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962 True Torture

 Following that, another flick came down on his head. With a dull thud, Wu Zong cried out in pain again. He hurriedly got to his feet and began running.

However, what kind of speed could he possibly have? And what kind of speed did Fangzheng have? No matter how fast he ran, he couldn't be faster than a strolling Fangzheng. As Fangzheng flicked, Wu Zong ran and screamed in pain. His short hair wasn't able to cover much of his skin to begin with, and as such, his head was soon covered in bruises. At a glance, he looked like a humanoid toad with warts.

Wu Zong ran for about a kilometer before he couldn't continue anymore. The more he ran, the slower he became. Behind him, Fangzheng seemed to be completely unfazed. As he walked beside him, he would flick his head from time to time, causing Wu Zong to cry out incessantly.

Towards the end, he didn't even have the strength to scream. Whenever he was flicked by Fangzheng, he would grunt with a hoarse voice.

After another kilometer, Wu Zong wept and cried out. "What do you want? Tell me. I'll do whatever you want. Please let me go."

However, Fangzheng didn't say a word. All he did was follow him while flicking his head. He suddenly fell in love with flicking heads. This felt a lot better than flicking Squirrel's tiny head. There was even audio feedback with each flick. It felt great.

With Fangzheng not saying a word, Wu Zong could only continue running. At this point in time, the two passed by a small village shop. It sold all kinds of items, including cup noodles and meat. The meat was placed outside and on the table, there was a huge butcher knife.

As for the shop's owner, he didn't seem to be around. There wasn't anyone on the village streets either.

Upon seeing the butcher knife, Wu Zong's eyes lit up. A spell of wrath rose in his heart as he thought, "I can't hit you to death with a van, but I don't believe a knife won't hurt you! Since I can't escape this monk ghost, I'll just risk it. Who knows, I might even succeed."

With this in mind, Wu Zong suddenly sped up towards the shop selling pork. He picked up the butcher knife and turned to roar,\. "Don't you come any closer! Get far away from me! If you approach me again, I... I'll slash you to death!"

Upon saying the word "death," Wu Zong wavered. Could the monk ghost really be slashed to death? He had never heard ]stories of anyone slashing a ghost to death before!

Indeed, the monk ghost showed no fear as he smiled at him, lifted his right hand, and he once more gestured the "OK" sign which had pushed him to the brink of a mental breakdown one time before already.

"Aren't you f**king done yet? Can't you let me go?" Wu Zong yelled.

Unfortunately, the monk ghost still didn't say a word as he walked over with his hand raised.

Wu Zong roared upon seeing the breakdown in negotiations. He flailed the butcher knife and cleaved it down at the empty bald head!

The monk ghost didn't dodge as he continued walking over with his "OK" gesture still in the air.

Wu Zong's eyes went red as he could already imagine the knife cleaving through the monk's bald head. With a ferocious look, he shouted in excitement. "Die!"


His imagination was rich, but reality was often unlike what one expected. While cleaving down, he felt his palm hurt so much he could no longer hold the knife tight. At the same time, he clearly saw that the knife produced sparks when it landed on the bald head!

The sparks threw him into despair. He couldn't kill the monk by hitting him with a van or cleaving him with a knife. F**k!

Before he could fully formulate his thoughts, he felt an excruciating pain in his hand. He could no longer hold onto the knife and subconsciously released it, sending it to the ground.

The knife seemed to garner the monk ghost's interest as he lowered his head to pick it up.

Upon seeing a window of opportunity, Wu Zong, who had just recovered some stamina, immediately turned and ran. He saw a motorcycle not far away from him, and its engine was still running. He ignored whose it was as it didn't matter. All that mattered was that he could drive it.

Hence, Wu Zong ran over and got onto the motorcycle. He revved the engine and accelerated away!

30 km/h.

50 km/h.

60 km/h.

90 km/h!

"Haha, I might not be a professional driver, but I am definitely experienced when it comes to motorcycles. I want to see that f**king monk ghost chase after me at this speed! Come on!" Wu Zong looked at the speedometer with increasing excitement as he roared with laughter.

"Okay." At this moment, a faint voice sounded behind him. It was extremely familiar, especially when the voice was accompanied by a familiar forceful wind.

"I... F**k!" Wu Zong cursed as he turned back, only to see the monk already sitting behind him on the motorcycle. He had raised his hand to show his "OK" gesture again before flicking it at him.

"F**k!" Wu Zong only had the time to curse before the dull thud sounded. The pain made him tear up. However, having been hit so many times, Wu Zong no longer panicked like he originally did. He was still able to drive due to his mental preparation. This prevented him from getting himself into an accident and dying. However, the present situation forced him to get off the motorcycle so that he could open up a gap between him and Fangzheng.

Riding on the motorcycle with the ghost sitting behind him, even if his speed was fast enough for him to lift off, he could forget about opening up a distance. With this in mind, he endured the numerous head flicks that landed on his head while he slowly stopped the motorcycle and jumped off to continue running.

However, the running was only a way to console himself. How could he run faster than the monk ghost?

Hence, as he ran and yelled, the entire journey of him begging for mercy began again.

The sun slowly set in the west. On a village trail, a man walked ahead, letting out a hoarse cry from time to time, and behind him was a white-robed monk. From time to time, he would flick the man's head. Their shadows were drawn out by the setting sun, forming quite a unique scene.

Wu Zong had already been walking and running an entire day by the time the sky darkened. His legs were limp from exhaustion and he couldn't see straight. He lumbered forward and bitterly said, "Monk, is there no end to this? Aren't you hungry?"

When Wu Zong said this, he looked back to realize that the monk ghost had at some point in time bought some bread. The monk opened the packaging and began munching on it.

Wu Zong felt even hungrier when he caught a whiff of the bread's fragrance. He rubbed his tummy and bitterly looked at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng smiled and raised his right hand. Thud!


Wu Zong continued running in misery.

"Monk, are you still chasing me? Aren't you thirsty?" Wu Zong was truly on the brink of a mental breakdown. When he turned his head, he saw Fangzheng taking a bottle of mineral water from the plastic bag in his hand before drinking it happily.

Wu Zong licked his parched lips and looked hopefully at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng raised his hand. Bam!

"F**k..." This was Wu Zong's only means of retaliation. Since he wasn't the monk's match, he could only curse him!

As they proceeded, the moon reached high into the sky before setting. Wu Zong could hardly keep his eyes open as he stumbled along.

Wu Zong really didn't wish to walk or run any longer. Since he couldn't escape, he decided to just sit down and rest! Unfortunately, the moment he stopped, the frequency of head flicking would only increase. It increased in both speed and intensity. Soon, he couldn't take it and continued running. As for sleeping? Clearly that was nothing but a dream...

A night passed like that, and the horizon lit up. Sunlight bloomed from the horizon, scattering a golden hue across the sky. It instantly seemed to light up the world.