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973 Each Showing Their Prowess

 Upon seeing this, the director from Songwu County looked at the childlike elder from Black Mountain City with a flushed face. This was because the banner had clearly been made moments ago. It was directed at their advertisement tagline! They were clearly snatching their business!

Indeed, once this banner appeared, the two patients didn't even turn their heads regardless of how much the consulting doctor yelled. They went straight for the nine doctors.

The elder from Black Mountain City laughed out loud. "Don't look at me. We happen to have a machine that creates banners. Hehe..."

Happen to have?

Everyone wished to spit at him. It was clear that they had come prepared! However, the crowd didn't say anything. After all, this was somewhat like a boxing competition. They were fighting for points, so naturally all methods were used.

The elder from Black Mountain City was rather pleased with himself. "Although our Black Mountain City isn't a huge city, we did understand that there would be a limit to the number of spots. If all our hospitals came and split the resources, it would weaken our competitiveness. That's why we chose a few select hospitals to form an alliance and sent a medical team to do the treatments. These are all our top experts especially chosen from every field!

Everyone had to admit that Black Mountain City had strategized well.

Upon seeing everyone's shocked expressions, especially the bitter look on the face of the director from Songwu County, he laughed in delight. "Yes, it's true that one needs to have some brains when doing things."

The director from Songwu County rolled his eyes as he scolded in jest. "You successfully angered me. I'll be heading to your place tomorrow night. Don't even think of leaving a single bottle of Maotai behind!"

Black Mountain City's director instantly wore a bitter look and exclaimed. "What an atrocity!"

Before the director from Black Mountain City could fully enjoy his smugness, he saw five to six people in the distance. They were all young adults. It was unknown what medical problems they had, but they looked listless.

Black Mountain City's director's eyes lit up. This was a group of people sending him points!

At this moment, there was a series of exclamations from behind him.

When he looked back, he saw two elderly doctors slowly walk over. When they sat down, they gave off a feeling as if they were immortals! Although they were old, their skin was ruddy, and their eyes were sharp and lively. It was obvious that they were extremely healthy old men.

At this moment, a young man behind them took out a banner stand as well. On it were the words: "China's famous doctor graces the event and treats for free!"

This time, it was Black Mountain City's director who wore an ugly expression. His expert team was likely in trouble!

Indeed, after the five to six lads came over and did a comparison, their eyes immediately lit up when they saw that there was a nationally famous doctor. Regardless of their ailment, there was no mistake that going to the best doctor would be their smartest move! This doctor was a famous doctor that one usually couldn't consult even if they wanted to. Just one consultation session with him would cost tons. Since it was free now, they immediately went over, and whether it was because they coveted this tiny gain or because of something else didn't matter.

Spring City's director patted Black Mountain City's director and said with a smile, "You are right. Very right. That's why we allied to invite two famous doctors." He started off with a very serious tone, but he was already chuckling gleefully towards the end. The expression on the face of Black Mountain City's director instantly turned sour.

However, before Spring City's director could chuckle, he saw the few lads skip over his famous doctor and look towards the end.

He was puzzled. What was happening? Who could invite a doctor more impressive than his?

When he took another look, his face turned ashen. He cursed. "Who is responsible for this? How can they be so unprofessional!?"

Not far away, two women walked out of a tent. They were dressed in white nurse uniforms, and they looked extremely sweet and beautiful. Just them standing there was enough for anyone to fully agree with the expression 'angels in white'!

The two beauties walked out with a doctor and set up their banner. On it were the words: "We will use our hands to safeguard your health." That wasn't much, but the accompanying picture was of a beautiful nurse taking the temperature and blood pressure of a patient. That might still be nothing, but the problem was that there was clear skin contact...

Upon seeing this, the listless lads who had been walking towards the famous doctor suddenly looked invigorated. They widened their strides and rushed to the two beautiful nurses without turning their heads. All of them began clamoring. "Miss, my hand hurts! Help me massage it."

"My elbow hurts!"

"My leg hurts!"

"My mouth hurts!" a shameless guy shouted.

When another lad noticed that this caught their attention, he wasn't willing to lose out as he shouted. "My ass hurts!"

Everyone rolled their eyes at him. How shameless!

The beautiful nurses didn't really engage in any provocative actions, and they acted as per normal procedure. They warmly and gently took care of the patients. When they spoke, they used a warm and sweet voice, leaving anyone who heard it weak in the knees. A few directors now considered using this method as well.

Finally, the directors exchanged looks and shouted in unison, wanting an answer from Shanghai University's affiliated hospital's director. The young director smiled and said, "Don't get excited now. I just understand my patients better than you!"

"Pui!" Everyone spat in unison.

Following that, people from different cities began using all means possible. There were truly a myriad of methods. Some handed out vouchers for people to use at their hospitals. Beautiful nurses appeared as well as beautiful female doctors. Some even offered physiotherapy massages...

Just as everyone was at each other's throats-

Songwu County's director, Director Zhao looked at his deserted spot. The anxious young nurse by the side, Jiang Ting, was on the brink of tears. She asked, "Director, what do we do? These guys are all huge and have rich backgrounds. It's like they are throwing out wealth, making this a competition for whomever is richest. If this continues, we will lose. Why aren't you anxious?"

Director Zhao grunted. "What's the rush? We haven't used out trump card!"

"Trump card? What trump card?" Jiang Ting was taken aback. With Director Zhao saying that, all the other directors looked over.

Black Mountain City's director laughed. "That's not a trump card. That's a last ditch effort for when your days are numbered."

Director Zhao rolled his eyes at him. Before he could say another word, though, a car appeared, and all of a sudden, the director beamed. "It's here!"

Everyone subconsciously looked over and felt puzzled. They had used all sorts of methods, even using the allure of beauties. So what could this director from a tiny county city come up with?

Just as everyone was puzzled, the car's door opened. A foot could be seen first, and everyone knew from the huge leather shoe that the person inside was a man.

"A man? Beauties might not even be of use now, but you got a man?" Black Mountain City's director asked in puzzlement.

Director Zhao grunted. "I'll show you in a moment just what it means to have a strategy!"

As he said those words, the man finally got out of the car. Everyone saw that he was also wearing a white gown, but when it was draped over him, he looked more like a model. He was extremely tall and well-proportioned. And when everyone looked at his face, their eyes lit up!A very expensive distilled Chinese liquor.