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980 This Monk Is a Little Scammy

 However, Wang Yougui wasn't in a rush to charge forward. Instead, he carefully observed to see what other kind of sordid deeds they did. At the same time, he secretly recorded everything with his cell phone.

Putian Hospital's head doctor was a bald man who was slightly chubby. He wore a pair of glasses, and he looked like an expert. Furthermore, he was quick at diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

However, his speed was because of his method being different from others'. Others asked about symptoms, checked for the symptoms, and then provided treatment. As for him, he directly prescribed medicine the moment the person came, handing over a prescription he had long written before letting the patient leave!

Upon seeing this scene, it wasn't only the patient who wanted to beat him up, even Wang Yougui wished to do so. However, people held back since it wasn't appropriate to do so in such an environment.

But then, Wang Yougui quickly discovered an even more cruel and more infuriating matter.

Not only did Putian Hospital select its patients, it even categorized their minor illnesses by simply prescribing herbs. That wasn't anything serious, but he saw them push any patients with major problems to Black Mountain City's hospital! Due to Black Mountain City's proximity, it was most convenient for them to do manpower adjustments and arrange for sudden matters. They were unlike the other hospitals which had arrived in quite a haste without sufficient preparations.

Therefore, although Black Mountain City Hospital's doctors weren't necessarily the best, they were the most well-equipped among all the hospitals. Furthermore, they worked together as a team and accepted the most number of patients, allowing them to gain points the fastest.

Wang Yougui subconsciously looked at the scoreboard, and indeed, Black Mountain City was leading in first place! As for who was second, it was Putian Hospital! Furthermore, the gap in points wasn't especially great. They were actually rapidly narrowing the gap.

Their means of narrowing the gap was to throw the thorny cases to Black Mountain City Hospital. No matter how much manpower Black Mountain City Hospital had, there was no way they had more manpower than patients. All of them were bogged down by the major cases, naturally having their speed reduced.

Upon seeing this, Wang Yougui fumed with anger, but he ultimately held back.

After putting away the recording, Wang Yougui went up the mountain to Fangzheng.

After Fangzheng watched the video, he didn't criticize Putian Hospital's actions but chuckled. "There's indeed a problem. Patron Wang, thank you."

Seeing Fangzheng keep mum on how he would be handling Putian Hospital, he asked in puzzlement, "Uh, that's it?"

Fangzheng smiled. "That's it. What else should there be?"

"Don't you feel any anger that they broke the rules?"

Fangzheng laughed out loud. "Anger? Of course I feel anger. However, Patron, please follow This Penniless Monk."

With that said, Fangzheng walked towards the edge of the cliff.

Wang Yougui was filled with puzzlement as he followed, completely unsure what Fangzheng was up to.

When they arrived by the edge of the cliff, they looked down. It was where One Finger Village was, but it was now packed with people. On the roads further away, there were countless cars that covered the snowy land.

Fangzheng said, "Patron, what do you see?"

Wang Yougui subconsciously answered, "People."

Fangzheng nodded. "That's right. People. There's people everywhere! Even though a large number of them are here only to join in the fun, with but a small number of them being patients, even if the patients were split equally, the doctors in One Finger Village would be far from enough to handle them all.

"In fact, those people with minor illnesses like colds and fevers do not need famous doctors to treat them. Any ordinary doctor would do the trick. As for the treatment, the medicine famous doctors can prescribe isn't much different either. As such, getting famous doctors to treat minor illnesses is definitely a waste of talent and resources in the current situation."

Upon hearing that, Wang Yougui's eyes lit up. He suddenly understood Fangzheng's intentions. He smiled and said, "I kind of get it. You are saying that although Putian Hospital is being quite an a**hole to behave like that, it solves the problem of wasted resources, right? But their actions are ultimately against medical ethics. Are you really going to permit them to continue like that because of this reason?"

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "Of course not. However, there are so many patients now. Since they are of use, why not use them? Besides, they are giving out medicine for free."

Upon hearing that, Wang Yougui felt relieved. He probed. "Then what about the lesson spots?"

"They naturally won't get any!" Fangzheng said in a matter-of-fact manner. "This Penniless Monk already said that This Penniless Monk only treats good people. By the same logic, This Penniless Monk only teaches good people. How could scum enter This Penniless Monk's lecture?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Yougui immediately laughed. "Hahaha! Punk, you really thought up a great plan. Getting them to do all the work, helping others, and giving medicine, all for nothing. In the end, they won't benefit at all. Haha, I really wish to know what their expressions will be once they learn of the outcome. Hahaha!"

After laughing, though, Wang Yougui said with a little worry, "Aren't you afraid of angering them and having them scheme against you in secret?"

Fangzheng smiled and said with utmost confidence, "The people who can scheme against This Penniless Monk haven't been born yet."

Wang Yougui was stunned. For some reason, he only had one thought when he saw the extremely confident Fangzheng-this child has grown up!

Wang Yougui's heart had been heavy when he went up the mountain, but he felt refreshed after coming down. He no longer found Putian Hospital a sore sight.

Although many patients were selected by Putian Hospital, and the way they handled the patients was infuriating, they were quickly overshadowed by the good doctors. Like a dark cloud, the matter was swept away without causing too much of a stir.

Time passed as everyone got faster. The announcement of the results was approaching.

As Putian Hospital's director watched his hospital reach first place on the scoreboard, he couldn't even close his smiling mouth.

"Director, we will definitely win. Hehe," said a man with freckles.

"Definitely. Those people are still talking about medical ethics at such a point in time? Bullsh*t! Blame them for being poor their entire lives! This is an economic era. Everything is dependent on money. They still haven't figured out how important a spot for attending Fangzheng's lectures are." With that said, the director sneered.

"Director, I don't actually understand. Isn't it just a monk teaching medicine? Is there a need for us to come all the way here to lick his boots? Look, we have already given out so much good, authentic medicine. We can't even use the fake medicine we have," the freckled man said, his heart feeling the pinch.

When the director, Xu Pu, heard that, he immediately glared at him. "Don't speak nonsense if you know nothing. Fangzheng is now viral. He defeated Park Changmin while Park Changmin defeated the three Sacred Hands of China. By this count, Fangzheng represents the pinnacle of medicine!

"Regardless if he is recognized as such domestically or internationally, that's what the masses believe."