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982 I Have the Final Say

 The freckled man became smugger when he saw this.

At this moment, Wang Yougui said, "Everyone, did you see the last line when you read the rules on the signboard?"

Everyone was taken aback. The last line?

Everyone looked over. There wasn't anything special, was there? Didn't it simply say that those with high scores could attend the lecture? Everyone looked at Wang Yougui in puzzlement.

"Look carefully again," Wang Yougui reminded them. "Down below."

Everyone looked down and discovered that at the spot where one had to sign, there was a small line of text below the signature: "One Finger Monastery reserves the right of final interpretation, whatever it may be."

When everyone saw this, they immediately felt dumbfounded. Following that, they didn't know if they should laugh or cry. Finally, all the emotions culminated into a sentence: "Damn, this monk is just too frivolous! Can he do that?"

The freckled man was somewhat stunned as he asked, "What does it mean?"

Wang Yougui smiled. "It means that the rules are set by Abbot Fangzheng. He can change them however he wants. He can do anything! The only right you have is to take it or leave it. Very clearly, the rules have changed. Your actions that marred medical ethics violated Abbot Fangzheng's core requirements! Be it for attending lessons or gaining treatment, one's moral character has to reach a passing mark. Your hospital has failed in its moral character, so no matter how many points you accumulated, there is still no way for you to attend Abbot Fangzheng's lecture! Now, are you convinced?"

Upon hearing this, the doctors and directors immediately broke out into a thunderous applause. There were even screams and abundant kudos coming from the patients!

No one was blind. Everyone knew who was good and who was bad. Now that the scum from Putian was disqualified, it naturally brought joy to everyone. There was a series of cheers and applause.

The freckled man originally wanted to debate the matter, but he was taken aback by the cheers and applause. He was so shocked that he didn't manage to say the words he wanted to say.

At this moment, Xu Pu came over. He had been watching by the side and knew that if he didn't make an appearance, he would really suffer a double loss. He would have wasted his manpower and medicine while getting a bad reputation! Hence, Xu Pu went forward and shouted. "Since times immemorial, a man's word has needed to carry weight! How can One Finger Monastery lack the most basic integrity? How can it resort to sophistry like this?"

Wang Yougui wasn't mad. He recalled what Fangzheng said to him and repeated his words ad verbatim. "My territory, my rules. This is how it's played, so what can you do about it?"

Xu Pu had seen shameless people, but never had he seen someone this shameless. He never expected that a famous master would say such things in public. It was seriously...

Xu Pu subconsciously looked around to see what the response was, but...

"Haha, Master Fangzheng is awesome!"

"6666. I can only say that this maneuvering is awesome!"

"I have to say that when facing shameless people, you have to directly use a shameless method to defeat them. This is what it means to pay him back in his own coin. Awesome!"

"It takes the wicked to rein in the wicked. Hahaha!"


Upon hearing the cheers, Xu Pu fumed with anger. Someone in this world could actually use shamelessness to obtain a good reputation? This... was bullsh*t!

Xu Pu remained unconvinced. He yelled, "What right do you have to make us leave? Our doctors came all the way here. If you felt that something we did was lacking, you could have informed us earlier! We could have changed. Why did you wait until the last minute to tell us something like that? Weren't you just setting up a trap for us? Also, it's fine for us to have to leave, but at least compensate us for the manpower and medicine we gave out!"

With this shout, he garnered all the attention again.

However, Wang Yougui had already predicted this possibility back when he was chatting with Fangzheng. Therefore, Fangzheng had already prepared him an answer.

Wang Yougui didn't even need to think as he said, "We didn't invite you here. You were the ones who came of your own accord. Is that our fault? As for the medicine, that's nonsense. Did we say it was necessary for everyone to hand out medicine?"

Apart from Xu Pu, all the personnel from the different hospitals shook their heads before they responded.

"When Abbot Fangzheng posted the notice on Weibo, it only mentioned free treatment, nothing else."

"That's right. What free treatment you give is up to you to decide. What has that got to do with Abbot Fangzheng? You still have the nerve to ask for money, for compensation?"


Xu Pu's face blushed. Just as he was about to say something, Wang Yougui chuckled and said, "I've asked Abbot Fangzheng about this matter. He says that he didn't invite Putian Hospital. By this count, not only was your Putian Hospital not on the invite list, you used our village's chairs, tables, and tents..."

Upon hearing this, Xu Pu had an ominous feeling.

Wang Yougui chuckled as he leaned forward. "Director Xu Pu, I think we should talk about the rental fees."

Xu Pu's face turned black as he bellowed angrily. "They also used the equipment. Why aren't you seeking payments from them?"

Wang Yougui smiled as he pointed at the small line of text on the signboard. "It's because the right of interpretation is with me. I have the final say. People we acknowledge can use our materials for free. For those we don't acknowledge, they will be charged. Speak another word, and we'll increase the price!"

Xu Pu looked at Wang Yougui with a livid expression as he ground his teeth. "Fine! Fine! Just you wait! Just you wait and see!"

With that said, Xu Pu walked off in a huff. However, he was soon found by Chen Jin and ultimately had to pay a nominal rental fee.

Looking at the few hundred yuan in his hand, Chen Jin asked Wang Yougui in puzzlement, "Why are we only taking so little? What can this do? It won't hurt them at all."

Wang Yougui smiled. "Taking too much would be robbery. Besides, we collected the money not to be rich. The money doesn't matter; all that matters is that we piss him off."

And that was precisely what happened. Xu Pu was extremely pissed off as he left One Finger Village with everyone from Putian Hospital and headed for Songwu County. He became angrier the more he thought about it in the car. Finally, Xu Pu slapped his thigh and cursed. "F**k, this isn't the end of this! Just wait and see!"

"Director, if you can't accept it, I know of a way to send them into chaos," at that moment, the freckled man leaned over and whispered.

Xu Pu's eyes lit up as he smiled. "That's good. Haha, you want to give your lecture? I want to see how you plan on holding your lecture!"

With that said, their car sped in Songwu County's direction. Meanwhile, Xu Pu made a few phone calls. Before long, two men and a woman came to the hotel where he was staying, and they began to discuss something in secret.

Meanwhile, in Dog Song's house at One Finger Village.

Second Brother of the Song brothers received a phone call and cursed directly. "Another job? Fine, since it's an old employer, do whatever they say."

With that said, Second Brother hung up.

Song Xianhe happened to be washing his father's face and came over to wash the towel. He asked with a frown, "What happened?"