzheng. The fire was very terrifying to others, but to Red Boy, it was nothing. He was a king amidst fire. The fire would avoid him automatically wherever he passed...

Inside the house, Third Brother had already charged all the way to the elderly man. But by that time, the elder had already passed out, and he no longer knew anything. Third Brother's body was covered in burn marks, but he seemed unfazed by them. He wrapped the jacket which was dripping with water around the elderly man and lifted him in preparation to leave.

Suddenly, there was a creaking sound as a roof beam collapsed, blocking the door. The entire house emitted a strange sound as it seemed to shake. The house was about to collapse!

At that instant, Third Brother's heart sank as he thought, "We're doomed!"

All he could hear was Song Xianhe's shouting from outside. He psyched himself up and roared. "Brother, take good care of Dad!"

Third Brother lowered his head and said, "I'll risk it. Who cares if I'm burned to death!"

With that said, he suddenly shouted and charged into the flames. He wished to dash out of the fire wall with the fastest speed possible and use his body to forge a path for his father!

"Ah!" What was the feeling of stepping into fire? No one knew, but when they heard the cry, everyone felt their heart ache.

Third Brother didn't flinch backwards. Instead, he tore right through the burning beam and rushed for the main door.

"If someone has to die, let it be me. Dad will not die!" the bald Third Brother roared softly as his eyes turned red. He could no longer see anything clearly, but he still somehow knew which direction was the way out. His massive body protected the thin, frail elderly man in his embrace as he allowed the flames to burn him while he forged a path forward.

However, after rushing past an area with thick smoke, all he saw was a swath of fiery red. The flames were soaring upwards like a wall of fire, a sea of fire! How was he to pass through that?

Charge! As Third Brother heard the sounds signaling the house's impending collapse, that was the only thought he had. If he didn't succeed in charging forward, he would die!

Third Brother charged forward, having made up his mind to be burned to death.

But suddenly, the flames quaked before they split apart!

A gush of fresh air tore through an open path of thick smoke. Third Brother felt his body entirely refreshed as his mind cleared up. He shook his head with all his might to discern the scene in front of him.

The flames were still burning, but the flames had split apart for some reason, as though they were forming a pathway. A white-robed monk with a boy beside him was slowly walking over. He was like a Buddha walking through the flames!

"Are you Buddha?" Third Brother subconsciously asked.

The monk didn't nod or shake his head, making Third Brother interpret it as tacit agreement. He shouted. "Buddha, please bring my father out."

"Buddha" looked at Third Brother in surprise as he asked, "Don't you wish to be brought out?"

Third Brother shook his head. "I know Buddha only likes good people and not bad people. I'm not a good person. You wouldn't save me even if I made the request. However, my father is a good man, the best in the world!"

Upon hearing that, Fangzheng subconsciously recalled Second Brother's last words before he jumped off the cliff. Hence, he asked, "Do you know that you will die if This Penniless Monk ignores you?"

When Third Brother heard that, his eyes turned dim, but he insisted. "It's fine if I die, but my father can't."

"Oh? Why?" Fangzheng asked.

Third Brother said, "Without him, the three of us brothers would have long been dead. We live all thanks to him. We owe him! Buddha, please bring him out of here!"

Towards the end, Third Brother knelt down and pleaded.

Fangzheng moved aside. Although he wished to save them, he subconsciously felt that he couldn't accept the kneel. He didn't dare receive it for it was a kneel that carried weight.

"Amitabha. Patron, follow This Penniless Monk." After saying that, Fangzheng turned and walked out.

When Third Brother saw the flames make way, forming a long corridor of fire, he immediately felt delighted. He carried his father and followed. Indeed, wherever "Buddha" passed, the flames would recede. This scene left him dumbfounded as he was more certain of his beliefs. However, his mind didn't manage to wrap around the idea that the "Buddha" looked strangely familiar...