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985 Something Has Happened

 At this moment, Monkey suddenly turned around and patted a person by the side. He raised a signboard which said: "Please leave for secretly recording. Otherwise, you will be dragged away by the villagers."

Upon seeing this, the person in question didn't dare do anything, but he did clamor. "Is this monkey sick? What do you mean 'secretly recording'? I have nothing on me. Can you see anything?"

Everyone looked over. Indeed, he was wearing thick clothing without any phone in hand. He looked like an ordinary person.

Everyone was just about to speak up for him when they saw the monkey shoot out his hand at lightning speed, yanking open the man's jacket. The moment it was opened, there was an entire array of voice recording equipment hidden inside!

The others instantly shut up. Their pitiful gazes turned into pointed ones. F**k, we haven't even begun secretly recording, but you already started? Serves you right to get caught!

After this, the person ran down the mountain with his tail between his legs.

When everyone saw this, they were puzzled. How had the monkey discovered that? Before they could figure it out, they saw the monkey walk towards a woman with his signboard raised again. The woman frowned and said, "I didn't do a thing!"

Monkey grabbed a mineral water bottle and opened the lid. Inside of it, there was a pocket-sizes camera!

Everyone exclaimed.

"Damn, this monkey is awesome! Is he some KGB monkey? He managed to notice that!?"

"This is definitely a trained monkey. He's really awesome."

No one knew, however, that Monkey wasn't actually that impressive. The truly impressive one was the salted fish on the mountaintop. With a sweep of his divine perception, he could easily tell who was wearing recording equipment. After noticing, he would inform Monkey who would then take action. However, all the glory was directed at Monkey. As such, while Salted Fish did the work, he kept grumbling to no avail...

As everyone was discussing, Monkey took action many times. He found all the ones with recording equipment towards the front and chased them down the mountain.

When everyone saw how the monkey caught more than ten people without any mistakes, with him able to precisely pinpoint where the equipment was every time, all of them felt alarmed. They were joking in the beginning, but towards the end, they turned serious. They originally thought that this inspector was there to act adorable and be a clown, but from the looks of it, he wasn't a clown, but someone formidable!

"To organize this event at such a large scale and make all those hospitals put in so much effort, going as far as getting a monkey to smack those reporters in the face, I'm afraid things will turn nasty if the monk can't say anything of worth." At this moment, someone mumbled among the crowd. He had black hair and sallow skin. However, his eyes weren't brown, and his nose was somewhat high. He was obviously of mixed blood, and from an aesthetic point of view, he was really rather handsome.

The man wore a thick mountain-climbing jacket. He had a cotton cap on his head, covering his scalp well. However, he wore a doubtful and contemptuous look.

Standing beside him was another man who had a full beard. He was very tall. When he heard that, he whispered. "Don't say that out loud. It's his territory after all. We will know if he's of any substance in a while."

"Wang, I'm not putting anyone down here. I'm just speaking the truth. This monk went through so much trouble. I've been overseas for so many years, yet I've never seen a doctor like that. Those international expert professors would at most sell tickets for their lectures. Most of the time, though, they are invited to give free lectures. As for him, sure, he didn't collect any fees, but in order to listen to a lesson of his, one has to busy themselves for days to earn so-called points for the ticket. This... is completely unprecedented! If it wasn't because of this news, I wouldn't have come," the mixed-blood man whispered.

The tall man said, "Got it, got it. You've been grumbling the entire trip. This is China, not overseas. Abbot Fangzheng is someone with skill. Don't forget he defeated Park Changmin and made that paralyzed, blind woman healthy again."

"I know, but that's all hearsay. It's not like anyone saw it with their own eyes. Who knows if it's real. I've seen many cults who claim they can cure cancer with a few pats. It's all a farce, tricks to cheat people."

Wang shook his head in exasperation, no longer wishing to speak further. He knew his friend very well. He was combative and viewed everything with suspicion. Only after the truth was unraveled would he stop. Wang even suspected it might be an occupational hazard of his.

At this moment, Fangzheng began speaking about the important points, and the whispering instantly vanished...

As the doctors listened, they were stunned. This is TCM? That's not right! Why are there so many Western medicine theories? Some of this stuff even includes ancient witch doctor theories. There were also some theories they had never heard of. There were apparently even concepts from some unpopular branches of medicine or medicinal theory that had been abandoned. This... was a huge eclectic mix!

Although they found it weird, everything was explained in detail by Fangzheng, with him exposing the essence of every theory and then drawing on its strengths. Everyone's eyes lit up. This wasn't a typical lecture on medicine. This was a potpourri of all the medical knowledge in the world to concoct a brand new branch of medicine!

Fangzheng continued as before, going from simple topics to advanced topics. It was all substance without much filler.

As the people by the stone stairs were only there to join in on the fun, and the reporters were only there to cover the event, none of them knew medicine. However, Fangzheng's explanations started from simple cases, so they were able to understand a little too. They subconsciously nodded at first, but they slowly stopped being able to understand it towards the end. Nonetheless, they instinctively believed it to be right.

The mixed-blood man also nodded subconsciously as a way of acknowledging what Fangzheng said. However, he still looked at the experts. After all, they were the authority from his point of view. He had already witnessed their medical skills over the past two days and was impressed by them.

When he saw them, the man frowned. This was because the experts were sitting there and listening silently. Some were frowning or in thought. Some even had their eyes closed! As for the notebooks on their thighs, not even one of them had touched his notebook!

Upon seeing this, the mixed-blood man's brows furrowed tightly. He suppressed his voice and whispered to Wang. "It looks like I overestimated this monk. The things he teaches seem to be problematic."

Wang was taken aback. "What do you mean?"

The mixed-blood said, "We could barely understand the beginning and found it logical, but towards the end of his explanations, it already involves the treatment of rare illnesses. We can't even understand the methods he talks about. But those experts should be able to understand, right? Yet look at them! They are all motionless. Some even have their eyes closed! This means that they aren't even listening to what the monk is saying. Or it can be said that it's not worth their efforts. I think something huge is about to happen."