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974 Take Out the Money

 He was a middle-aged man with a gentle but slightly weathered look. He had a small beard, but it accentuated him greatly, giving him an extreme sense of masculinity. Even a man would have to admit that this guy was freaking handsome!

"Although he's handsome, even a beauty's effects are limited, much less the effects of a handsome man." Black Mountain City's director remained puzzled.

Songwu County's Director Zhao didn't say a word as he watched in silence.

The handsome middle-aged doctor nodded slightly at everyone before gracefully walking to a table. A doctor gave him his seat, and the man slowly sat down. He lit a cigarette and blew out a whiff of smoke, allowing it to flit in the wind.

Almost at the same time, a graceful figure appeared before the man as she asked, "Doctor, can you help me? My throat hurts..."

Having just said two words, the beauty's face turned red. The middle-aged doctor simply swept his gaze over, and she immediately bowed her head in embarrassment!

"Wow! He's so handsome!"

"How cool!"

"I love this kind of man! He's so handsome!"

"No way, I'm going to him!"

"Me too!"

"Haven't you already been diagnosed?"

"Can't you get a second opinion? Who knows if those experts are reliable or not!"

"Hubby, let's go over there!"

"Uh, this one over here is an internationally famous doctor."

"What nonsense are you speaking? Say another word, and I'll chop you up! There means there!"


Upon hearing this conversation, a huge group of people rushed over to Songwu County hospital's side before forming a single line.

The other directors were dumbfounded. The look in their eyes seemed to say: "Holy crap! That works?"

Jiang Ting was taken aback before she said to Director Zhao in amazement, "Director, you're the best!"

Director Zhao laughed out loud. "That's because I know my patients better than them. I also know the principle that women are the biggest market. Haha!"

The others were instantly dumbfounded. But they had to agree that the creatures known as women really did have the biggest say on market trends...

While there was a jolly bustle down the mountain, someone else was going crazy, and it was none other than Squirrel! Although he was agile and ran quickly, with the increase in people and all the tricks the hospitals were using, he soon couldn't keep up with the events.

Helpless, Squirrel could only give up on giving a card whenever one person was treated.

Upon seeing this, Wang Yougui hurriedly got a bunch of huge basketball scoreboards and hung some signs above them. Each sign was a huge piece of paper, and the signs had the various hospitals or private doctors on them as a score tracking mechanism.

Hence, Squirrel no longer needed to run. All he needed to do was flip the scoreboard's score whenever needed. It was clear and transparent to all, allowing everyone to see the outcome once they looked up. However, they were curious how Squirrel knew if someone had been properly treated or not. However, no one had the spare time to figure it out.

After all, the magic of One Finger Monastery was slowly becoming known. Although many people treated the stories as nothing but sources of entertainment, the level of acceptance still grew after people listened to story after story.

In any case, Squirrel was still exhausted even with the scoreboards.

Luckily at this moment, a huge display screen sent by Songwu County's government arrived. It also had a recording system that showed the relevant scores. Quickly, all the participants recorded their names, and the data was transferred. But there was a problem. It was already quite magical that Squirrel could flip signboard numbers, but if he could use a computer?

Fangzheng believed that it would only result in Squirrel being dissected for research.

Therefore, Fangzheng decisively got Red Boy to take over Squirrel's place. Squirrel returned to rest and instantly sprawled himself on the ground, completely exhausted.

The first day passed just like this. On this day, some people earned 200 points while others earned only a few. Some were happy while others were sad. Every human emotion was fully displayed down the mountain.

However, it wasn't calm up the mountain either. The patients who were diagnosed typically didn't leave but stayed behind to watch the buzz. After watching the buzz, they wished to head up the mountain. Once they came up to the mountain and recalled that their free medical consultation was a result of One Finger Monastery, the ones who could afford it bought incense while the ones who couldn't offered a stick of free incense, also leaving two or three yuan of incense money as a symbol of their gratitude.

Hence, the incense smoke on the mountaintop intensified. Fangzheng also become more and more displeased with his incense burner. It wasn't big enough!

However, in general, Fangzheng felt extremely satisfied seeing the incense smoke soaring into the clouds! Although he hadn't stayed a monk out of his own volition, he was a real monk now! As the saying goes, give your all to whatever job you take up. Every monk wished for their monastery to receive plenty of incense offerings.

However, what truly delighted Fangzheng was...

"Congratulations. A person was treated because of your event. You received +0.5 merit points."

"Congratulations. A person was treated because of your event. You received..."


Fangzheng was extremely overjoyed. His plan had worked! He had guessed right that a beneficial event he initiated would benefit him whenever someone did something good.

This way, the speed at which he could earn merit was several-fold the normal speed! He now believed that it would only be a matter of time before he earned those 20,000 merit points.

In just a day, Fangzheng's merit box had an income of more than 10,000 yuan. However, this bit of money was nothing compared to the 20 million yuan he needed.

Nonetheless, Fangzheng wasn't anxious. He had to earn merit first before earning money!

On the second day, a man came to the monastery and after he entered to offer incense, he directly placed 10,000 yuan into the Merit Box. Then he came before Fangzheng and said respectfully, "Abbot Fangzheng, I'm Song Xianhe. My father is severely ill and has been brought here. He's at the foot of the mountain. Could you check on my father?"

Fangzheng took a glance at the man. He was wearing a western suit with a down jacket draped over him. He had a genial look, but his eyes were like the eyes of a wolf. The way he looked around gave off a sense of danger.

Fangzheng immediately activated his Wisdom Eye and saw black aura lingering all over the man. There was almost no golden halo! Seeing this scene, Fangzheng's smile vanished. He said to Monkey, "Jingzhen, take the money out from the Merit Box."

Monkey was taken aback. Take it out? This isn't right. Don't you only secretly take out the money to count it late at night when the doors are closed? Why are you so shameless today... Ahem. Why are you doing it so openly? Aren't you afraid it will affect business?

Although Monkey was stumped, he still carried out the instructions.

Song Xianhe was stumped when he heard this. The monk didn't mention anything about treating my father, but he got a monkey to take out my money? Did he find it insufficient?

Just as Song Xianhe was making mindless guesses, Monkey brought the money over. There was a stack of big and small notes of all colors.