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972 Smar

 "Abbot Fangzheng, what are you up to this time? Why are so many hospitals calling our village? They seem to be setting up some combined treatment?" Although Wang Yougui was grumbling, he was laughing at the same time.

After all, with so many famous doctors coming to their village, it would definitely be a huge selling point for them. It would only help promote One Finger Village without any foreseeable cons.

As the village chief, he was naturally overjoyed with all these benefits.

Fangzheng said, "Didn't Patron Tan tell you?"

"He told me, but you only told him half of it. Jingxin just told me the rest, though, so I more or less get your idea. Don't worry, our village will take good care of these doctors. They will be our guests after all, and we are most welcoming of guests," Wang Yougui said with a chuckle.

Fangzheng said, "There's no need to do too much. They are here on a pilgrimage. All of you don't have to deliberately help them when they come. Just do things in accordance with the rules. Leave the rest to them. How can they get what they desire without sincerity on a pilgrimage? This is also a type of test."

"Doesn't this mean that whoever has more money and brings more resources will have a higher chance of going up the mountain to learn something? How will those ordinary doctors stand a chance?" Wang Yougui was surprised.

Fangzheng smiled. "That's what the village will have to spend some effort on. Tell them that all medical equipment is to be shared. If they aren't willing, tell them to leave. Besides, This Penniless Monk has a way to tell if they are doing things well or not, so don't worry."

Wang Yougui heaved a sigh of relief. "That's good. I was afraid they would riot and fight. That would be terrible..."

Fangzheng nodded and after a short chat with him, Wang Yougui began busying himself. He replied to the hospitals according to what Fangzheng had said.

On the same day, the secretary and county head of Songwu County came. They directed the work and sent more police to maintain order.

In the evening, Black Mountain City's mayor came. He came with well-wishes from the city and a huge amount of resources like tents. These things were arranged to be placed in the fields between the village and Mt. One Finger.

The next day at dawn, there were countless tents set up on the flatlands.

One Finger Village abided by a first-come, first-serve principle. The people who came first got to stay, and there were no increases in price. This garnered kudos from everyone.

But soon, a problem arose. With so many people coming, One Finger Village no longer had enough chickens and ducks to supply the demand. These were all free-range ducks and chickens, after all. Many of the doctors from major cities wanted to buy them at whatever the cost.

Some of the more anxious ones even bought the chicken eggs.

These doctors were like locusts, wiping out all the free-range chicken eggs, duck eggs, and all kinds of green products clean! Even the cabbages, radishes, and potatoes which were stored for winter were almost completely sold out! As Wang Yougui grinned so widely that he couldn't close his mouth, he went to the neighboring villages to purchase their items. Following that, all the other villagers from different villages couldn't stop grinning either.

Similarly, on that day, the patients who had gathered to seek medical help swarmed over when they heard this news.

In the cold snowy lands, the thousand-meter long road outside One Finger Village had two rows of tables placed on it. Posters were plastered over these tables while a person wearing a huge white gown stood behind them.

In front of the frontmost table sat an elderly man. He looked staid and reliable. More importantly, there was a banner stand in front of him with his photo and resume. No one cared about what was written on it in detail, but there was one striking line written in a huge font: "Songwu County General Hospital's top expert! Free consultation to resolve your problems!"

Nearby, a few people were standing and whispering.

"Director, we have an excellent spot, but will this really work?" a female doctor asked.

"Of course, this is the best, award-winning doctor of our county city! Besides, most patients suffer from trivial ailments. Anyone can treat them, so why wouldn't they go to the nearest expert?" the director said confidently.

Indeed, the moment that was said, two female patients appeared. They were coughing as they walked, and when they saw the banner, they immediately went over. The consulting doctor was indeed skilled, and he knew what medicine to prescribe after only a few questions.

The two patients only suffered from minor ailments and were there to join the bustle. They never expected they would be able to get a free medical consultation. Immediately, both of them were delighted as they wanted to introduce their friends to the consulting doctor.

At this moment, a little squirrel ran over with a tiny paper card in its mouth. On it were written the words: 2 points!

Everyone marveled upon seeing this. There were no cameras nearby, and no one was monitoring them. Yet the squirrel had come the moment there was something to speak of.

Squirrel wasn't a stranger to anyone. Everyone knew he was smart as a famous figure from One Finger Monastery. But hearsay was one thing, and seeing it with their own eyes was another. All of their eyes lit up when they saw this.

Unfortunately, Squirrel ran off once he delivered the card. He didn't even turn his head, leaving everyone amazed.

When the director saw the tiny paper card, he beamed. He chuckled to the other medical personnel from other hospitals and said, "See this? This is what I call an auspicious start! A double kill!"

"Don't rejoice too early. This is just the beginning. You only came early and got a good seat," someone said, unconvinced.

The director of Songwu County General Hospital smiled in glee. "This is called being smart! The village drew up such a huge spot, and only I wanted the side, is there a problem with that? Blame yourself for not thinking of it. Besides, our doctor is the most hardworking, so he came the earliest! What about you? Oh, there's a patient again. We are getting points again. Haha!"

Everyone rolled their eyes at him. He was a classic case of someone not admitting that they had received a benefit.

"Don't be smug. Our people will arrive soon!" At that moment, an elderly man grunted coldly. Although he wasn't young, he looked energetic. Furthermore, he looked like an old man with the heart of a child. He was from Black Mountain City.

The director from Songwu County was just about to say something when he saw two people walk towards his doctor. Immediately, he beamed.

Just as he imagined that he was about to earn two points-

There was an exclamation!

Everyone subconsciously looked over and saw nine white-gowned doctors walking out of a tent by the roadside. These doctors weren't young, and they were obviously old and experienced. More importantly, these people each held a different sign. On them were the words: "Internal Medicine, External Medicine, Eye & ENT..." All the different medical fields were accounted for.

Once these people came out, the two patients fell into a dilemma. They didn't go over even when the consulting doctor called out to them.

As the nine doctors took their seats, they also put up their banner stands. Their banners looked brand-new as though they had been recently made. Once they were pulled open, the face of the director from Songwu County turned livid!

On it were the words: "Every profession has its professionals. We are not general practitioners, but specialists in our respective fields!"