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986 Face Slapping

 Wang didn't know medicine, but he felt that what the mixed-blood man said made sense. He subconsciously nodded and said, "But if that were the case, wouldn't they be flaring up in unison after going through all the hassle of the past two days?"

"I'm not sure, but regardless if they flare up or not, this monk's reputation is gone," the mixed-blood said with strong affirmation.

The light in Wang's eyes dimmed as he sighed. If the person standing beside him were only Chinese, he naturally wouldn't think too much of it, believing that he had just been fooled and woken up early for nothing. At the very least, he would have witnessed a farce and had a story to tell in a way. However, the man beside him lived abroad-that made things different.

Although Wang didn't have any connections with Fangzheng, he and Fangzheng still shared a connection when in front of someone from abroad-they had both been born and raised in China! A shared honor as fellow nationals sprouted as a result. Who wouldn't wish for an illustrious starlet to appear from the ranks of their kinsmen? This way, one could feel pride in front of foreigners. Similarly, if the person who appeared wasn't an illustrious starlet, but a cheat, one would feel... Shame, anger, and regret! Countless complex emotions arose in him, and he could no longer bear to take in what Fangzheng was saying towards the end. He was thinking of how he could redeem the honor of his fellow kinsmen now, but he couldn't think of anything. All he could do was reduce the pain with a long sigh.

By the side, the mixed-blood man didn't have such feelings. Instead, he felt excited about exposing a farce! He wasn't targeting anyone, but as a reporter, such matters excited him to no end. This was simply the influence his job had on him.

The two waited with mixed feelings, and finally, Fangzheng was done lecturing.

At that instant, Wang had a feeling as though he was heading to the execution grounds.

As for the mixed-blood, he had the excitement of a top student awaiting the announcements of his examination results. He watched as Fangzheng slowly got up and turned to leave. As he did, there was silence, with not even a tiny bit of applause.

The mixed-blood couldn't take it anymore as he tugged at Wang and chuckled. "See? The lecture is already over. There's not even a single clap. This monk screwed"

Before he could finish his sentence, however, he heard someone suddenly exclaim. "Master, wait a moment!"

The mixed-blood immediately cried. "Here comes trouble! Hehe..." As he spoke, he even began to hop a little as he awaited the chaos to ensue.

Wang was so incensed that he wished to kick him, but he ultimately chose to remain silent. He wore a gloomy expression, having expected better from Fangzheng. He thought, "If you don't have the skill, don't do all of this! Great, now not only did you ruin your reputation, but you have also disgraced us in front of someone from abroad."

Fangzheng didn't stop despite hearing the shout. By the side, the acolyte monk, Red Boy, said loudly, "The morning lesson has ended. Come again early in the afternoon if you still wish to hear more!"

"Pfft! This guy sure doesn't feel the shame. He still wants people to come again having given such a lecture? Is he afraid he'll get beaten up if he walks any slower?" the mixed-blood said with a laugh.

However, before he could finish his sentence, he heard the person shout again. "Master, please continue! You gave a great lecture!"

"Uh..." The mixed-blood man originally imagined that the person was about to begin cursing, so when that was said, his expression froze.

Wang was taken aback as well. What was happening?

Following that, another expert got up. He bowed at Fangzheng and said, "A single lecture from you has benefitted me more than ten years of studying. I previously imagined that I was accomplished enough and believed that the only way to improve myself anymore would be to head overseas. Only now do I realize that I was short-sighted. There are experts domestically, so why should I seek inferior knowledge overseas?"

Upon hearing this, the mixed-blood pricked up his brows. "The words he said. You can put someone on a pedestal, but there's no need to denigrate others, right? What do you mean inferior? North American and European medicine is among the top of the world! Going overseas is a better pursuit."

At this moment, he didn't suppress his voice and shouted out loud.

However, he immediately regretted it. To shout something like that in such a situation? Did he have a death wish?

Indeed, angry gazes were directed at him from all sides, leaving his heart palpitating. He subconsciously looked at Wang as though he was saying, "How terrifying. Help me..."

Wang rolled his eyes at him before consoling him. "It's fine. At the very least, they won't beat you up."

"What if they do?" the mixed-blood felt apprehensive.

Wang seriously said, "Don't say I know you."

The mixed-blood: "..."

At this moment, the expert spoke again and attracted everyone's attention. "Everyone, don't be mad. What this friend here says isn't without reason. However, that was in the past! I've seen all the top scholars overseas. They are indeed pushing the boundaries of their fields and are among the top of the world. I have always respected and honored them. I've been working hard with them as my goal, but now, I have to say that the gap between them and Abbot Fangzheng is extraordinarily huge! A new monument in medicine has appeared!"

There was an uproar when this was said. There were no gasps in admiration or screams, but only shock.

China had never been considered top of the world when it came to medicine. The top medical techniques were all in the hands of foreign countries. Being used to being one step behind others, to have someone suddenly say that they were not behind but ahead of the competition by leaps and bounds, it was something rather unacceptable to most people.

At this moment, another person stood up. "I agree with what Elder Li said!"

"I approve of it as well!"

"I agree!"

"Thank you, Abbot Fangzheng, for sharing with us such valuable medical experience. All of that hard work wasn't for nothing! It was definitely worth the price!"

"What do you mean worth the price? We made a killing!"

"Hahaha! I was listening so seriously and holding my breath that I forgot to take notes."

"When it comes to such a lesson, every word has to be carefully consumed and analyzed. Who would have the time and energy to take notes? I won't be bringing a notebook for the afternoon session."

"Me neither."


Upon hearing these words, the mixed-blood recalled his speculations and immediately felt countless slaps rain down on him. It left his face flushed red. When he looked at Wang, Wang no longer had the dispirited look from before. Instead, he chuckled. "Today's weather is pretty good. My mood is pretty good as well. Want to have something for lunch?"

The mixed-blood clenched his teeth and said, "I've lost my appetite!"

"Shall we head down the mountain?" Wang asked.

The mixed-blood thought about it and decisively shook his head and said, "No! We will lose our spots if we head down. Let's just wait here."

"Hey, aren't you afraid of being slapped in the face again?" Wang smiled.

The mixed-blood said with a rueful look, "Can we not raise this topic anymore?"

"Hahaha!" Wang immediately laughed boisterously.

At this moment, a shout was heard. "Make way! Make way! Abbot Fangzheng, don't leave! Help!"