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995 Death

 Fangzheng sighed and said, "Patron, are you planning on silencing This Penniless Monk?"

Second Brother shook his head. "In any other situation, I might do so. But I can't kill you here. If you are dead, no one will save my father. I admit that I'm not a good person, and in order to live, there's nothing I mind doing! I know that you only save good people and not bad people. But I don't need you to save me. You just need to save my father. He's a good man, the best in the world."

Fangzheng looked at his bleeding stomach and asked, "Do you think that this will allow you to escape the punishment of the law? You ultimately voluntarily committed murder."

Second Brother chuckled and said, "If even this isn't enough, then what is?"

Fangzheng frowned, puzzled over what he meant.

Just as Fangzheng was hesitating, Third Brother suddenly turned around, leaped up into the air, jumped over the railing, and flew straight down!

His actions were too fast and decisive, so decisive that even Fangzheng didn't have time to react! Fangzheng never expected the man to be this crazy, to not even blink when faced with impending death. He had just turned and jumped down in one fluid motion without a single pause!


Red Boy flew up from beneath the cliff the next moment. He had a person in each hand. On the left was Yang Xu, and on the right was Second Brother. It was an unknown if they had fallen unconscious or if Red Boy had made them lose consciousness. "Master, is there some mountain jumping event today? They just keep coming."

Fangzheng was just about to say something when he heard footsteps behind him. He hurriedly waved his hand.

Red Boy understood what he meant and flew up into the sky with the two from before vanishing with him.

Before long, Bao Yuluo chased up to Fangzheng and asked, "Abbot Fangzheng, are you alright?"

Fangzheng pressed his palms together and smiled bitterly. "Amitabha. Thank you for your concern, Patron. This Penniless Monk is fine."

Bao Yuluo heaved a sigh of relief and asked, "Where's Xizi? And where's the man with the flattop who was chasing after him?"

Fangzheng subconsciously looked to the railing beside him. Bao Yuluo turned aghast as she said, "Don't tell me they fell down?"

Just as Fangzheng was about to say something, wishing to recount all that he had seen, he thought about what would happen after he did. It would be difficult to explain how Second Brother and Xizi hadn't died. Therefore, Fangzheng didn't say a thing and pressed his palms together. "The two have soared into the heavens."

Upon hearing this, Bao Yuluo turned appalled as she hurriedly ran to the railing and looked down. There were signs of falling near the railing. "Another two fell down? This..."

Fangzheng sighed and didn't say a word. If he said anything wrong, it would be considered lying, and he would be punished with a lightning strike. It was better for him to remain silent and let Bao Yuluo imagine things herself.

"What's happening today? Why are there so many heroic people? Are men from the northeast all so ferocious?" Bao Yuluo mumbled as she got Fangzheng to go down the mountain with her.

Fangzheng nodded and followed her.

At the foot of the mountain, Third Brother looked behind Fangzheng and Bao Yuluo the moment he saw them, but he didn't see a person. He immediately frowned and asked, "Abbot Fangzheng, where's my second brother?"

"Second brother? The person who went up the mountain was your brother?" Bao Yuluo asked, perplexed.

Song Xianhe also turned nervous as he asked, "The person who went up is my second brother. This is my third brother. Officer, what happened to my second brother?"

Bao Yuluo sighed and said, "You had a good brother..."

"What do you mean by that? Give me a f**king explanation! What happened to my second brother?" Third Brother instantly turned anxious, and he even began to curse.

Bao Yuluo could tell that Third Brother was quite an unreasonable fellow who didn't care about anything when angered. She didn't flare up and instead said wryly, "I'm sorry."

"F**k, how is that possible? Xizi, that..." Third Brother was just about to roar when Song Xianhe slapped him in the face.

With the loud smack, it left Third Brother in a daze. He held his face and asked angrily, "Brother, why did you slap me?"

Song Xianhe said, "Second Brother sacrificed himself for a heroic cause. That was his choice. What has this got to do with this officer? Why are you scolding her? We need to be honored by Second Brother and not add to his troubles after he has departed. Don't say a word. Let's head down the mountain to find him!"

"Find Second Brother? Isn't he?" Third Brother felt a little confused.

Song Xianhe took a deep breath. Anyone could tell the pain in his heart. He was like a volcano on the brink of an eruption, but he was forcibly suppressed it.

Song Xianhe enunciated each and every word. "Even if he's dead, his corpse needs to be seen! Regardless, we cannot leave Second Brother's remains exposed to the wilderness!"

With that said, Song Xianhe calmly looked at Bao Yuluo. Although there was calmness in his eyes, the pain deep in his heart left one pitying him.

Song Xianhe tried his best to maintain his calm as he nodded. "My third brother isn't cultured. Please don't take offense at anything he might have said."

Bao Yuluo nodded and said, "I can understand. Please accept my condolences. I will report this to the higher-ups and make sure that justice is served for your second brother."

Song Xianhe shook his head. "Our father taught us from a young age not to clamor for fame when doing good. Leaving a name will make it a matter of utility and gain. For gain, people turn bad. Let's leave it at that."

With that said, Song Xianhe walked to Fangzheng and silently looked at him. Fangzheng did the same in return. They didn't say anything, but it felt like there were endless things to be said.

Finally, Song Xianhe pressed his palms together. "Master, if you have the time, please take a look at my father's condition. When you do, please do not tell him of Second Brother's situation for the time being."

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Amitabha, This Penniless Monk understands."

Song Xianhe nodded and with a beckon of his hand, Third Brother immediately followed him as they headed down the mountain.

As he watched the two leave, Fangzheng furrowed his brows. He could see many things from them, but he also saw things that the Wisdom Eye and Dharma Eye couldn't tell. Especially after Second Brother had turned around and jumped without any hesitation. It left Fangzheng extremely shocked.

Up to this point in time, Fangzheng's mind was still fixed on the scene of Second Brother jumping off the cliff...

Song Xianhe and company went down the mountain. Xizi and company had either died or fled. This farce finally came to an end. The few people who remained also began to disperse.

However, few people at the foot of the mountain knew what had happened on the mountain. They only seemed to know that something major had happened as a large number of policemen had headed up the mountain, but they knew nothing else.

The freckled man found Xu Pu and said, "Director, the cops are out in full force. I think Xizi and the rest are doomed. There's no way they can escape. What do we do?"

Xu Pu looked up the mountain, but unfortunately, he could only see the people on a part of the stairs due to his angle. Then, looking at the police vehicles parked in the village, he clenched his teeth and said, "We can't allow them to be caught! Do it!"